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    Cyan Goon

    I have this idea localized somewhere between my head and my heart and maybe my bowel right now of expanding The Bible through the addition of three remixed versions, so as to give a fuller, fifth dimensional perspective of the events described within it. Basically the second book (if The Bible is the first) would be a reversed version, wherein it begins with the end (perhaps Revelations or perhaps this would be restricted to the Old Testament) and ends with the beginning of Genesis. {First, all would have to decide on which scale an ‘event’ would be defined – would each sentence be interpreted and the resultant meaning be reversed, and then these meanings concatenated into a string, or would larger-scale narratives be interpreted as whole units, or some other method?}
    The point of this being to provide an answer to the question of what happened before the creation of the universe. It’s a prequel.
    The third book would be an inversion of either the first or second book. All events are interpreted and then the meaning is flipped to state the opposite intent. Again, this would require some construction of and agreement upon a system with which to enact such an operation. Would it merely be changing states of ‘not’ and ‘is’? Negations of terms are simple to identify because they are marked terms, and their opposite value is simply the unmarked term. As for unmarked terms, it might require a little more thought and thus potential disagreement as to just what the opposite term would be. And again this could be interpreted word by word or on a higher level of organization.
    The fourth book would simply be the inversion of the book which would be not the book which the third book would be an inversion of. That sentence is ridiculous so to clarify: if book 3 is -(book 1), then book 4 is -(book2); otherwise book 4 is -(book1).
    Maybe even throw in a few cups of Time Cube to spice it up.

    Another and probably funner idea for a bible prequel would be a book written in the style of the old testament but with a neanderthal or possibly a Sasquatch as the narrator/disciple. Sasquatch Jesus is a beautiful thing.

    I expect nobody to wish to help with the first idea as it would be a huge undertaking for a rather absurd concept but I figured that I may as well post this so as to challenge that assumption rather than leaving it dormant. If no humans are up to the task I may one day write a computer program to sloppily but hastily manifest it, once I have the knowledge to do so.

    Cyan Goon

    It’s possible that there is a “mirror universe” where time moves backwards, say scientists

    Just found this and very excited that my intuition might be accurate.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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