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    Here is the riddle that I was supposed to deliver haha. I posted the sneak preview in the FB group, and now I’ll give more details here. However I don’t want to reveal too much until a decent amount of people chime in on the post.I’d prefer if you don’t use google for your initial guess, but afterward your more than encouraged to use any resource at your disposal.

    The riddle:

    “It is familiar to all men, both young and old, is found in the country, in the village, in the town, in all things created by God; yet it is despised by all. Rich and poor handle it every day. It is cast into the streets by servant maids. Children play with it. Yet no one prizes it, though, next to the human soul, it is the most beautiful and the most precious thing upon the earth and has the power to pull down kings and princes. Nevertheless it is esteemed the vilest and meanest of earthly things.”
    – Gloria Mundi 1526

    What Is It?

    This riddle is of Alchemic origins. The answer will lead to one of the key ingredients for the philosophers stone. Keep in mind with great power comes great responsibility. Use any wisdom gained from this discussion and work with honor. Stay in tune with Truth, Peace, Justice, Freedom, and Equality for all. At first I wasn’t going to post this here, because of the potential of main stream traffic. However this information is already out there anyways. Also I shared this with some friends last year back in march, and still the riddle hasn’t been solved. I have received some good answers and theories, but I feel none were correct. No matter how silly, outlandish, extreme, mundane, etc you think your answer is please just share it. Thank you for your time, and I’m sure as a team, we can easily solve the riddle. One more thing, the riddle could also be designed to throw people off the true trail. haha So with that being said please offer up any counter theories as well.


    Nice! This kind of reminds me of the old riddle about time. (I can’t remember that one exactly, but I’m sure you’ve probably heard it)
    “cast into streets by servants. children play with it” – i think of either dirt or water. or both, mud.
    “most precious thing on earth” also makes me think of water, since it’s pretty essential to organic life as we know it.
    I do get thrown off a bit by “vilest and meanest of earthly things,” but still think you could apply that to water if you’re talking about
    drowning or something destructive.

    So that’s my answer for now. Water. I’m probably way off but that’s all I have for now lol!


    Hmm, that is an interesting choice. I think that is great pick, and we were leaning towards that to. Nice deductive reasoning. Thank you for the input, I appreciate it!

    Looks like we are off to a great start, can’t wait to see the other suggestions.


    water is undeniably beautiful


    & u say u don’t like riddles, but that’s an awesome guess! Thanks for the input, looking forward to what’s next.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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