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    I worked on this biodynamic farm in 2012/2015 near Ashland, OR, owned by this magical couple… the wife was an adept homesteader, but also made money as a body movement therapist, running spiritual retreats and workshops, ect. the husband was a psychotherapist and spiritual mentor… both had individual buildings on the property where they ran their practice. I think they were on 25-acres… the interns who would help them with the garden lived in the wooden ‘temple’ in the woods, a short walk from the main house. it was really the most beautiful magical place i’d ever been. I kept thinking what was going to happen to it when they got too old to take care of it, or passed on… they had 1 adult son but he didn’t seem to be interested in living there or continuing that lifestyle at all. the land definitely has potential to be turned into an intentional community… who knows what will become of it. I am not in contact with them anymore, I left on bad terms… but its called the self and soul center in talent, OR if u want to look it up I feel like u (unicole + Jeremy) should visit it if ur ever in southern Oregon or want to take the trip… plus Ashland is like the coolest town ever, I know there is a definite potential following for ur work there. at the very least, seeing the place could give u inspiration on what uniacres could be/look like in the future, and u can meet two really amazing people, an older generation of spiritual seekers/waymakers who have manifest a truly magnificent living space/lifestyle for themselves.


    Sorry this was never responded to earlier, I only just saw it now for some reason. Thank you so much for informing us about this magical place, it does sound very inspirational

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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