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    Hey hey,
    wondering if anybody would be interested in having a go at making a li’l unicult zine? just had the random idea today, but I think it’d be a fun way to showcase stuff across the unicult in a more centralised, accessible format?
    It could even just be a monthly collection of art,music, video, written works or anything creative produced by unicult members?
    It’d be as casual and laidback as you want it to be, but just thought I’d put the idea out there and see what ya’ll think :)!

    stay fresh!


    We have this idea to make a UNICULT magazine, quarterly, with submissions from each relevant committee. So a section for 3V3, UNISCIENCE (with reports from UNICULT science experiments), Uni Acres (living well and sustainable living, gardening, etc), Un1form (fashion), and the religion of UNICULT.
    I have found it is so difficult to get people to contribute, especially monthly! But if we make it bigger like that, maybe people will be willing to sign up for different sections? What do you think?


    Sozzles, totes forgot to reply to this after you mentioned it a few 7pms ago! I must’ve missed talk of the zine (I should really stop blaming xanax for my poor memory lol), I just started thinking about it after I saw the zine by Emily in the supply Co. store.
    Sounds like you’ve got a solid plan.
    TBH I’m assuming as long as you have a set idea of branding and content it’s all dandy annd just ready to be started on? ya’ll know more than me :)!
    I know I already spend a good amount of time messing around with music, art and other stuff like that, so I know I could easily make the time to contribute some stuff. there are a few “newspapers” and zines at my university, but I’ve never submitted anything mainly due to having a single set theme for submissions. It’s not a bad thing, I just freak out over whether my work will be good enough and other silly anxiety thoughts.

    With 7pm, all the social networks and these forums I get a full sense of community in unicult, and everything is super chillo and relaxed. At least it seems that way to me ^.^.
    Regardless of how my schedule changes I’m down for doing regular contributions (quality may vary wildly), since last semester it felt like I just slept, ate, did work and relied on drugs to make up for the perceived lack of free time.

    How much work are yall planning per committee/person per issue?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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