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    Looking for recommendations I can play for my newborn other than traditional lullabies.

    it’d be cool if unibrainwasher/outside time and space had a side project for conscious kid tunes 😉 😉 ?

    what kind of genres do you think newborns would enjoy listening to? any specific artists in mind? I’m interested in finding some music with a lot of cosmic/spacey sounds that isn’t hardcore EDM or heavy dance electronica, more soothing like being in the cosmic mother’s womb… or some magical fairy/elven music…. help!

    (side question: what program should a newbie start off with if I wanted to begin to make my own electronically produced music?)


    We will very likely create conscious kid tunes at some point in the future for Unikids projects! A little further down the track but I do foresee this happening for sure! I use FL Studio for electronic music and it’s been really easy to figure out over the years and use to express all kinds of experimentation and ideas. There is some great music by Gary Stadler about Faeries that children would probably like.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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