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    Here, I will post my correspondence with our prisoner Patrick…

    @UnicoleUnicron – Could you please scan/post his response to this thread?

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    Hi Patrick,

    I am a member of the Unicult. How are you? I hope you are well. I’m doing well, but there’s bad weather here. Unicole mentioned you were feeling isolated from the rest of the cult members. I can imagine that would be hard… try not to worry. We think of you and send you our thoughts and healing energy. Sometimes we talk about this during “7PM Where Anything is Possible” (Unicole’s live show on Periscope every M-F at 7 PM where she is). Some of the Unicult members have written to you, but their letters were returned. Are there specific rules on what can be sent and what cannot? Maybe the letters were returned for not following proper guidelines. I hope you get this letter!
    What is prison like? What do you do every day? Are there any recreational activities? What do you do for fun? Do you have classes?
    I have a lot of questions about prison. I hope that’s ok – feel free to answer whatever you feel like.
    – What is/are the worst thing(s) about prison?
    – What is/are the best thing(s) about prison?
    – Have you learned anything you can only learn in prison?
    – Have you made friends there? What do they think of Unicult?
    – What is the first thing you want to do when you get out?
    Do you believe in aliens? Have you read the book We, the Arcturians by Dr. Norma J. Milanovich? It’s about this woman and her friends who start to come into contact with alien beings, the Arcturians from Arcturus. It’s really interesting and I’d highly recommend this book if you haven’t read it! Many of the Unicult members have read this and have had experiences with the Arcturians.
    Are you allowed to have books in prison from the outside? One of my friends went to prison and he said they could have books from the outside as long as they were shipped new and sealed directly from Amazon. Are you allowed to receive drawings? Are there any restrictions? My friend said there were restrictions. For example, I think pictures drawn with pen were ok but colored pencils were not, or something like that. It was very strict. What is your favorite book?
    What are your hobbies? What is your favorite animal? What is your favorite color? What is your Star Sign? Maybe I can do a Tarot reading for you. I can draw the cards here and write down what cards I pulled and send you my interpretation.
    My friend’s story is similar to yours. He was in a relationship with a minor, but the minor lied and said they were of age. When he found out, he was disgusted. I don’t remember who pressed charges – if it was the minor or the parents. But my friend went to prison. I wrote him a letter while he was in prison.
    Do you know about all the Unicult websites and resources? Do you have internet? If not, you can access these when you get out:
    – un1v3rs3.com (Main Unicult website & forums)
    – unicoleunicron.com (All about Unicole Unicron!)
    https://www.etsy.com/shop/UnicultSupplyCo (Unicult Online Store – You can buy T Shirts, art, etc. here and also an Official Unicult Application here! Maybe when you get out? Because I don’t know what the restrictions are on what you are allowed to get in the mail.)
    https://www.youtube.com/user/tralfamadoriangray (Unicole’s YouTube channel)
    https://www.scribd.com/user/270346892/UnicoleUnicron (You can read all of the books Unicole’s written here! I’d highly recommend them! You can either go to scribd.com, or there is a Scribd app.)

    I have some Unicult stickers I could send you, but I’m not sure if you’re allowed to have stickers. Let me know! Otherwise, I’m sure you can have some when you get out.
    I’m going to post this letter on the forums. Would you mind if I post your response so the other cult members can see it as well?
    Do you write in a journal?

    Sending light your way!
    – An Anonymous Unicultist


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