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    Hello beloved forum participants!
    My name is Unicole Unicron and I am the founder of UNICULT. Sometimes I refer to myself as the leader but I only think of myself that way so far as pointing in the direction I believe we should all be heading. The concepts within UNICULT framework are somewhat unique and I have organized them for you to enable a deeper thought process so that you can become empowered. This is pretty much opposite from most other religions but I feel strongly that through healing and empowering the world individual by individual, I also become healed and empowered. I think this is the true nature of the universe which we have forgotten about based on our competitive understandings.
    Even though I am well-spoken I am a pretty introverted person, and I spend most of my time online. I have an amazing dog named Dagny and a pet snake named Rose Quartz. I currently live in Seattle and I like it here very much. I am working hard to become a famous Pop Star Cult Leader so that I can have enough influence in this realm to start changing industry and politics. I have very big goals. You can see my website here:

    Where are you from? What is your passion? What are you hoping to gain from UNICULT?

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    My name is Jeremy Garner, Magician of the Other Realms. I come from New Zealand and most of my time is devoted to writing and recording original music. I’m deeply interested in dreams, magic, imagination, faeries, extraterrestrials, parallel dimensions, the Romantic era etc. I’m always experimenting with all types of music and venturing into new territories of art and creation. I’m currently working with Unicole on our new music project called Outside Time and Space and we have a lot of things in place that are in the process of manifestation. Finding the Unicult for me has been like finding everything I was looking for but all in one place. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you online and in person as we each ascend to higher potentials.

    You can find my music here:

    To those who write next: leave links to any of your own sites or creations so I can check out your work too! 🙂

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    Hello, I am Tumithak of the Corridors.

    I discovered unicult through youtube. I liked it so much, I decided to come here and check it out and maybe have a bit of conversation with you all. I hope you’ll have me…

    Where are you from?


    What is your passion?

    I enjoy creating art and music. Most of it is not very good, but I keep at it because I enjoy doing it.

    What are you hoping to gain from UNICULT?

    Friends maybe. I don’t really know. We will have to find out.


    Hello !! hi everyone … i just looked for the facebook group and all i found was a fashion label … ummmm trying to find the Unicult community .. i cant get periscope so … where else ?? Cheers ! x


    hey! you can find the Facebook group here:
    you can also watch the periscope replays here:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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