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    For me the most vivid vision i have was when i was in 7th grade and i was falling asleep in class i saw a gas station and a palm tree pop into my head. Later that day I was walking home and i passed that exact gas station and palm tree and I got really scared and intrigued. I actually starting crying because how hard the feeling hit me when i saw it. The most recent experience that blew my mind was when me and my friend were taking a psychic test and you had to guess the number. Before the video started i paused it and turned to my friend and said its going to be 3. The feeling I got was like being punched in the stomach it was so intense. I remember 3 just being repeated and when i thought of any other number i got the punch in the stomach again to say 3. When we played the video and the first number was 3, we screamed and it validated to me that I must pursue this lifelong phenomenon. I love posting in the forums because I have so much experience and no one to talk about or share this information with! Nor do I have much of a way of developing these abilities without hearing other perspectives. Comment your most intense psychic moments and experience I’d love to hear them!!! <3


    My first psychic moment was accurately predicting that an object in a bag at a remote viewing lecture was going to be “shiny metal.”


    I saw a glass break in my hand at the restaurant I was working at and I was just standing there, totally still, nothing had actually happened. I walked away, confused, and the next server broke a glass right where I had been.


    Steven I also feel like I cant really talk about all the weird stuff that is happening to me with people IRL, at least not the crazy extraterrestial stuff.
    The first time I had such an experience that left a lasting impression on me, was when I felt a ball of energy move from my navel up to the top of my head and down into my nose. It was clearing any tensions I had and at the end I felt tingles all over my head and my third eye was spinning like crazy. I think that was when my crown chakra opened.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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