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Flat Earth?

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    What’s the shape of the Earth in your opinion? Why do you think that? Why do you care?


    Obviously if we are told the Earth is round, or now pear-shaped, and it is actually flat, that means a lot of things are lies. But didn’t we already assume that was the case?

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    Christina Martine

    Fairly certain it’s flat now… Look up Eric Dubay. He’s got a lot of good info. Also, go to this forum for the truth: All the other ones are filled with shills working for Nasa. Here is another radio program about the fake space we’ve been presented with:

    I still believe in aliens… just not so much in the sci-fi way I did before… I know that other forms of energy/interdimensional beings exist…

    And as for the ufos I’ve seen… I’m not sure what to think anymore… Some sort of energy interacting with us.

    If we truly are in an enclosed system which we cannot escape… we put ourselves here. This is an extremely intelligent design, and not some cosmic accident.

    Why do I care? Because I want the truth. I’d rather be killed spreading the truth than live in ignorance. lol… seriously though… The gov wants us to believe in the sci fi space because they’re planning some alien hoax soon… not sure how soon. But yeah. My world and my identity has been crushed. Which is good. I don’t want to live a lie anymore. But well, how could I know? How could anyone know… aside from the cults that hide knowledge… *sigh*

    Christina Martine

    The only enemy is us. Our own minds. And if people found out the truth, they’d realize that their govs were NOT for the people and were just actors being told what to do by a select group of maniacs with fucked up religious ideologies… Parasites on the earth. I’m not even kidding. But their contrast is providing us with knowledge, and this too shall pass.


    But I’m wondering, if we create our own realities, do you think our perception of the shape of the world could (would inevitably) have profound effect on the shape of the world? I believe collective belief can change the shape of physical reality which is why I find this particular topic so facinating. I truly think the shape of the Earth is fluctuating as our understanding of it does.

    Last night I had a vision that the Earth was shaped “like a body” – not like a human body, but like a body, where it’s mostly water, and it can change and move and become very round and very flat based on its own life energies and movements.


    Christina, what do you mean “sci-fi way”?

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    Oh also I had the thought, maybe the Earth is round in 3D and flat in 4D and that’s why it’s changing for us as we rise above the 3rd dimension. Obviously this has infinite meanings, but it’s a possibility to frame it.

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    Do we see the shape of the mirror, or do we see the objects that the mirror reflects? Too many videos can cause square eyes.
    A person who mimes creates the illusion of surroundings, and makes it tangible to viewers through their common belief.
    Hollow guitars and solid guitars still make good music. Batteries will be drained flat until they are recharged.
    We can dance to the music without having to think of the shape of the instruments.
    Sharp and Flat notes on a piano depend on if you choose to see it from a higher or a lower perspective. #b.
    Some see the flat/straight train track, some look at the round tunnel. Binary requires 1’s and 0’s.
    “bingo was his name-o” could be the name of the farmer, or it could be the name of the dog, but our enjoyment of the song is not dependent on either of these things. We are enabled to think outside of the LInES and look within our own heart/earth.
    If it is hollow, what can we fill it with?
    At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold (an empty/hollow golden pot) – awaiting us to fill it with our innermost desires.
    Flat/Hollow are the zero point – blank canvases awaiting our paint.
    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kanvas anymore.”
    “don’t look at the finger that points to the moon or you’ll miss all the heavenly glory”


    Well I currently know the earth is not a globe, and most of all we were taught in school (at least in the west) has been a lie, and disinformation. Do to observational science I am convinced that flat earth model is the most accurate representation of this “PLANE” of existence lol. These 200 Proofs seem to be the best case for Flat Earth and annihilate what has been taught in schools and by main stream science.

    Also since we are all artist I think it’s easy for us to make the connection with the vanishing point in art compared to the horizon line. For example looking at two train tracks or a long hallway and it converges in the center. The paths and positions of the sun and moon. The way the light is displaced from the sun with heat spots on the clouds and following its rays shows me the sun isn’t 93million miles away, nor the moon over 240k miles away…Why it matters to me, is because of my goals. My goal is to be one with nature, technologically advanced, and still in tune with spirituality. To have an independent self sufficient and self sustaining society free of the corruption. A world where Truth, Peace, Justice, Freedom, and Equality for all are the driving factors of this existence. When everyone is truly free to do what they want, but not harming others against their true will. I will be victorious, but in order for me to succeed and make the proper moves I need to know the truth of this world we live in. I must know the actual details beyond perception.

    Interesting thought and dream. Especially with the water, since it’s been shown that water is affected by words, thoughts emotions, and music. Water is also the best evidence of Flat Earth. Water always seeks its level and flattens out. We can easily experiment by putting water in any shape container, it will match the shape, but always level out and go Flat. As above, so below. Right now, i’m not sure if we are in a dome, or what is beyond the ice wall/Antarctica. Is there more land, other ponds(earths),the list can go on. It’s definitely not what NASA and the other gov and TPTB tell us it is. I think when it comes to most things our ancestors, and ancients knew what was going on, and they seemed to believe Flat Earth. However even when looking through history we have to be careful since it can all be tampered with and distorted.

    As of right now I’m questioning everything, starting from almost scratch, and trying to do true observational and logical science, not the phony religious mainstream science we have today lol. I trust and respect the opinions and insight from the three of you, so will always value and take what is said into consideration. I do want to put the warning out there that I think this is a dangerous subject to dive into for most people. This is reality shattering type of stuff. However I agree that the painful truth is always better than a beautiful lie. The possibility of Star Wars being complete crap is a tad disheartening, but I think the new possibilities and mysteries that wait for us on this flat earth far outweighs the cons. When it comes to the mainstream I think this quote is best “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled” -Mark Twain

    I am confident that we will learn the truth and have victory, it’s just a matter of time, and time is on our side! :3


    “The entire fact that our “reality” is stable and concrete has been proven to be an illusion. Sure, it may seem stable and concrete, but this is just how we perceive it. In actuality, our “reality” is best described as a complex web of dynamic interconnections. Quantum physics has come through with some remarkably eye-opening discoveries. Most importantly, it has been established that our relentless scientific addiction to reductionism has been an excursion in futility.

    Consider the beautifully ironic presence of wave-particle duality to the equally profound “observer effect” and “uncertainty principle” to groundbreaking data that supports the non-locality of time/space.

    For a long time, the quest was to reduce nature to the one ultimate building block that could be quantified and analyzed in attempts to finally figure out nature’s ancient secrets. As the atom was dissected into particles and then into sub-particles and so on, some amazing phenomena began to unravel. When looking within the atom which is supposedly one of the stable building blocks of nature instead of finding stability, they found constantly swirling, dynamic surprises. Even more surprisingly the deeper they looked the more inconsistencies they uncovered.

    First of all, scientists began to realize that the smallest building blocks that they could monitor showed some remarkably unsettling characteristics. It seems that these curious little quanta were both a particle and a wave at the same time. They possess what scientists refer to as wave-particle duality. That means that these tiniest parts of matter were both stable and fluid simultaneously. Impossible, you say. Well, that was probably the first reaction, but test after test confirmed it, and that’s nowhere near the end of this monumental “reality” check. These quanta seemed to manifest as either a particle or a wave depending on how you looked at them. If you wanted to see them as a particle you would set up a certain experiment whereas if you wanted to see them in waveform you would have to set up another type of experiment. In effect, they seem to be both, yet their appearance depends on the type of view the observer chooses.

    This intriguing fact led to the discovery of the “observer effect”. The “observer effect” means that observer plays a direct role in determining what data will be collected based upon his participation in the data collection. The perspective of the observer will directly influence the results. In other words, what you are looking for often determines what you will find. Science has long assumed that our world exists like a separate object that can be prodded and probed and examined as if it were an unconnected external object. With the remarkable discovery of the observer effect, it is now a fact that any involvement will play a role in affecting the overall outcome. Just by looking at something from a certain angle you are engaging it and transforming it according to the parameters of your experiment. In fact, the whole term experiment needs to be revamped because the whole process is better described as participation instead of experimentation. The experimenter is now a participator or an “observer” whose existence needs to be factored into the overall equation and analysis.

    Another interesting finding made by physicist Werner Heisenburg is the “uncertainty principle” or indeterminism. It states that if you want to determine the exact location of one of these subatomic particles then you have to give up any hope of knowing its exact speed, and likewise if you want to know its exact speed you cannot determine its exact position. This uncertainty principle has been tested and holds true in every trial. If you want to determine the exact speed you need to set up a particular experiment and if you choose to determine the exact location you would need to set up an entirely different approach. You can choose to know one, but by doing so you negate the ability to know the other. Just like the observer effect, it is an either/or situation that leads me to believe that what really matters is how you look at it.

    So we’ve covered wave-particle duality, the observer effect and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, but no pun intended, how does this apply to the matter at hand? It means that the idea of a solid, concrete “reality” is false. Our “reality” may appear to be solid but in actuality it has been proven otherwise. In fact, the only way to discuss the actual fabric of “reality” is to speak in terms of probabilities.

    In classifying and trying to quantify these curious little quanta, scientists now converse in what may sound like a language based on chance. For example, when describing the location of these tiny bits of matter, they now say, “…the odds are a certain percent that this subatomic particle will be found within a certain range, and there is also a certain percent chance that it will not be within that range at all.” This is very surprising indeed, in a field that is fixated upon exactness to begin using a language of possibilities. Maybe the message for science and for us is that this “reality” of ours is actually a realm of possibilities, an ideal foundation for exploring the impossibly possible.

    Is this all starting to fall into place? It means that our consciousness, our awareness, has a direct influence and a proven interconnectedness with our “reality”. It means that the “reality” we have been handed is not some end-all, set-in-stone actuality but instead it is just one version that has been useful to this point, but it now appears to be in need of some serious updating. How ironic that the enormously one-sided know-how of science has been brought back to the drawing board by the smallest known things in the universe?

    We are now in the infancy of a new paradigm shift that will eventually result in the rewriting our views of “reality”.

    Joseph Chilton Pearce who has written extensively on paradigm shifts makes a good point when he says, “We are shaped by each other. We adjust not to the reality of the world, but to the reality of other thinkers.”

    Marc VanDeKeere (Lucid Dreamer Expert)

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