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    UNIDIET is inspired by Lauren and Arnold and Diana all the UNICULT members focused on eating healthfully. For the next two weeks (until March 1st) we’ll be rewarding ourselves for eating healthy. Most people would call it a “challenge” but I feel that using that language sets us up to feel like what we’re doing is difficult. Instead, we are going to be rewarding ourselves for all of our healthy decisions and ignoring our unhealthy ones. Everyone who participates in UNIDIET will get a ribbon.

    – send an email to theunicult@gmail.com with your mailing address and mention that you’re joining UNIDIET
    – set up a goal, for instance, mine is to have green smoothies or fresh juice every day for the next two weeks. I will also be avoiding dairy and sugar. I don’t anticipate eating ANY dairy or sugar, but I’m not going to punish myself or feel like I have failed if I do. Instead, I just the goal of making other choices. Your goal can be anything, with the gentle encouragement that we all eat more plants.
    – post your recipes, mood changes, results, etc here based on what you feel comfortable with. Vlogs are great, pics are cool, whatever!
    – give fellow UNICULT members support and praise for their great work!

    I want to emphasize that we are taking the word “diet” back in this exercise to mean whatever we eat. This reward program is focused on nourishment and inevitable success, not punishment or restriction.

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    Today I finally went to the store and got fresh, organic produce. I made my first smoothie and I am currently drinking it.
    It has:
    3/4 bunch of kale
    2 small bananas
    1 apple
    1 spoon of peanut butter
    1 handful of pitted dates
    rice milk and water

    I was worried with so much kale that I’d need all those dates but it’s PRETTY sweet, so next time I’ll probably use half a handful instead of a full handful.

    Since I don’t easily gain weight, it’s easy for me to eat like shit and not notice why I feel like crap. I am very happy to be doing this for myself and taking the time to practice self love in this way. I have been eating a lot of chocolate and I think it’ll be easy for me to not have any added sugar. Can’t wait to see what you guys are doing too!


    I sent an email.

    My goals:

    -eat fruit everyday (I often forget about the fruit I bought and it rots :/)
    -stay away from processed foods (as a vegan I fall victim to “meat” far too often)
    -avoid soda (opting instead for unsweetened tea, water or LaCroix)

    Jen ☯

    I’ve been vegan for awhile but I’ve recently decided to switch to mostly raw vegan. Its called raw till 4 on youtube. Raw fruits all day in abundance until dinner time where I will have a low fat high carb cooked meal. NO processed foods and NO calorie restricting!!! My main goal is to stick with it and lose some weight.

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    Yaaaaaaa so happy to do this with the support of a community.
    Jen check out my friend on instagram named @boulderraw – she does raw till 4 and eats a lot of nice cream

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    Kyrie Fluffins

    Goals: No beef, and take a daily vitamin every day!

    Cyan Goon

    My diet’s pretty decent as is… I’ve been thinking about beginning intermittent fasting, though. This would be a good launch platform for that. I’d like to attempt a vegetarian ketogenic diet again as well but I can’t afford to eat 8 avocados/day at this point. Does anybody have any advice for how one might eat a very high-fat vegetarian diet?


    My goal is to kick my sugar/chocolate habit. It’s something that never sticks because I work in a bakery. When I’m not off work I always cave to mad sugar cravings. I’ve recently reintroduced more berries, fruits, fresh greens and legumes into my diet, so nixing sugar is my one focus these next two weeks (and hopefully longer).

    Now, to get through day one!


    Kopns, your successes being sugar free while working in a bakery have always BLOWN MY MIND. I have such mad respect for u to even be able to do that ever, at all.

    CyanGoon – I think it’s hard without spending some cold hard cash. Almonds, nuts, avocados… coconuts, chia seeds apparently, and olive oil. U could eat a lot of bread dipped in olive oil lol – I do that. Not sure it’s like… the most healthy thing though.

    Happy u r all participating! I’m proud of us.


    So happy to share today’s smoothie.
    It’s actually “chocolate” because I was feeling sad I “couldn’t” eat chocolate and then I realized I could.
    – 2 handfulls of oats
    – 3 bananas
    – 1/3 bunch of kale
    – big spoon of peanut butter
    – 5 dates
    – some cacao powder
    – rice milk

    I did a terrible thing I always do and I didn’t let the oats fully soak which is fine at first but then you get a stomach ache and your poop terrifies you with it’s oaty girth. TMI? Soak your oats lol.

    Cyan Goon

    Looks good, sounds delicious!

    Yeah I’ll forget about the keto path for the time being and just declare intermittent fasting for the rest of the month as my goal.

    Started it today – earlier, I felt quite hungry. Now that I am transitioning into a fasting state or what have you not, I am feeling pleasant pulsations of warmth and cool throughout my body. I’ve been quite focused and productive today – maybe related, maybe not.
    I’ll eat at about 21:00.

    Cyan Goon

    Great job Unicole! You know how good it is that you’re eating a green smoothie? Do you know how high your vibration’s gonna be? Man I’m so happy you inspire me to eat a green smoothie today too I’m just like jammin’ on this green smoothie kick.


    Thanks Devon! You too! Don’t faint and remember to drink lots of water between your meals. How long are you going for fasting spurts? Why have you chosen fasting? I am curious if you don’t mind telling me.

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    Cyan Goon

    Some weeks in the past I came to a conclusion regarding ego, testosterone, and world domination. Mostly that I need more of all of the aforementioned if I am to live forever and dominate the world. Not that I intend to dominate the world or anything…

    I’m talking about this idea.
    Intermittent fasting is another process which results in a testosterone boost.
    I’m like 98 years old so I need all the testosterone I can get.

    More importantly it aids in cell regeneration, protects against disease, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation (which is very important if one wishes to prolong their life), and promotes the growth of brain cells.

    I’ve adopted it in the past and felt really good while doing it, so I’ve decided to start it again for a while (maybe I will stick with it permanently).

    I’m going to be using a three hour eating window for now.

    I’ve done quite long fasts in the past but don’t feel that that would be helpful for me right now – I need my energy to be relatively constant so that I can study.


    This is great! I’d love to participate. My main goal is to cut out sugar and bad carbs. I have diabetes and need to eat better. I actually lost 60 pounds with my better eating habits but I’ve fallen off and started eating crappy again. This should help motivate me.

    I also want to drink more water and eat less meat. I will try to go vegetarian on Mondays at the very least, if not other days.

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