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Differing Journeys and Connection

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    Hello Beloved Friends,

    Over the past year I have lost several friends who I believed were otherwise healthy (mentally and physically). I am sure this is not a unique experience to me. One from cancer, one from heart attack, one from suicide. Our minds cannot know the totality of their life experience, what people are going through in their daily existences— perhaps our subconscious mind will not allow this as a kind of coping mechanism for ourselves. I get shaken up thinking of them, and how we will loose everything (eventually) in this incarnation. I think of it as leaving the house for the last time, and not locking the door, as there will be no need to protect our possessions anymore. It is an unsettling, but also somewhat calming thought.

    I like to think our essence (whatever you may call it) will somehow go somewhere or do something, but I suppose there is no way to know (as I have not been shown as of yet). Where am I going with this? When I am confronted with opposing ideologies from people, I know they are on a different Earth-bound journey, but it is likely we still have much in common due to our limited state of mortality, and that we all face very similar problems in life—thus, I have an emotional or spiritual sense that we are all connected in some way through the human condition. In a world of strangers, how do you feel connected?

    May Peace be with You——The Breeze


    I usually just hide my spirituality when I am connecting with people who are on a different journey. If the person has completely view on reality then why even bring it up. Usually, you can rationalize with a person but you cannot change the assumptions they have about the world but I guess I am kind of avoiding the question. So back on track, I can connect with people on a different plane and we can talk about many things I just try to avoid this one area. Sometimes I even lie saying I am hardened atheist just avoid anything awkward that might come up.

    Cyan Goon


    *snaps in praise of the poetry of it all*

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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