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    Kyrie Fluffins

    I want to test to see if crystals physically weigh less after being cleansed. Post Your scientific data for this experiment here!

    – Type of crystals
    – Weight before cleansing crystals
    – Hypothesis
    – Crystal cleansing method
    – Weight of crystals after cleansing
    – Final thoughts


    I love this idea! I want to come up with a standard for testing so we can depend on the results.


    yay 😀 so excited for the experiments!!
    Kyrie, is the idea that each person proposes an individual hypothesis, or proposing one for all data?
    I just assumed we’d pool the data on here, and then someone could derive all the statistical stuff (I’d be happy to do it).
    Standard Errors, significant difference and a chi squared/T-test should indicate how likely the results are influenced by chance.

    I’m trying to stop myself from over complicating this, I gotta keep it simple or I’ll be typing for days 🙂

    Hypothesis – “changes in mass occur in crystals that are being cleansed via method X”

    Independent variable – whether or not a crystal is cleansed
    dependent variable – the percentage change in mass of sample crystal

    – method of cleansing
    – method of non-cleansing
    – state of scales, or other tools used e.g. (calibrated correctly, working properly, temperature of environment, surface used on, influence of other electromagnetic field, vibration…)
    – any factors that could influence the cleansing procedure
    – any factors that could influence the non-cleansing procedure
    – number of times the experiment is repeated

    Hopefully you guys are fans of keeping it simple, so we don’t have to go crazy recreating identical conditions for this experiment lol.
    I know nothing about cleansing crystals and factors involved, but the measurement procedure should be super simple for each person to repeat;
    have scales that work, calibrate them correctly and hope they keep working correctly for the experiment.

    Then people just have to keep track of which crystals are in the cleansed group and non-cleansed group, rather than the type of crystal.
    If people record the type of crystal as well you could test whether or not the type of crystal has an effect by doing the stats again, and changing the variables around

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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