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    Kyrie Fluffins

    What are your experiences with the Pleiadians?

    elle le fantôme

    I’ve been researching Pleiadians a lot lately and I feel like it’s the race I identify with the most. No actual contact yet, but then again I haven’t tried. Most of my research (about aliens in general) has come from a few questionable looking sites but I’m really enjoying reading this book/site.

    Chris OKelley

    Hey guys! I think we all have a lot of stellar lineage but I definitely identify with the pleiades as my home base so to speak.
    I had some major contact last year, which basically involved meeting my pleiadean family that is not incarnated on earth.
    I have received messages that we (pleiadeans) along with Sirians seeded the current human life on earth back when the atlantean era was a begginning thought experiment. We oversaw the grids and crystal energies on this planet and began to project our though forms slowly but surely gaining a foothold as incarnate beings in the 5d and 3d here on earth.
    I have found that a good way to connect to the pleiades is actually through the sirius star gate. You can go out at night and find Sirius (the brightest star to the bottom left of orion) and look at it and meditate. That will usually get you hooked in to that star gate if you keep focusing intently and let go in to your 3rd eye while also grounding yourself at the root chakra.
    You can also find the pleiades in the sky and meditate on that as well but for some reason I have had better luck connecting/traveling to the Pleiades through the Sirius gate.
    Lately I have been wondering if the Pleiades have physically expired and that is why so many of us transported to Earth. I’m not sure.

    Much Love!


    This summer, I read An Infusion of Light: A Gift from the Pleiades to Planet Earth by John Hornecker. Reading about the Pleiades has felt more like ‘home’ to me as well, having also tried some literature on Arcturians and not feeling as strong of a pull; I’d even call it a kind of nostalgia! I’ll have to try your method, Chris OKelley; as far as I can tell, Pleiadians have contacted me more often than I have contacted them, until recently. I’m also curious about the possibility that we came to Earth due to physical expiration. That reminds me a bit of stories like Superman and Sailor Moon where the inhabitants of their respective worlds came to Earth.

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    Also, thanks elle le fantôme for the link!

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