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Unicorn Existence Theories

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    Kyrie Fluffins

    While browsing the web, I came across this (very inactive) Facebook page: which posted

    “The world is not without unicorns. Unicorns grace the world in the form of narwhals, sent to watch over the human race from the parameters of the safe ocean. Thus, our story commences as to how these beings came to be.
    Our story begins with Noah’s arc. Unicorns were present at this time, as no one refuted their existence. As the great storm raged on, two unicorns, named Amadeadus and Aeyenta, were safely lodged away in the boat. There were also horses on this arc, Nenta and Tibius, both of whom were banished from the Rainbowsia kingdom and lost their magical magical horns. At the time, Rainbowsia banished them for not meeting the magic quota, but since then this principle been eradicated, and the horses have formed their own, independent species separate from unicorns.
    Nenta and Tibius were were jealous of the unicorns’ power and conspired to ruin Rainbowsia’s plans to populate the world with unicorns. That night, while the unicorns were sleeping, the horses pushed them off the edge of the arc into the floodwaters. Amadeadus and Ayenta could not swim, unfortunately, so Amadeadus used his power to turn the two of them into fish-like creatures, known today as narwhals. Aeyenta used her power to populate the sea with animals that could be their friends, known today as whales.
    Unfortunately, since then, people stopped believing in unicorns since they do not appear on earth in their true form. When one denies the existence of unicorns, a miasma called antichrominicus is released from one’s body, which constricts unicorn magic and makes the atmosphere uninhabitable for them. This is why they must remain underwater in the cold regions of the earth, and cannot return to the Rainbowsian cloud in the sky. Occasionally a rainbow descends upon a narwhal colony, allowing a single narwhal, usually the most magically dominant one, to ascend back to the rainbow colony of their ancestors.”

    What are your thoughts on the existence/extinction/myth/truth/origins of/etc. on unicorns?


    I use unicorns to believe in anything through this:
    Unicorns EXIST at least as thought forms. If I say to you, imagine a unicorn – you can imagine that unicorn just as clearly as you could a horse or a fish or a hundred dollar bill because you’ve seen them dozens if not hundreds of times. Everyone knows what a unicorn is. So through this shared understanding, the thought form of unicorns is very very strong. Thought forms are a legitimate aspect of reality.
    How they exist beyond that, I’m not sure but I believe 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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