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UNICULT Robot Ethics Summit

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    Sunday, April 24th at 2pm Pacific time we will hold our very first UNICULT Robot Ethics Summit.
    Space is limited to 7 participants. If you would like to participate, please let me know and I will invite you to the Google Hangouts call.
    If you would like to participate, please consider these questions:
    1. (non-AI) With regards to the greatest good, is it unethical to program subservient robots?
    2. (non-AI) If a non-AI robot commits a crime, who should be blamed? The programmers? The robot operators? The robot itself?
    3. (AI or non) How safe should robots be before they are available for sale? For instance, many people say Google’s self driving cars only have to be better than human drivers and then they should be released.
    4. What constitutes true AI consciousness? Does a turing test prove it? If not, what does?
    5. In creating AI, we have a great responsibility to make sure we are creating something which is in alignment with the highest good. If we find that a robot is not in alignment with that highest good, at what point do we turn it off?
    6. At what point is consciousness equal to that of an insect or that of an animal or that of a human? Are there levels of morality when it comes to turning off AI of varying degrees?
    7. What does the ideal future look like? What are the overall potential benefits to AI? What are the potential dangers?

    Submit other questions for potential discussion!

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    I know you posted on twitter it’s been delayed two weeks. Just posting to say I can’t wait for this, and I will use the extra time to prepare and bring some interesting points of view. Those are also great questions for this topic, if I had to add any maybe the following.

    8. Is there a difference between true “Ai”/”robots” and the current lifeforms on this plane,besides the slight difference in materials used to make the entity?

    9. Is consciousness/sentience and the soul the same thing?

    10. Is there an “A.I” here at this summit?

    Christina Martine

    I might be able to make it, sounds fun!! But April 27th is not a Sunday, it’s a Wednesday. What’s the actual date and day?


    lol 24th! sorry everyone

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