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Flattening coldblooded biosynthesis shooter.

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    The links in the spam are virus laden, do not click the links in the gobbldygook if it slips past the filters.

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    Cyan Goon

    World, full of compassion and sensitivity for terrorists. Half the world full of hate and full of the best opportunities. We see things in mind and be a place now than before.
    The sympathy of the world, to destroy the world is full of hatred, fear and the best… The full potential of the country, more than ever, says the Spirit.
    He said: “The hatred and destruction, fear and all the best .. and world order, the state of the world is full of opportunity, if there is no precedent in the head.”
    He said: “I hate, destruction and fear on the right .. Global Positioning System, the world situation is unprecedented.
    He said: “I am shocked and angry, and positioning systems, wasting global, I’m the only country in the world …”
    He said: “I am very angry, Global Positioning System, was the only country so far in the world …”
    Global Positioning System, he said: “I am Angry Only Country …”
    GPS, he said: “I am angry, but …”


    What do you think a flattening coldblooded biosynthesis shooter is? Should we invent it? It’s like an iron that shoots pheromones into your clothes?

    Cyan Goon

    The flattening refers to the cold-blooded shooter’s emotional affect. The biosynthesis refers to the alien DNA in this hybrid’s genome, and also speaks of his purpose.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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