Today our sermon is gonna be from fundamentals of Unicult we have 11 copies of the first edition of fundamentals of Unicode that I’m gonna be putting up for sale as a collector’s edition soon still thinking about the pricing of that if you’re interested just keep an eye out there’s a very limited number of copies of this

so if that’s something you want to add to your collection we’re gonna have three versions of this book they’re similar they’re not the same though there are some changes that have been made and the third edition will be different as well

so today we’re we’re gonna skip the introduction and we’re going to go straight into the truth of your heart

so this is the chapter that we’re gonna be talking about you have fundamentals of Unicult I recommend that you maybe take some time this week to study this chapter as well as if you’re interested in buying the fundamentals of Unicode they’re currently on backorder we’ve got new copies coming but we sold out which is awesome but in the meantime I’m giving away free digital copies if you buy the physical copy

so now’s a good time if you want to get the physical copy but you know you’re gonna have to wait a couple weeks you can get a digitally as well let’s sing a hymn and we’ll open up prayer requests let me open up my hands will sing the spirit of uni if you’re on Instagram I recommend going on YouTube

so you can see the screen you’re all supposed to sing I’m not supposed to be just singing on my own I was trying to entertain you by singing on my own it would look very different I’m not that’s not what I’m doing right now I’m actually giving you the opportunity to use your vocal cords and to raise your voice and to sing along and if you’re living with other people I recommend you sing as loud as you can and if you’re living alone sing however you want you can try seeing you know weird voice if you want you can sing however you want have fun but the whole point of this isn’t just oh I’m gonna watch Uniqlo sing this song I’ve watched this thing many times it’s not even that entertaining that’s not the point it’s not supposed to be entertaining I’m actually doing this

so we can all sing together there’s power in that power in it maybe I’ll tell you all the channeling I have from the whales about some after we sing this but raise your voice kind

i let the spirit of uni inspire me i let the spirit of uni be my god we are we are some human [Music] spirit of uni is inside the world the spirit of uni is divine we let the spirit of uni flow inside us all we let the spirit uni shine we are we great job great job I could feel you all singing I can feel you all raising your voices with that and Cait I’m sending you healing in particular so you could feel better 

we had a lot of energy come at us over the last couple days we had a beautiful interview with Elizabeth April and it was very very very triggering I think this was partly due to the timing of it of the full moon and partly due to Elizabeth April audience perhaps I’m not sure people were very upset about the word cult and I think it’s a perfect time to sing a song I think I’m in a cult [Music] ready it could be anything I don’t even know where oh where will this song go kaminnikov damn singing my songs love this five and I want it to go on and on on and on and on put in your prayer requests into a trance I feel my mind sing should we think before we sing or sing before we think mi brainwashed or am I free does this cold let me be me I don’t know I’m just singing along hoping to know if it’s right or wrong some good questions raised in that song and I think that it’s interesting that a cult leader would ask you to sing that song and think about these things I just think that’s interesting that’s all I’m gonna say about it okay spirit of unity we call you into this chat room here today we call you into this environment we call you into this reality for each of us we call you into our hearts

so that you may bless every viewer of the past present and future you may bless every member of Unicode you may bless every person who has ever heard the word Unicode or thought about what it means to be in Unicode we are praying for the Uni pets may they all get good food and good snuggles we are praying for all the people that couldn’t look past the word cult we’re praying for the freedom from the bad dreams we are praying for people to have a good time going down the rabbit hole of Yuna cult and answer all these burning questions they have about why we would sing a song like that we are praying that everybody gets all the abundance they deserve not limited by false gods such as money we are praying for the very for every expression of life in existence and for the one infinite particle prime radiant creator god unis source praying for clarity and abundance thanks spirit of uni uni bless we are praying for all the good moods and energy and harmony and health for us all we’re praying for good health we’re praying for the bees we are praying to move past linear duality and input into infinite harmony and understanding we are praying that everything becomes everyone everything becomes a deep thinker we are praying for David Icke yeah I can get behind that and Alex Jones he needs some prayers I thinkwe are praying for all of the angels aliens and guides we are praying for all the members thank you all for being here and we are sending divine energy into your bodies into your home’s into your life

so that you may be filled with internal harmony an abundance of joy you need you need bless beautiful beautiful okay as I said today we’re going to be doing a sermon on fundamentals of Unicode oh let me finish my announcements in in you know cults we are starting a uni kids storytelling Club we have a stargazing Club we have a D&D gaming club or community activity that meets every week we have a book club we have prayer circle we have cam chart review these are all weekly we have a monthly crystal club we can learn about crystals we have telepathy training we have gardening and it just keeps going on and on if you’re interested in changing the world if you’re interested in making your life better if you’re interested in making friends if you’re lonely if you’re bored you know cult is the place for you you don’t have to do everything that we do but there’s going to be an aspect of Unicult that resonates with you and that helps your life get better and you’ll find friends but you will never find better friends you will never find better friends when the friends you making Unicole everyone is full of love and acceptance and it’s beautiful

so today we’re talking about listening to the truth of your own heart and the thing with the the flak the feedback that I got from the negative haters the trolls or whatever Thank You Troy is that a lot of it is shame a lot of is shame filled and the idea of shame is to make someone feel bad and change their behavior and the goal is that you shrink somebody’s energy down to the point where they conform to a point that makes you feel comfortable it’s an attempt of control it’s like thinking oh if you if you shrink your energy down to a smaller way then maybe I will feel safe maybe I will feel comfortable but a lot of times that totally neglects the idea that that maybe their energy should be bright and that we should actually encourage all people to be as bright as they possibly can and that your shame is coming from either a fear or be something that you are pre-programmed with from your family or from your society that you felt you had you have to do to remain safe that you have to do to be understood and you know cult is hoping and praying and working towards the future where we don’t have to make ourselves smaller to be accepted by our communities we are working toward the future where we can be our authentic selves where we don’t have to shrink ourselves or live in shame

so that we can be genuine with who we are and what we are and why we are in every moment there are a lot of aspects of Unicole that work in tandem with each other

so to come at one teaching of Unicult and neglect to mention all the others doesn’t make sense you kind of have to take the whole thing on as a whole to understand every part when we talk about listening to the truth of your own heart people do get afraid they’re afraid because they feel this lack of control is what they think they think control makes them safe

so when you hear somebody say oh we should all listen to the truth of our heart your reaction might be well what if it’s in someone’s heart to be a serial killer or what if it’s in someone’s heart to hurt other people and the fundamental principle of Unicode that we’re working from which this is built up on top of is the fact that we believe the universe is harmony and your heart is aligned with harmony if you desire to harm someone or hurt someone that’s not coming from your heart that’s coming from layers of confusion that have been put on top of your hearts true pain and your heart’s true desire any magic says those people have broken hearts yeah those people are in pain they’re hurting

so when we talk about the truth of your heart every single we come from the presupposition that every person’s heart deep down is pure and we make this assumption that every person at their root is a good person and the reason why we do this is very practical honestly it comes from the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy if you’re familiar with the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy it’s a it’s a psychological situation actually it’s a psychological terminology where if somebody believes that someone else feels a certain way about them they will behave in a way that actually makes that person feel that way they actually create that reality

so if you have never met me and someone gave you a picture of me and they said this is you know cool Unicron you know Hall hates you and then I called you up on the phone and they’re like you know cold doesn’t like Unicole thinks you’re rude I called you up on the phone and I was and I didn’t know that they even said that I don’t actually know you this is kind of complicated but follow it through and you think that I don’t like you you’re gonna actually be rude to me you’re gonna say well why am I talking to you you don’t actually like me when we hang up I might say wow that person was kind of rude even though that wasn’t what I actually originally thought we create this thing

so when you walk into a group of people and you say oh I’m

so annoying everybody hates me a lot of times you might actually be acting in a way that’s creating that reality if you go into a social setting and you say I’m a good person and I make friends easily and you believe that that’s be more true than not you’re gonna create that reality with your behavior

so when we believe that everyone is a good person we bring that we bring the best of them out we see the good and we raise that part of them up to be the inherent aspect of their being there’s there’s no truth or you know not truth in this case things are obviously nuanced and confusing and complicated and every person’s doing whatever they can to survive but when we look at humanity and we say that every person has a pure heart that’s aligned with harmony we see the best in people and we allow for that to be real we allow for that to exist we create that reality and I think that’s a great reality to live in

so when we think about what the truth of your heart is and we say every person’s heart is pure every person’s heart is in alignment with all one all one is another fundamental aspect of Unicult which says that we are all part of the whole and that anything that anyone else feels we feel to whether or not we acknowledge it or not

so here’s the details about the truth of your heart every single person is born unique but we live in a society that expects us to fit into pre-established boxes I was born and my parents said it’s a girl and then they dressed me in pink clothes and then they socialized me in a certain way and they expected that I would grow up and be a girl I’m not a girl I’m actually gender non-conforming but they didn’t know that and they tried to put me into a box and actually I’m gender non-conforming I actually don’t believe in gender at all

so that box didn’t actually work for me maybe the boxes that you were born work for you maybe the boxes that you were born with and the expectations the society has expected you to be you know you’re you’re born into a certain socio-economic class you’re born to parents who are either wealthy or poor or in the middle and you sort of are expected sort of continue on that path and to be in the same socioeconomic status there are all these preconceptions and notions that we get born into that really have nothing to do with our spirit just because you’re born to a certain family doesn’t mean that that’s the same as you want to be when you grow up doesn’t mean that that’s the same as your limitations or your capacity but a lot of times in this world those boxes are the ones that we carry their burdens we carry them through our lives and we shape ourselves we shrink ourselves we conform to the expectations that our parents and the society and that the environment that we’re born in to expect of us a lot of this can’t be undone this is work that can’t be undone for instance your nationality where you’re born if you’re an American you’re an American like you’re just an American like you’re born in America you’ve got that box it’s part of your identifiers you could move you could be open-minded it doesn’t mean that you’re it doesn’t mean that you have to be a certain way but you are affected by these things I’m not saying you’re not allowed to be affected by these things of course I was affected by being raised female but there comes a time in our lives where we have to acknowledge the boxes that we’ve been put into and the expectations of our behavior and the shrinking of our unique spirit to fit into specific categorizations for the purpose of socializing for the purpose of making other people comfortable who are insecure really if they’re if people are uncomfortable by your behavior if you’re not doing anything to harm anyone that is fear and shame and that is insecurity on their part it has nothing to do with you but we internalize this and we think wow I must be a bad person if I freak people out when I talk about the potential for aliens or whatever else you might be interested in a lot of people have maybe a TD or they just have a lot of energy or they’re very excited about life and people want to shrink that energy they want they’re them just to be smaller and to fit into a box a lot of people have extreme sensitivity and people say toughen up get with the program take your sensitivity and ignore it and just get back in line with the rest of us we don’t want to deal with your differences we don’t want to deal with your unique energy because it makes us uncomfortable pretend to be the same as we are all pretending to be the same what’s the what’s the secret about all of this what’s the truth to all of this the reality is that no one is the same no one easily fits into these boxes there’s not a single person in this world who’s just happy every day with the exact boxes that they were raised with and this can come out in subtle ways this can come out in in hidden ways and illness in societal illness and depression and anger in insecurities in judgment in all kinds of toxic ways this comes out and we pretend like other people are the problem it’s easy to take all that negative energy that’s inside of yourself and point at other people and say you’re the one who caused me to feel this way you made me feel bad and you should be smaller and you should change but the truth is they’re afraid of their own their own true heart which is unique

so just come from this understanding we are all unique each person has a completely unique and for us to create a world that actually benefits that is far superior to the world where we expect other people to be fitting into something that they’re not that they don’t belong in we have been mislead very very very much in our society to not look at our unique energy and to not honor others unique energy the truth is like when I think aboutwhen I think about diversity as a concept I was raised in a town that had about 50% Hispanic population 50% white population we didn’t have other diversity those pretty much the only two groups and that I saw I witnessed a lot of racism from white people against the Hispanic people and I I was always really confused about it but the thing is we all love Mexican food there’s every racist person enjoyed the tortilla area the tortilla is in the little shops that listed in our town and I think that this is a complete oversight about the benefit that diversity brings there are aspects of diversity that enrich our lives immensely and that nourish us and for us to ignore that fact while proclaiming to hate diversity isn’t helpful for anybody it isn’t helpful for us and it just creates a monoculture

so that’s one aspect we have this also idea the scientific understanding of material reality at taking precedence over emotional reality if you experience something firsthand and you experience it clearly and you know I saw a ghost or I saw UFO or I can telepathically communicate to aliens or I can hear fairy bells or I can see into other dimensions our society doesn’t acknowledge that because it’s not in third dimensional reality it’s really strange to me that we expect all of reality to fit into third dimensional reality when we know that there are other dimensions we know that there are infinite dimensions we know that dark matter and dark energy exist we know that there are that our perception is very limited even from the scientific understanding we recognize and we acknowledge that we can’t see every dimension we can’t see every aspect of reality

so we shut down people who experience these things with their senses and we say well that’s not possible but for many people it is possible we talked a little bit I think last week or the week before about electromagnetic frequency sensitivity if people can feel Wi-Fi or feel Bluetooth and and if you google it there are forums and forums of people saying well that’s just simply not scientifically possible but how can you tell someone what they can or can’t feel

so our society really is pushing very hard to eliminate the unique experiences that each of us have and expect us all to live in the same material reality and ignore all other experiences and all other reality this makes it very hard to listen to your own heart on this on top of all the shame on top of all of the guilts and boxes that were put into of course we’re confused about what it means to listen to your heart when people hear this message listen to your heart a lot of people say I don’t know what that is I don’t know how to listen to my heart I don’t even know what that means what does that even mean and I think that is that should make everyone sad to think that people don’t know that and I and I’m not saying that you should feel ashamed for feeling that way I just think we have been

so misled that people just do what they’re told they do what they’re expected and they don’t listen to their own guidance your heart is your compass for what is good and what is bad for you to do we all know that leap there is no hard-and-fast moral code you know if if somebody steals from someone you could say well if they steal from someone and they don’t need it and they’re just doing it to be mean that’s worse than if they steal from someone and they’re starving to death and they absolutely need it there’s there’s moral flexibility in all situations and with Unicole we expect each person to build up their own moral code based on the ability of listening to their heart as a compass based on the understanding that we are all one based on the under the understanding that we will do our best to harm no one including ourselves there are some tricks that get into our head when we’re trying to listen to our heart you might be like thinking about going to college and your parents really want you to go to college your parents didn’t get to go to college and they’re like you’re our one chance we want to live through you we want you to be successful we were limited in all these ways you got to go to college like you have to like it’s

so important you you just have to and they put this into your head since you’re born

so now you’re just about to go to college and you’re like well my heart I think says that I want to go to college because I want to make my parents but that’s not true that’s a trick that’s a multiple layer experience and that’s why this can get kind of complicated and kind of hard at the root of your heart you might be saying I’m not saying you don’t want to go to college I’m saying in this particular situation let’s say this person doesn’t actually want to go to college or they feel like they might be drawing or doing other things but since their parents want them to go and they love their parents they think that that’s their heart that’s not true your heart is saying I love my parents and I want to make them happy that’s true but if you go to college and you don’t want to go to college who is that harming that’s harming yourself

so when you’re harming yourself in order to make someone else happy that’s not all one that’s not harm none you’re harming someone

so you have to think from this perspective everything has to be completely deconstructed and you have to understand your motivations for doing things and you have to really feel into is this a good thing or a bad thing for me for my happiness for my joy when you make a decision that is right your heart will expand your body will feel light and you’ll know that it’s the right decision there’s a few different things you can do sometimes decisions are neutral I saw a really good tick-tock the other day and it was saying that to come from an abundance mind state when making a decision you imagine both possibilities and you imagine that they both turn out great and then you decide okay well maybe maybe you do want to go to college maybe you don’t you’re not sure well imagine you go to college and it’s great or you imagine you don’t go to college and it’s great that way you’re not coming from a base of a place of fear it’s really good to eliminate fear when you’re trying to listen to your heart

so that’s a really good way to to hack this process another thing you can do is body test you can either look up what that is and you can see if your body goes forward or backwards when you think about a certain thing you can also see if your hand is weaker or strong when you have different ideas I’m not going to go into all of that right now but if you want to look it up that’s called body testing and you can tune into your body when you think well I guess I have to go to college because it’s expected of me and I’m gonna be a failure if I don’t and you feel this like sinking heavy shrinking feeling that’s not expansive that’s a downward spiral that’s a harmful thought that’s a harmful reality if you think well what if I just didn’t go to college and what if I did art and I followed my heart and your heart just gets lighter and lighter and your body starts to tingle you start to sit up straighter and you feel

so excited that’s expansive that’s your heart that’s what your heart truly wants to do

so you have to learn how to listen to your body in this way you can also journal

so that you can process these things sometimes I journal on paper sometimes I video journal just with them with live-streaming or I do it just privately sometimes I’ll record myself processing emotion sometimes I post it sometimes I don’t that’s you know up to you but it is it is nice to look at yourself on video if you’re processing something and you spill your guts and then you rewatch it that’s a that’s an intense way of processing things you get to see yourself going through the emotions and explaining things and then it’s about identifying where are you in fear where are you in pain and where can you make a decision that truly aligns with your internal heart your heart resonates with the frequency of the universe and when you are true to yourself you are aligning your energy with Source Energy with the spirit of uni with the highest energy that exists you are calling in more divinity to come into your body and into your life to activate your DNA to activate your consciousness to expand your consciousness to create a world that is actually beneficial for everyone you’re creating a world that is actually nourishing and encouraging of each person to be their true self and to give the benefits of the diverse experience

so I’m I will take a few questions here I had to close the chat box because it was a little toxic and distracting but I have open again now

so if anybody has any questions about this topic and Happy Camp charges our weekly sermon it’s every Sunday well I don’t see any questions about this topic

so we’re sending love and peace and harmony to every person and we’ll see you next week for cam Church please take your time and feel into your energy today and ground yourself and feel the love for yourself if you feel the need to troll or you feel the need to say things online that are maybe not love centered maybe look into the questions you have about your own heart and your own mind and the feelings that you have and we are sending love and light to you you need less