All humans have the ability to be telepathic. Through the application of the proper information you can harness your own abilities.

With telepathy you can:

  • Read other people’s thoughts
  • Understand other people’s emotions and reasoning
  • Subvert the panopticon
  • Communicate off-grid
  • Channel higher intelligences
  • Get closer to your friends and family
  • Have more rewarding sexual encounters
  • Spend less time staring at your phone, while still participating socially.

UNICULT’s Telepathy Training Program Club is a 12 month study, fully guaranteed to make you telepathic. By signing up via Patreon, you will be initiated into the secrets of telepathy. In the mail, you will receive your own fluorite crystal and a workbook. You will have access to a private community of other practitioners.

For only $22 a month you will have access to weekly practices and visualizations that will help you harness and understand your powers.

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