Today’s sermon is on consciousness out of the Fundamentals of Unicult. We’re gonna be talking about consciousness and what it means to be a conscious person.

Consciousness as the Fundamental Aspect of Reality

Last week we were talking about consciousness in the sense of the Universe and what it means to be a conscious individual, and what consciousness is. The main point of consciousness that Unicult acknowledges is this idea that all things are conscious. This is something that is presented in a few books. This is a scientific understanding. It makes sense that things are conscious. It’s kind of like a unifier of theories that are kind of hard to make sense of otherwise. When you start getting into quantum physics and quantum entanglement, consciousness as the fundamental aspect of reality starts to make sense.

Higher Dimensions

How do you start to think about this? I talked last week about what it means to have higher spatial dimensions.

The first dimension is a line.

It’s hard to start conceptualizing the fourth dimension. What does it mean to be in the fourth dimension? It’s a little confusing. It’s a little hard to comprehend and that’s just the fourth dimension!

When we talk about time, we’re talking about experiencing the fourth dimension. Last week, we talked about how, if you are a second dimensional being on a plane experiencing a third dimensional sphere, the way that you’re going to experience that sphere is going to be very different than the way that a third dimensional being experiences that sphere. We use this example to start to conceptualize the fact that other dimensions are more complex and exist in their fullest sense in a different way than we are capable of experiencing them in this dimensional reality. That doesn’t mean that you can’t experience them, it just means that you experience them in a way that is limited by your current dimensional reality.

It starts as a pin point, and then it goes to a circle, and then it gets to a bigger circle, and then it gets smaller again into a pin point.

That’s how a sphere passes through a two-dimensional plane.

When we use this example, we start to understand the way that the second dimension experiences a third dimensional sphere is, in its own way, it’s in a different way than the way that we would experience it in the third dimension. In the fourth dimension it’s different too.

We have to explain this all in a way that makes sense to our third dimensional reality and our understanding of ourselves as entities moving through time. We know that time isn’t real in the sense that we know that you can experience all of time at once you can be outside of time and we don’t necessarily have that ability we do talk about and you know call we talk about the ability to move into the fourth dimension by finding a nonreactive place.

It was brought up earlier about domestic abuse and about my history of being violent toward people when I was feeling trapped or unable to communicate and my ability to overcome that and I truly believe the example of rising into a higher dimensional frequency.

When you have something happen, if somebody punches you and you just punch back without thinking let’s say, then that is a reactive place. If somebody says something mean to you and you say something mean to them, that’s a reactive place. If you can see something happening and you can take a more eternal, more expanded way of viewing things and you can look at that with empathy and compassion, then you’re not necessarily going to react in the same way. You’re going to react in a very different way or you’re going to see the longer, bigger picture of things. It’s a non reactive place.

This is what we really are coming down to in Unicult. This is something that is really important about understanding about our theory: this is all connected to our emotional state.

Emotional States Create Your Reality

In the modern world right now, we really don’t give credence to emotional states as creators of reality. We have modern psychotherapy and psychology which give us clues into the power of our consciousness, but we don’t necessarily understand how important our emotional reality is to actually creating our reality. That’s something that we’re going to start finding out more. The reason why we say this is because our point of understanding is that all things are information. 

Universe As Conscious Points of Information

We see the Universe as conscious points of information. Imagine that you are God or the highest thing, or that which all things are. If you could find the conglomeration of all things, if you could move through reality freely and you could implant your consciousness, you could actually experience what it’s like to be another person. You could experience what it’s like to be a measuring tape. You could experience what it’s like to be Pluto. You can experience what it’s like to be a grain of sand on Mars. You can experience what it’s like to be a shooting star. You can experience the information that is gathered. The only way that information can be recorded is through consciousness. It has to be aware of itself.

When I tried to kill myself and I died, I didn’t actually die. I was two hours before dying, but I was very close to being in a state of what it was like. I was there. Consciously, I was there. I was ready to be wherever the afterlife was and I went there. I was unconscious for quite a while before I was resuscitated. What I found was what I expected to find which is nothingness. I was  really excited to experience nothingness. I was really excited for the disintegration of my soul and of my conscious thought because I felt like my consciousness was a fucking burden on this planet, but that’s a different topic.

That’s what I felt. I was ready for death. I was ready for disintegration. That’s what I thought death was. I entered into the state of nothingness which is what I wanted. It was just black. It was nothing and I thought, “Huh, that is the afterlife.” That’s the afterlife that I wanted. That’s the afterlife that I created. That’s the afterlife I would have gone into, just a black space, but a few years later I realized it wasn’t nothingness because I was there. My consciousness was still there observing the black space.

Eventually I believed I would have gotten bored of my nothingness reality and I would have started thinking what could I do? I would start creating a new version of reality and I would find worlds or sections of reality that matched my energetic understanding of reality.

Your consciousness is holy. Your consciousness is that which makes the universe work because it is observation based. Because you are a point of observation, you are and you are a sensor. Consciousness is a sensor.

You’re able to be a point of information gathering data about all the other points of information, which are also sensors. When we see the Universe this way, we are more easily able to understand the fact that we are all one. I don’t just mean we’re all one with one another, I mean that we are all one as a conscious understanding, as a conscious undertaking, as a conscious expression of light of conscious reality.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life with Unicult

Unicult is all about benefiting yourself. Unicult is all about benefiting your own life. What does it  matter if you take these thoughts and you just go out into space and you’re like, “Whoa this is a wacky way to think!” That doesn’t help anybody. That doesn’t help anything. There’s no point to that. This way of thinking it about it is highly beneficial to you in your life. This is highly beneficial to you in every single one of your interactions. 

When you can look at the world in a way that reflects consciousness, when you can look at the world in a way that is of a higher data understanding of what everything is and you can understand that all things hold that awareness and that consciousness that you also hold, you develop a higher version of respect and love for the world.

When you look at the world and you think, “This sucks. I hate this. Everything is terrible. I want to die. Everything is rotten.” When you put those lenses on and you look at the world through that lens, you’re gonna see that the world is harmful. You’re going to notice that someone cut you off, you’re going to notice that you stubbed your toe, you’re going to notice that you keep dropping that pen and you’re going to get really frustrated and really angry. 

When you start to look at the world in a way that is more compassionate toward yourself and toward other things, you start to see that everything is here to help you. Then you start saying, “ Wow, this person just let me in and traffic!” “This person stopped by and gave me some muffins, how nice!” You start to reflect that new reality.

I was reading Bringers of the Dawn recently, and they were talking about how we have only experienced one version of reality, when in fact the experience of our lives was multiple versions of reality. What we choose to remember and what we choose to relate to creates our reality. The same things could happen to different people and they could have a completely different understanding of it.

You could go on a beautiful hike with someone and the air could be fresh and the sun could be beautiful and you would feel like you’re having such a good time and then you get to the top of the mountain and the person is like, “This is terrible! I hate this!” You’d be like, “What?” Two people can experience the same thing and have completely different realities happen to them. That’s your own consciousness. That’s your ability to relate.

When we talk about consciousness being the underlying component of the Universe, this changes everything because this changes your approach to all things. If you are already a vegetarian or a vegan, you understand already that animals are conscious. When I got my dog Dagny, I looked in her eyes and I said, “This dog is just as conscious as I am.” I looked in her eyes and we had a telepathic understanding and I felt her heart and I felt her love and I felt her awareness. I thought oh my god this is no different than a pig or a deer or a cow. I can no longer eat meat because I recognize my own consciousness in this conscious entity and I know that it’s relatable to my consciousness.

Recognize the Consciousness In Others

What does that do when you recognize the consciousness in others? If you feel like everyone in your life is an NPC, a non playable character, that they’re unconscious and you treat them as such, then you get angry and annoyed and you just feel frustrated all the time because everyone’s so dumb. On the other hand, If you see everyone as conscious individuals making the best decisions they can possibly make, you have more compassion, you have more patience, you have more understanding and it changes your behavior.

When you look at an animal and you say, “I can’t rightfully have this animal killed for a burger. I can’t, that’s just insane!” You know that you couldn’t do that yourself because you recognize the consciousness in that being. Then you take that consciousness and you expand it and you say, “Wow, I feel the consciousness of this tree!” I could never cut this tree down or you cry when you see a tree cut down. I cry when I see trees cut down. It hurts me because I recognize the consciousness in that tree.

The thing is that when you develop this level of understanding for consciousness, it extends to all things. It extends to rocks and plants and trees and the earth itself. You start to understand that not all consciousness looks like human consciousness. It’s very humanistic to assume that consciousness is only valuable when it looks like human consciousness. It’s a huge mistake we make every day in this world. If we can start to value different types of sensors as conscious entities, we can understand that all things deserve to be treated with respect. We have to make the best decision we can. 

There’s a trap right here. What is the trap? It’s, “I don’t want to cause any harm, so I don’t want to do anything. How am I supposed to eat anything? How am I supposed to live if everything is conscious?” Not everything is conscious like a human. Fruit desires to be eaten. The seeds of the fruit are in the fruit and they go into the body and you help spread. There’s a symbiotic relationship there. Can I prove that? No. 

What I can do is tune into the tree. I have a fig tree outside my window, I’m so blessed. I can tune into this fig tree and I can tune into how I feel. This fig tree is offering these fruits to me. When it needs something, like more nitrogen in the soil like it did last year, I can listen and I can put some manure down. I can feed this tree and the tree can feed me. We’re in a symbiotic relationship. It’s a respect, It’s not that I go and I just say, “Ah, the tree likes when I kick it” and take its fruit. It’s not about that.

Respect All Consciousness

It’s about respecting life. It’s about respecting consciousness. It’s about believing in the balance of reality. It’s about believing that when you come from a state of love and you come from a state of harmony, that you will be shown the path of harmony. You will be shown the path that you can take that is respectful of the highest number of people, the highest number of animals, and the highest level of reality.

I wouldn’t very much like it if you sat on me. If you just came and you just plopped your body on my body, I don’t think I would like that very much, but I think a rock or a boulder that’s been warmed by the sun really likes when people do that. I can feel the boulder’s joy when I lay on a big boulder that’s been soaking in the sun. I hug it and I share my love with it.

Not everything is like a human. Not everything has the same experience that every person has the same experience. When we talk about these ideas of consciousness, they are important. Not only because I believe they’re true, but because they will radically shift your consciousness. They will radically shift your approach to how you interact with the world in a way that benefits you.

If you are pissed off and you go and you kick a boulder and you sit on it and you just say, “Stupid rock!”, you’re going to feel like shit inside. If instead you say, “What a beautiful rock! I can feel the Earth’s energy in this and I want to lay on this rock and share this moment with this rock.”, you are living in a higher way of being. You are living in a state of gratitude and appreciation and abundance.

What I’m talking about is far away from where we are right now in it. A lot of people are just now realizing that women and people of color and black people are actually conscious beings. People are so far away from even understanding that animals are conscious beings, that insects are conscious beings and they can’t even comprehend the fact that even other humans are conscious beings.

Towards A More Harmonious Universe

We are working on this on a planetary level. If you understand what I’m saying, you are very futuristic. Following this path in my life has made me a gentler, more compassionate person. It has allowed me to make decisions which are healthier for me. The reason why following this path makes you healthier is because you’re more in tune with the world around you and you’re more in tune with your body.

There’s this beautiful aspect of the Universe which is that we are in a system that is preferring to be harmonious. It’s like a beautiful song. When you align your energy with harmony, with your own understanding of harmony through the compass of your heart, I can’t tell you what that is, only you can. When you align your energy through the compass of your heart, you suddenly align with the reality stream of harmony.

When you’re in the reality stream of harmony that comes from your own consciousness, when you’re able to harmonize your own internal state and you’re able to lead your life from your heart and you’re able to see your own energy as a still, calm, harmonious ball of energy that can radiate out, you end up in a stream of reality, a version of reality which is harmonious. All things in your life then start to be harmonious. You start to see harmony and everything that you do. You start to actually tap into harmonious understandings.

If you go to work and you drop your pen and you get pissed off and you bump into somebody because you’re pissed off and they steal their coffee and then that person gets pissed off and then they yell at somebody in a meeting and then that person gets pissed off and they go yell at their kid at their house, what did you create? You’re not in harmony. You didn’t create a version of harmony. If you drop your pen and you laugh and somebody else helps you pick it up and you both laugh about it because you keep dropping it then they go to their meeting and they’re really nice and then the person in the meeting is inspired and comes up with a good idea because the person was nice to them, what did you create? How does it come back around to you? 

You can look at this from a purely selfish perspective. That’s what’s so cool about all the Unicult teachings. If you have a hard time empathizing, that’s okay. Look at it from a purely selfish perspective. It’s going to benefit you.

Assume The Best Of Things

I recently had an experience where I communicated with aliens about something they had done, something that really pissed me off. I was really mad about some stuff. I ran into a wall of understanding. I’m obsessed with information. I send my consciousness out into the higher realms to take information. I like to know everything. The other day I said, “Oh, it’s weird to not know stuff.” My boyfriend said, “You say that a lot.” I said, “Do I?” That’s because it’s weird to not know stuff. I like to know stuff. I try to understand things. I study and I explore my consciousness. I research and I read. I like to know stuff, but you can’t know everything of course.

There are times when certain circumstances happen to you which are confusing and which don’t make sense. You run into a wall of your ability to comprehend what the fuck could possibly be happening. “Why the hell did this happen?” This is not aligned with what I thought was going to  happen. I have no idea why this would be a good thing.

The aliens said to me, “You know it’s funny..” and I’m like, “What?” They’re like, “Humans are weird. Humans are funny.” I was, “How?” They said, “In the universe, almost every single race of entities, all the aliens that exist, without fail, if something is unknown, they assume the best. They assume that it’s divine. They assume that it’s only better than they can imagine.” If you don’t understand something, it’s like, “Wow, this must be beyond my comprehension of what is good and holy. This must be so good that I can’t even fathom it!”

Humans, almost without fail, when they don’t know something, they say, “Oh this is worse than I’ve even considered. This has got to be a bad thing.” When humans don’t know something, they say, “Has to be a sign that it is bad.” Is it? But it’s not! Everything is divine. 

Why do you always gravitate, as humans, to the understanding that it’s a bad thing that you don’t understand something. When you don’t understand something, it means that it’s too good for you to comprehend.

Different, Not Dumb

When you sit with that and you really humble yourself, this is about ego, and you really explore the idea that your inability to understand reality, to understand the conscious interplay of interdimensional understanding, is about how good things can be and the potential for that to be good. When you look at someone who seems very dumb, or animal that seems dumb, or an insect that seems unconscious and we say, “Well they just must be stupid, they must be below my understanding. It’s not like that.

Let’s say you have a child. Are children stupid? A child’s reality is very different from that of an adult. These are the reality bubbles of a child and an adult:

The child is occupying a completely different reality space than the adult. Which one is more beneficial? Neither! They’re equally beneficial. They’re equally valid. 

If you have a stupid person occupying a completely different reality bubble, you think they’re stupid. The reality bubble looks all weird:

To you, is that reality lower? Is that less valuable than your reality as a conscious, intelligent adult? No. They are occupying a different aspect of consciousness. 

Is a rock stupid? Is the consciousness of a rock worthless? The consciousness of a rock is different from your consciousness, but it is 100% valid in its own way in a way that we have a hard time understanding because it’s different from our consciousness.

This comes back to Black Lives Matter. This comes back to feminism. This comes back to making space for other realities. When you understand that all entities, all sensors in the Universe, all points of conscious understanding, all points of conscious observation, have equal but different amounts of value, maybe not to you, but to the universe in general, then you become more peaceful. You become more compassionate. You become more aligned.


A good point about cats being vegan.. you can make your own decisions about your own consciousness, but I have heard that cats cannot become vegan. They will die. You, as a caretaker of an entity that has a different level of consciousness than you, a different reality, you don’t get to make those decisions, you just get to be a caretaker of the highest possible way and make those decisions for them in the way that benefits them. You have to empathize.

If you’re in a position of power over an entity like an animal or a tree or a rock, and you’re in a position of power where you can influence their relationship, then you have to do what you can to empathize. You have to do what you can with the power of your potential consciousness to sit with that animal or that rock or that tree and try to understand what is their experience of reality. How do they experience reality? What is aligned for them? How can I come from a heart centered place without putting my standing on to them? How can I align my energy to match theirs so I can understand what they need?

My snake eats mice. Iit freaks me out. I would never eat a mouse. I think it’s wrong to eat mice. Is it wrong for my snake to eat a mouse? No. Maybe it’s wrong to be a snake owner. That’s my own decision to make, but is it wrong for me to feed an animal that’s already in my care the food that it can eat? No. That’s the right thing to do because we’re the caretaker. It’s very complicated.


We have to understand there is a level of balance that happens. We all have to do what we can to align with our own harmony and trust that everyone else is doing that too. Consciousness itself isn’t biased. The reason why good and evil exists in this universe isn’t because of some conscious God punishing you, it’s just a fundamental law of the Universe. It’s like gravity. If you fall down, is that the Earth hating you?


Consciousness exists in a spiral. Consciousness through time, it looks like this:

If you’re going through your spiritual evolution and you think, “Oh, I’m thinking about what it means to eat animals.” and then you come up here and you’re like, “Oh, I’m thinking again about what it means to eat animals. Why am I thinking about this again?” Then you come up again you’re like, “Oh, I’m gonna decide to become a vegetarian.” Then you’re coming up again, you say, “Oh, I think I’m gonna keep thinking about animals.” 

You hit the same point of thought. This isn’t just about veganism or vegetarianism or anything like that. Coming up time and time again, you say, “I’m thinking about society, I’m thinking about society, …” “I’m thinking about fossil fuels. I’m thinking about fossil fuels. …” 

These things come around in a cyclical nature. You hit them over and over again.The thing is, your consciousness either goes in an upward spiral or a downward spiral. This is your only choice. This is the only place where free Will exists. You get to choose which direction to go.

I was asking my guides recently, “Why does this upward spiral exist? Why do we get rewarded by going upward? Why do we get punished by going downward?” By “rewarded”, I just mean it feels good. We have our own internal compass. I said, “What is the mechanism of the Universe that draws us so strongly toward the light?” They said, “We don’t know.” They said, “We do not know. No one knows why. We can tell you that all beings in the Universe prefer the upward spiral. It feels good to every single entity in the Universe to follow the spiral upward into joy rather than downward into suffering and into pain. We don’t know why, but since everyone agrees, we think it’s the best thing to do because it feels right. It feels good in our hearts. It’s like a stream that we’re in.”

As you go up and up in this way, this is harmony and this is discord. This is what creates a more painful reality. I think that’s all I can say. Even the Arcturians don’t know. Nobody knows. 

There’s a book called Urantia. I really like that book because in that book, they’re like, “We don’t know what God is. We have no idea.” No one has any clue what God is. We have all this organization of heaven and we do our best to comprehend the light and we have embodied very high levels of light, but God itself is still a mystery.

Be Good and Kind to Others

For sociopaths and psychopaths, it still feels right for them. They will find that if they followed this path. That’s why Unicult is so amazing. Even when looked at from a very selfish perspective, these understandings help you. If you are a sociopath and you want to hurt people and trick them because it’s entertaining to you, you can change your reality to help people. You can trick them into helping them. You can set up elaborate scenarios where you help people rather than trick them. It’s going to make your life better. The thing with sociopaths is that they don’t care. They don’t have empathy. They don’t care about other people. They are highly intelligent and they’re bored. 

What is the draw of moral behavior? How do you convince a sociopath to be a kind or good person if they don’t have empathy? You make it so it benefits them. That’s actually the truth of the Universe!

If you are a good, kind person to other people, even if you see them all as conscious NPCs, your consciousness will get better. Your experience of reality will better you will have a better life. You have to convince them of the benefit to themselves. That’s what’s great about Unicult understanding. It’s true in an empathic sense, but it’s also true from just an individual perspective, if you just want to be a selfish person and make your own life better, you can follow the same teachings and your life will get better. Your reality will get better. You will have more rewards.

Conscious Ascension

All things in the Universe are consciousness. Consciousness itself extends beyond the third dimension, the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension. Consciousness is the root understanding of all dimensional realities. When we talk in New Age about ascending into the fifth dimension, we are talking about a conscious ascension because the fifth dimension is primarily consciousness. So is the third dimension.

To reside in a conscious way in a certain dimension, creates that dimensional reality around us. Are all things spatially dimensional related to consciousness? Yes, but there’s only a point in which material reality is important. Material reality is actually rare. It’s actually rare that we’re here in the physical realm. There’s way more going on in the astral plane, in the conscious realm, in the higher dimensional realms, which are made of pure light. For light to be condensed to the point which it becomes matter is rare and uncomfortable, usually as you can tell.