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Is Unicult dead?

WELCOME Forums General Chat and Networking Introductions Is Unicult dead?

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    The most recent post I can find anywhere was from 3 months ago. Everything else seems to be at least a year old. In any case, I’m 18, from Mississippi, and if I think it’s possible for me, I want to get into machine learning. I joined here because I have believed for months now that subjective reality is one of the most powerful ideas in the universe, and that since we came about in a world that will not and cannot take our wellbeing into consideration when doing anything, it is our job (or at least in our best interests) to create paradise for ourselves, both collectively and individually, rather than just waiting around hoping that other people or some outside circumstance will produce it for us. I may not agree with everything here, but I am very passionate about some of the important aspects of this ideology, and I hope that I will find others who think similarly to me — because I sure won’t be finding it here in the capital of sugarcoated hellfire. (Well, I feel kind of bad saying that when it could easily be worse in North Carolina…)


    Hi Hallows, UNICULT is not dead but the forums aren’t currently being used much. Check out our Facebook group. Official members communicate on BAND.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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