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Any amazing past life stories???

WELCOME Forums Unicultism & Other Ideologies Any amazing past life stories???

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    A few weeks ago I began meditating with the intention to remember my past lives and what I remembered were dreams i had when i was little about my most recent past life that i had repressed or forgotten and wrote off as silly dreams. I lived as a colonial woman or perhaps a woman in England in the 1800’s I believe. I remember being a prostitute which I can see that directly reflects my choices in this life as well. I’ve had sugar daddies since i was 16 (i started young i know) and i currently work as a cam boy. I also remember being killed but i lucid dreamt during that vision and i was able to kill the man on top of me by imagining a hammer in my hand. (perhaps i time traveled and changed what would have happened to me????) Im still trying to remember more and make sense of all this info but I would love to hear how anyone else remembered their past lives. What were your techniques??


    Amazing story! My friend Arnold brought up that in his past lives it was all the same numbers but switched around like since I was born this time in 1987, I would have been born also in 1897 (which I feel I did) and 1789 etc


    Interesting, I was born in 1997 so maybe 1799? I’ll keep this post updated if i learn more about my past life 🙂


    Interesting regarding the dream connection, especially if you had that when young. I find it weird or should I say it adds to the past life evidence, that children can dream of concepts they haven’t even been taught or shown yet. I also think that if past lives occurred, there would be some type of connection or “bleeding” effect to the current time. The fact that most people loose their memories and then have to recover them points to a larger conspiracy. I also wonder how similar peoples traits, and physical features cary over throughout their lives. Another thing to consider is, are we tapping into ancestors memories that are stored in DNA in the style of Assassins Creed. If someone could fully tap into the past life memory it wouldn’t matter if you were a hobo or a royal, the experienced gained would be invaluable. Hence the system doing memory wipe.

    Oh and Unicole with the number switching do you just swap the two middle numbers, and if that was the formula what about people who have the same middle numbers, that would then be kind of confusing or make them a new first time incarnation? From my research I’ve noticed it seems that not everyone reincarnates…and some people can choose to reincarnate, others are forced, and some don’t. Memories erased is beyond suspicious, but would align with this being a prison planet and souls constantly being trapped and funneled through the cycle..Even some ancient religions believed in finding a way out of the death and rebirth cycle and ascending to a higher realm. Who knows, much more research and experimentation is required to proceed further in my opinion.


    Muscle Dragon I also believe earth could be a prison planet! I’m going to start to look into that more but our governments are keeping us hostage just by not fully disclosing the existence of aliens and never explaining ufo sightings. So even if we arent stuck here after death we are stuck here while we live on earth since so much known knowledge is being kept from the citizens, we can’t live to our fullest potential. We can only speculate.

    The assassin’s creed DNA theory is pretty interesting. I thought I have the same features because it’s like my ego-ic mask. I honestly feel my body reflects my spirit so much. My face is what I feel like is a very Aries face. I have really high cheekbones and almond eyes and i’m very tall and skinny. And when i see myself in the mirror it feels like i won the jack pot and turned out exactly how i wanted to look. When i remembered this is how i looked in my past life it clicked, that was the link. But Im always open to other theories on reincarnation! This is just through my own experience trying to decipher this crazy world i was thrown into with little to no recollection of where i was before 🙁

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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