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    Discuss your experience with faeries prior to taking this course. Also, discuss what you are excited to learn. How much do you believe in faeries? Do you believe this course will change that?

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    Kyrie Fluffins

    Discuss your experience with faeries prior to taking this course: I think I saw 1 or 2 in a rosemary bush when I was a kid. They looked like moths. I made faerie houses and left them offerings of milk with sugar.
    Also, discuss what you are excited to learn: How can I avoid their mischief?
    How much do you believe in faeries? 3 or 4/10
    Do you believe this course will change that? Yes


    I once saw a faerie being when I moved into a really magical house on the edge of a really magical forest. At first they bullied me into laughing along with them by hiding my stuff. Also, they turned on my computer once and blasted Digital Popstar (the first song Jeremy and I worked on together) in the middle of the night! I helped keep all the faerie houses in the forest safe and decorated them with flower offerings and cleared little paths of leaves for them.
    I am excited to learn visualization and meditation techniques which will allow a clearer channel for me to connect with them and respectfully ask them for assistance for magic.

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    Interested to see where these faerieland videos go.

    Chris OKelley

    When I was a kid, between the ages of like 2-5 I experienced the fairies quite vividly in the back yard of my house. To me at the time, they resembled characters from the muppett show or fraggle rock type of forms. They always had smiles. I would see them in lucid dreams a lot of times at night as well. One time while in the bathtub a faerie/leprechaun walked across my shower curtain rod on St Patrick’s day and I recognized him and said hello.
    When I was 12 we moved to a more rural place and built a house on a fresh piece of land. At this point I was a little older and since our building had disturbed the land the faeries disturbed us a little but. Nothing too harsh but they would cause things to disappear around the house and doors would lock and lights would turn off or on and their energy was just very strong. Being a bit older and a little more logical I had trouble distinguishing Faerie energy (which I called nature spirits) from ghosts (the house was on a piece of land that had a major civil war battle on it) and extra terrestrials. They would come to me very strongly at night and I had to ask them to only come to me in my dreams so I could sleep. I knew they weren’t meaning harm but the energy was just very strong.
    After college I moved back to that house because my parents still lived there and now I currently live there again as well but now I am reconnecting to my child like approach to the nature spirits coupled with a better ability to discern between different types of entities and energies so I am really excited about this class! Much love to you all and thank you!!

    elle le fantôme

    I keep retyping a long paragraph about my experiences with and deep connection to the fae but I find it hard not to get tangential/to explain it concisely/not to sound like an absolute crazy person?? Basically I believe in fae 10/10, definitely real.

    Chris OKelley

    Thanks Jeremy!! I really appreciate your insight and look forward to the upcoming videos! I don’t have a facebook, as weird as that is I guess I am probably one of the last holdouts lol!! I don’t have a twitter either but I am on tumblr a lot ( and you can also email me whenever!! (
    Once again thanks for all of you insights and namaste my friend!!!



    I am so happy I came across this course. I did not start it until this week of June 12, since I did not come across any sooner.
    This week I will be diving into nature and close my eyes and see what I feel and experience. I love being in nature. I really just want to be there allll the time!!! I will also search for blue things! 😀

    I am so happpy I came across this. I just think that you two, Jeremy and Unicole are so awesome! But back on the topic of fairies. I feel that I have a connection with faeries. I think that is how I have came across this information. So I can develop a stronger connection.

    I have seen and experienced a few different things that I feel were fairy. The other day I was at a park and for a split second, as if seeing from a different eye than my physical eyes, I saw a being that I would liken to a troll or goblin and it was near some bushes.

    I have seen an orb of light that flickered and bounced off quickly and had a nice energy that I felt. I became really excited when I saw this it was many years ago. I saw some kind of short frog like creature that was standing upright and seemed to be just guarding the walls or standing like a statue… as if he had some kind of responsibility. He was transparent and blended in with the wall. But his outline and features were really obvious. I didn’t feel frightened or anything at all when seeing him.

    Sometimes when I would look out my window at night and stick my head out a bit I would have something flying around my head and ears and they made a chirping noise … the sound was nice and made me feel interesting inside. I probably have had more but this is all I recount for now. But am really excited to see how this will go. So, yes, I believe in fairies. I feel like I am one actually. BUt really cant give a good reason for this other than a feeling and just one day looking in the mirror and suddenly realizing holy crap I am a fairy!!

    I will be following along each week now and share my experiences on the forum.

    Also, I am really interested in the unicult this is new to me.

    Unicole, I will be sending you a letter soon. <3


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