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energy manifestation

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    the retrogrades are teaching me i need to learn how to manifest energy to do things, i have fatigue and i can easily take multiple naps a day, i am changing my diet to something more raw which does make me feel better! but i am having a hard time. its mostly school i need help with. the second i start i am just DEAD and all of a sudden i cannot focus at all i am frustrated and my vibe just goes down a lot. i used to not even be able to do it, diving in and *just doing it* helps but only for ten minutes, how shall i conjure up the energy and focus to do the work? i am so desperate at this point !!!

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    I’ve always had trouble focusing with school but sometimes meditating in the morning helps me, if you have time. I usually meditate in the morning on my free days and it’ll boost my energy and motivation by a lot but its literally impossible when I have work or school. Another thing is just going outside either walking or jogging and getting your blood flowing, or even just listening to some good tunes gets me focused.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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