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Banishing Spirits: Techniques, Tips, & Tricks!

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    Kyrie Fluffins

    I feel like this topic has been pertaining to a lot of members of the Unicult lately (myself included), so I wanted to share my banishing techniques…

    In Order to Banish Unwanted Spirits & Protect Yourself:
    – Put salt in the 4 corners of your room, apartment, house, etc. You can also put salt lining any front/back doors into your living space. Any salt will work, but I prefer rock salt. While doing this, you can imagine white/gold light and say out loud or think a positive protection affirmation such as “I am protected. Nothing is allowed in my presence that is not aligned with my highest good.”
    – Straight up telling spirits to “GET OUT!!!” Telling them out loud or telepathically that they are not permitted in your presence. You can say something like “You do not have permission to be in my presence unless you’re aligned with my highest good.” Permission is very powerful, and if you deny unwanted entities permission, it carries much gravity.
    – Laughing in their faces even if you’re actually truly scared deep down.
    – Light Palo Santo. There are many places you can get this. (Ex:
    – Light sage
    – Place protective crystals around you such as Selenite, Garnet, and Smoky Quartz. (Selenite ex:
    – Cleanse your crystals! Place the crystals in the moonlight overnight or during a full moon and let them charge. Wash them in salt water (again, I use rock salt, but any salt is fine). You can also cleanse them with palo santo or sage smoke. You can say an intention such as the ones listed above. (Ex: Crystal Cleansing Bowl
    – Imagine a white light, gold light, or Rainbow Aura surrounding you and filling up the entire space of your room, apartment, etc. It may take some practice, but you can try imagining it covering your skin, then extending a few feet, then 5 more feet, then your entire room, your house, etc.
    – Light a protective candle. I like to dress my candles by rubbing a bit of olive oil on it then sticking on a bit of the following Sugar, Lavendar, Rose Petals & Glitter. (Ex: Candles & Glitter Set an intention as you light your candle.

    I will be making a YouTube video of all these techniques in the future, but for now, I wanted to get this up on the forums!

    What are your banishing techniques?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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