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What Crystal Are You?

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    Kyrie Fluffins


    Element: Wind. Chakra: All.
    Labradorite is the magic stone. You are patience and calm with an incredible ability that allows you to move on from negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. You are some what psychic and tend to get a lot of day sha voo (deja vu).



    Element: Wind. Chakra: Third eye, crown.
    Amethyst is the master protection stone. You tend to think twice before jumping head first into situations and will never leave a person behind. You are the sensible one with a kind heart and caring nature.

    Cyan Goon

    Rose Quartz

    Element: Water. Chakra: Heart.
    Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. You are a gentle caring person who has a lot of love for everything around you like animals and nature. You dislike conflict, you are most certainly a lover, not a fighter.


    I got aragonite. I don’t know much about the stone but I think that name has popped into my head before. I should probably try to find some!

    Element: storm. Chakra: All.
    Aragonite is the stone of strength. You are a strong minded confident individual who can work well as part of a team or by yourself. You are able to make quick decisions when put on the spot.


    Ooooh I love a good quiz. I got amethyst too! No surprises there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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