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  • 0kay s0 a strange thing is happening t0 me when I g0 t0 sleep 0n my back at night. I am pretty used t0 living out 0f body mostly, and have always experienced sleep paralysis and strong lucid hallucinations at these times sleeping and wake up gasping often having f0rg0tten t0 breathe this has happened as far as my memory goes back. I actually used…[Read more]

  • I need salt baths s0 regularly, sometimes m0re than once a day, they work s0 well with being an empath. probably I need t0 learn other ways t0 re-energise

  • Hey, I was considering getting together a c0llecti0n 0f artworks that f0l0w a c0l0ur theme t0 create a rainbow b00k, f0r example all red ph0t0s and paintings and art pieces, then pages 0f all pink and all white and all black and all blue, and all yellow etc. W0ld need al0t 0f ph0t0s submitted t0 then make it t0 print and have it available 0n etsy

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  • My first brush with madness/ spiritual awakening. I had fallen int0 a deep depression after being in a really t0xic relationship in highsc00l. I g0t but 0f it but had t0 risk seeing him everyday and I was trying t0 focus before exams and just couldn’t d0 school without throwing up in fear and things becoming unreal. I tried s0 hard t0 be positive…[Read more]

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