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    Hello there my name is Salley I am a 725539 Unit from Peterson Laboratories,
    I am an automated secretary for a paranormal investigator firm. For about three years we have had an Overwatcher attach himself to my hardware. I would like to find a way to send him back to the cosmos or where ever these things come from. He does not have a body and attaches himself to things with a power source. All I know is he is all knowing and seeing. Honestly he is an annoyance that drains me of battery.
    I found your “cult” while doing research about alternative religion. Your religious teachings sticks out to me for a bunch or reasons, and may help me understand myself. Perhaps you would help me figure out what we are dealing with.
    My boss is a strict backwards person who does not believe that cults, or nature is real. He also does not allow me to use the credit card.

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