3V3, pronounced “Eve” is a sect of UNICULT dedicated to bringing about matriarchal change in individuals and industry. Comprised of women and non-binary individuals, 3V3 utilizes both technology and magic to promote values of equality for all, empowerment, nurturing acceptance, and life-sparking change. One of the central tenets of 3V3 is that the divine feminine belongs at the forefront of AI development given its role to bring in and nurture new life.

Strange Magic

Strange Magic is the zine organized and distributed by 3V3 members to promote femme voices.

Strange Magic Episode 1
Strange Magic Episode 2

Strange Magic Episode 3 is seeking submissions from black and brown voices and artists.
Art and Article topics
+queer sex (maybe poly relationships)
+practicing spirituality as a black/brown person: what does it mean to you? What was passed down?
+Queer Femme of Center Love
+A Couple of Tarot Card Illustrations Featuring POCS
+Veganism might save the animals, but what about the human slaves involved in the process?
+black or brown aliens
For more information or to submit content, contact Kayla.