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    Kyrie Fluffins


    I’m dealing with the following issue(s) and could use some advice/input…

    What I want more than anything is to get a job in Japan and move there/live there for a year as soon as possible (currently in the US). I feel like if I had “no strings attached”, I could pursue my dream RIGHT NOW, but I feel trapped because I agreed to go on a trip to Japan with my family in June. So I feel like I can’t start my journey now because I’m bound by this trip happening in June.

    I guess I feel very pained that I can’t just pursue this now and have to wait. It might sound selfish, but those are just my honest feelings.

    Does anyone have advice? Thoughts, comments, input?




    I’ve been in similar situations so many times… actually, like ALL the time lol. There’s always so much I want to do. I’m always like “I want to travel and go do this and that and live in all these different places and do all these amazing things!” but it rarely actually happens. Various reasons come up for me NOT to go – everything from “i just can’t afford it” to family or friends, various obligations etc etc. And for me, I feel like that’s the universe saying “sorry, but you just need to stay put for now.” I’ve pretty much come to accept that I’m always exactly where I’m supposed to be. If I were meant to move, everything would just fall into place fairly effortlessly. So if you’re feeling trapped or stuck, could it actually be your subconscious or the universe basically saying “not quite yet, it’s not the right time yet”?

    On the other hand, if you KNOW absolutely that it IS the right time for you to move, and you feel good about it, then def go for it! I can’t help but ask this: you say you want to move to Japan, but don’t feel like you can because your family is going to take a trip to Japan?? If you move to Japan right away, doesn’t that mean you’ll already be there so they could visit you when they take that trip?

    Always trust your intuition, and REALLY trust it. Meditate on the 2 options – move to Japan immediately vs. wait.
    How do you feel when you think about moving? does it feel like it’s in alignment or not aligned with your highest good?
    How do you feel when thinking about NOT moving? in alignment with highest good or not?

    Also, have you talked to your family about it? What do they think?

    It sounds like you’re having these conflicting emotions, one saying “if I move to Japan my family will be upset and I will miss out on the family trip” and the other saying “if I stay I’ll be missing out on adventures that I want to have.” It’s classic FOMO – fear of missing out. It’s basically a belief that there’s something better elsewhere; that you’ll be missing out on something better than you have now; that you’ll feel better if you move somewhere else. Which is fundamentally impossible; it’s not the actual moving part or the actual location that makes you feel good. You can only feel better from within yourself. Always be present and live from the present moment. The vibration of joy and excitement comes from within you, regardless of your physical location.

    When trying to make the decision, instead of thinking about what you’ll be missing out on, focus on what’s in alignment. Assume that you’re going to have an equally amazing time no matter what you choose. Both are absolutely equal choices.

    So I don’t know if any of that is actually helpful, just my opinions. And I’ll end with this last one: personally, I don’t think anyone can make a wrong choice. Whatever you decide to do is always the right choice. Go with the flow and allow your expectations to be fluid as well.


    [Edit/additional thoughts after reading OP again]
    I might’ve misunderstood, when I read first time I thought you meant you were trying to decide whether or not to move. After my response, I read your post again – did you mean that because of the trip, you definitely can’t move and now you’re just bummed about it? That could be a lesson in patients and expectations. If right now the most exciting thing you can think of is moving to Japan, but for some reason that’s being blocked, it must mean that either it’s just not the right time and/or there’s something even better that you’ll discover!

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