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Reiki For Zoo Animals

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    Hello 🙂

    My Earth name is Ocean! I live in the DC/Metro area and am looking for other energy healers near me. I think if we could come together as a group and have focused positive intention and concentrated divine love in a space like the Smithsonian National Zoo, we could attempt to communicate with the hearts of the teachers that remain, and perhaps offer them some solace on a soul level. At this point, I am not really sure how else to help them!! My e-mail is and I would love to form an organized effort to effect change for the animals being kept prisoner for entertainment. There is a healing here that needs to be achieved, and I believe it can be done, together. If anything, 3 or more people meditating in a public space could gain attention, and we could speak for the benefit of these beings. My intuition seems to say this could evolve into a sort of peaceful protest, expanding into other areas as well. I personally do not believe in “zoos” but in sanctuaries/wilderness in which these animals can be re-introduced and protected. This is something I would greatly be interested in discussing and flushing out with others. Feel free to reach out!

    In La’Kesh

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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