CAM CHURCH Delusion vs. Reality

Today’s sermon is from Fundamentals of UNICULT. We are going to be talking about delusion versus reality. If you’ve been following my journey on TikTok, you’ll know that a lot of people have called me schizophrenic, a lot of people have called me delusional, a lot of people have called me sick and ill, all for believing things that they don’t understand. I’m not harming anyone. Because people don’t understand my reality, my perception of the world, they call it delusion. That’s really what I want to talk about. First we have to break down our understanding of what these words mean.

Think for a minute, in your own mind, what does the word delusional mean to you? I think that when you sit down and you think about it, you realize that your definition is based on social expectation. Most people’s definition is based on social expectation. Some people believe that if someone is delusional, they’re interacting with a world that is beyond the physical world. If something a lot of people subscribe to 3d science as their religion science is their religion, they think anything beyond the third dimensional provable reality is not real, is not scientific and unfortunately that’s untrue.

I think that most people who follow science farther than just an ideology, just from like a badge of like, well I believe in science. Not to disparage science, but there’s a faction of people whose consciousness is limited by the concept of science and who don’t necessarily follow through with all the aspects of science that could potentially lead them to a greater awareness. When you start to understand how much of our reality is unseen, you can get into quantum physics, quantum mechanics, you can get into the dark matter and the dark energy of the universe. We can talk about the ability of our emotions to govern our bodies, to govern our energy, to give us the motivation to do different things.

There’s all kinds of things in the world that are not necessarily stemming from the physical reality. Some people would say emotions stem from the physical reality, but the fact that so much of our world, so much of our conscious world is unseen and is not directly related to the physical experience I think is enough to start to open your mind hopefully to the idea that third dimensional reality well very important and well very essential to acknowledge and explore is not the limitation of reality.

If you’re someone who thinks delusion is someone who is interacting with an unseen aspect of reality, I’m sorry, but that’s a very limited viewpoint. If you’re someone who thinks that delusion is someone.. I mean you have to ask yourself, “What do you feel like the word delusion means?” If you call someone delusional, they are maybe believing in a reality that you don’t see or you don’t comprehend. When you start to break it down and you start to understand where the word delusional is used, it’s usually a value judgment.

When someone says that you’re delusional, they think that your ideas and your thoughts either A) don’t have value or B) are scary to them. They don’t understand them and so they’re afraid. They don’t want to know. They don’t have that experience of understanding what you’re talking about and so they shut down. They say that’s delusional. Sometimes people will have delusional beliefs that are about their own self right.

This is a tough thing to hear, this is a tough pill to swallow, but if you’re someone who is beautiful, everyone’s beautiful. You’re like, “I’m ugly. I’m terrible. I’m ugly. I have no value because my physical appearance is just ugly.” If you tell yourself that over and over again, that’s delusional because you’re beautiful. You’re a beautiful incarnation of energy into a physical form. When we say delusional, we have to understand what we’re talking about.

You can create that reality by speaking it. You know if you’re constantly like, “I’m ugly”, people around you that’s going to shift reality. People are going to be like, “Yeah, maybe you could be prettier.”  You’re going to attract lower vibrational people who reflect your reality to you. If you say, “I’m gorgeous, I’m beautiful, I’m a shining example of what it means to be a human embodied like a spirit embodied in a human body and this is amazing! I’m literally incarnated in a physical form, isn’t that incredible?! I can literally pick up energy condensed into objects and feel it and drink coffee and have it affect my overall physical body as beautiful. My experience is beautiful. My hands work. My feet work. My eyes see. It’s beautiful!” If you’re disabled in one of those ways, you have a lot of other ways that’s beautiful. It’s a unique incarnation.

When we’re talking about delusion, I find it very useful to understand that delusion is a value judgment based on someone else’s limited version of reality. The way that we in Unicult use the word delusional is more aligned with the idea of something that is harmful.

When I say someone is delusional, which I rarely say because we’re creating our own reality, but if I were to say that someone was delusional, it would be because they have a belief which is harmful to another person. This is one of my switched up words. This is a version of reality, this is a new definition that I’ve created. Delusion is a belief which is harmful. I encourage you to take on that definition as well.

When someone calls you delusional, you can ask, “Am I harming anyone?” Am I harming myself by thinking, “I’m so ugly”? Maybe that’s delusional. You can ask yourself, “Am I harming someone else because I think you know that I’m the best and everyone else sucks?” That’s delusional because you’re harming. You’re at the root of it is harm.

We have to think about our definition of delusion. What does it mean when we talk about it? From the book, the word delusion is a fear-based value judgment from one person to another. For example, if someone says I’m going to quit my job and follow my passion and trust that the universe will provide for me, another person is likely to say that’s delusional.

If you say, “You know what, I’m just going to trust the universe to provide for me. I’m going to quit my job!”, some people will say that’s delusional. What they mean is actually, “That’s scary to me and that’s unlikely”, but it’s not delusional because they believe that quitting your job is outside of what is possible. This is based on their own personal values and expectations of reality. They likely value stability and fitting in while they fear big risks. By saying that’s delusional to the first person, they are simply showing their own fears, values and judgments. 

The strangest thing about this value judgment is that plenty of people have quit their jobs, followed their passions and they’ve gotten by just fine, so it’s not delusional. It’s possible, right? maybe it’s unlikely or maybe this person thinks it’s unlikely but it’s not delusional because many people have done it before when we think with fear we do not see the potential that could exist for any individual or community our fear is a limitation another example is to imagine a strange person who believes they are going to change the world with a new idea that no one has ever heard of before they may walk around with their clothes messy or their hair standing up on end and everyone might whisper to one another that they’re delusional this reality is delusional that is of course until the dreamer creates what they have envisioned and then suddenly people all around them proclaim their greatness right.

so people cannot hold space for things that are outside of social convention because they are afraid once you create something solid and it gets accepted by social convention then all of a sudden people are like oh I always knew they were a genius I always knew this was the best idea they didn’t it’s really hard for people who are outside of social convention if you haven’t noticed we can support the people who have revolutionary changes to offer the world rather than shunning them by shunning them we make things.

so much harder for them to accomplish anything they must overcome every possible obstacle to prove society wrong imagine the innovation and advancement we could make by listening to people who don’t fit into degree programs don’t qualify for funding and don’t have issu or who have issues communicating in conventional ways just because someone doesn’t fit into the box the society creates and that society deems as acceptable does not discredit them as a human and it does not discredit them as having potentially revolutionary and beneficial ideas delusional as used by modern society doesn’t mean impossible it means the person saying it is scared or afraid.

so when we’re talking about delusion and I think this is something that we don’t cover in the book that I want to cover in our sermon is a lot of people talking about the idea that your own energy as a person your personal reality.

so if you’re if you follow Unicult you understand that our reality is broken down into several different aspects we have personal reality which is your own understanding of the world we have physical reality which is the physical reality that we all are subject to we have spiritual reality which is the spiritual reality that we all are subject to there are spiritual laws just as there are laws of physics and there is social reality.

so that’s the idea yes I did write this book social reality is the idea that all people or at least two or more people believing in something makes that reality true like money the idea of money is a social reality.

so when you think about all these different levels of reality which ones do society value society almost only validates social reality and physical reality the individual reality is forgotten and that actually is very dangerous because it makes us much more likely as a collective to be brainwashed think about the fact that if we look at the 60s and look at how all of the time spent that people have spent really learning about who they are and it’s none of that information is coming from within themselves think about your own journey of learning about who you are how did you find out I found out by reading magazines and reading books and listening to other people and only when that led me to an unsustainable super depressed path because no one can tell you who you are and I was trusting other people I was trusting society over what I knew to be true in my own heart.

so when we demonize when we devalue the individual’s own consciousness to determine who they are and what they should do in the world and we put on to them our own ideas from society we create a reality that sucks it’s limited and it’s depressing because we’re not allowing each individual to lead their own unique energy and this is something that is really important in unicol is talking about unique energy and talking about the unique incarnation that you have your superpower is your unique energy the fact that we are all born different is the best possible reality if that wasn’t true we would all be born the same we are all born different we all have different interpretations of reality we all have different understandings of the world instead of trying to get everyone to fit into a certain societal box and say you’re delusional get back in the box it’s a form of control calling people delusional is a form of control and when we’re talking now about mental illness right we have I think we have to take the same approach with mental illness as we took origin earlier in this sermon about talking about delusion with mental illness what does it mean to be ill what does it mean to be mentally ill I have bpdi borderline personality disorder that’s a that’s considered a personality disorder like I’m apparently my personality is like wrong right and.

so we have to think about it and we have to say what in the world are we doing with our words what are we doing with our social reality about labeling people if someone has schizophrenia and is able to communicate with interdimensional beings and we say you’re making it all up in your head where take this drug yourself get back in the box not to say that drugs can’t potentially help people they can give a lot of relief for people who are plagued by darker energies but the role I believe and this is up to you to decide in your own life like don’t take everything I’m saying and just be like oh I guess I need to do this think about it yourself and think about what you need to do the role for me in my life from my understanding of my experience the role for my experience with mental illness for my experience with my depression and with my borderline personality disorder was to understand how to heal and it was about healing.

I still have BPD. I still have very strange ways of approaching the world but it’s not it’s no longer disordered it’s just a part of who I am and I’m very healthy and I’m very happy.

so when we’re talking about it we have to say, “Does this cause harm?” “Unicole is weird. Unicole has weird ideas. Unicole is so far out.” A lot of people looked at me and one person said, “It seems like you’re just ‘off the wall comedy’ because they couldn’t comprehend what I’m talking about.” It just seems like the brain breaks when I can’t understand something and the reaction is just to laugh like I have no idea what’s going on here that’s okay if you’re at that point you don’t need to be cruel you don’t need to be mean but you can understand like wow this is something that I don’t understand that’s all right if someone seems like you don’t understand them and they’re beyond your comprehension that doesn’t mean they’re delusional it doesn’t mean they’re sick it doesn’t mean they’re ill it might just mean that they’re connecting to aspects of reality that you haven’t developed the sensitivities for.

If someone has schizophrenia it’s a very difficult illness schizophrenia is extremely difficult and what I believe schizophrenia is a super thin veil you can actually experience the spirit realm you can actually experience demons you can actually experience angels like you actually have a super thin veil and the role I believe of someone with schizophrenia is to figure out how to protect themselves from the lower energies and figure out how to, embrace the higher energies because maybe someone’s walking around all the time like I am connected to angels and I feel amazing and I just want to be a good kind person to everyone that’s really important it’s also about balance right I’ve known some people with schizophrenia who have completely lost themselves in their idea of a higher reality but then they’ve been really shitty to the people in their life like oh well I i’m connected to god and I’m god.

so you’re all my peons like nope that’s harmful you’re being harmful that’s actually not a good thing to do or be.

so we’re talking about delusional realities again I bring it back to is it harmful to the individual is it harmful to the people around them and if you have someone who has faced their mental illness who has faced their traumas who has learned how to protect themselves and set boundaries around themselves.

so that they are able to not be triggered for me it would be like I would get triggered emotionally and then I would be a terror right because my emotions would take over my reality I learned how to move beyond that through expo like through being exposed to like triggers like million times and like through fighting to stay conscious through them and to fighting to maintain and now I’m at a place where I can be triggered it still happens I get a trigger my emotions take over my body they take over my vision they take over my brain just shuts down and says they hate you die you know and I’m like okay and at this point I’m able to say that I’m having bpd brain I’m having a trigger and I take a moment to think about it and I take a moment to feel it and I do what I can to communicate in a loving manner I’m not going to undermine how much work it’s taken for me to get to that point but I am no longer ill do you understand like my mental illness is no longer ill it’s now an aspect of my reality that makes me strong that makes me unique that has made me into one of the most loving kind and patient people that I’ve ever seen because I faced it head on and I did everything I can to overcome it this person says don’t romanticize mental illness it’s not cute it’s how it’s it is cute it’s part of my cute personality it’s a bitch I’m not going to say it’s not a pitch like going through severe mental illness which I have is a bitch it’s not fun it’s not easy I don’t wish it on anyone but in facing it and in doing everything you can to heal it and that means community healing that means getting other people involved and helping you and that means having hope and that means working toward figuring out weights.

so that you are not harming people that’s how you heal mental illness how do you get to a point where you’re not harming yourself with your thoughts how do you get to a point where demons aren’t harming you how do you get to a point where your actions aren’t harming other people that’s how you heal mental illness and then what are you left with you’re left with an amazingly beautiful unique person who has undergone the fires of challenge and who has risen into a state of unconditional love and strength through facing these things that society doesn’t believe we can face your journey isn’t my journey I can only speak from my own experience I can only speak from my own life and my own understanding of reality if you have beliefs if you have a reality that says I’ll never better I’ve gotta medicate myself for life I can never overcome this I’m just somebody who harms people that’s fine that’s your reality I’m not here to tell you it’s wrong I’m here to tell you my experience was that I worked my ass off at being a good person because I have.

so much empathy that I feel when I hurt other people and it’s not cool I don’t like it and I was hurting a lot of people and I was hurting myself and I’m i don’t anymore I literally don’t obviously you run into things where you’ve got miscommunications and things but, for the most part I i think everyone in my life is just absolutely over the moon to have me in their life just.

so happy like I get text messages from all my family i’m.

so happy you’re in my life.

so I believe that’s possible for everyone I do and if you don’t believe it’s possible for you don’t need to this is you I’m just a crazy person on the internet turn it off go somewhere else I do think it’s a huge thing, community healing is really important to emphasize because when we talk about healing things like such.

so severe as mental illness this is not an individual thing you can heal I i could not have healed my experience without having support like unconditional love and support and patience from people like the dealing with me while I was on that journey was horrible and was not easy and every single person I was close to you know from the time that I was a teenager until you know until recent relatively recently like a few years ago, was a freaking nightmare for them too and all of the patience and love and support that each of those people gave me was not for nothing you know and I don’t I’m not saying if you’re in a relationship with someone who’s like mistreating you and they’re on their healing journey or they’re not, don’t be afraid to set your boundaries you know and a lot of people in my life have set their boundaries and it hurt me but also that was good because they needed to do that don’t be afraid to set your boundaries but do help out when you can and that help out helping out is validating people’s reality there are aspects.

so let’s talk about I i want to keep talking about the ways that people can be delusional because I have experiences in my consciousness which could be determined delusional right like we can talk about my dream experience with elon musk right like I had these I literally had this series of dreams over the course of a year and a half where I was dreaming about elon musk like the billionaire like the world’s fourth richest person in the world and we had a relationship.

so first of all they were dreams okay like I wasn’t you know how do you do I control all my dreams no second of all was I influencing those dreams from my own conscious state yeah I’m not going to say like whoops how did this happen like I definitely sought this out.

so I have to enter this territory from an aware perspective when I’m dreaming about someone and you know what being in the public spotlight really helps with this because I get emails sometimes of people being like oh wow last night was.

so amazing thanks for sharing that dream experience with me and it’s like kind of like weird and sexual and like creepy I’m like I don’t know you I didn’t have a conscious dream with you know and it’s like it can be pretty off-putting to have a stranger talking about an intimate experience that they shared with you and they think you’re conscious of.

so that really helps me as a quote unquote delusional person ground a little bit and be like okay.

so not all dream experiences not all conscious dream experiences are shared and I had to take a bigger picture of it and say okay here’s the reality, I don’t know this person doesn’t know me and I’m having an experience in the dream realm which is more than anything else a reflection of my own consciousness right this is like what I have experienced is maybe a projection it like and this is where it’s like when you have these delusional experiences right when you have these experiences which are not provable like I’m not going to be I can’t just like text elon and be like hey did you have a dream about me last night you know like that’s not in my reality because it’s probably not happening.

so what I can do is I can say okay.

so this is my experience first of all validated yes this is my experience this is absolutely my experience like I had this series of dreams that’s true I also have my own thoughts about elon I have my own understanding of him I think of him as a certain way of being but I also think that is probably predicated on my own interpretation of reality and I don’t actually know him as a person okay.

so I can look at it like that and I can have that grounded approach I’m creating this he doesn’t validate it ground yourself in that first okay then from there you can start to think what could be possible I could be connecting to his higher self I could be having conscious dreams with him but you know remember stay grounded that’s probably not true and you know and then I the thing is sometimes my brain will have even more dramatic ideas that I feel are real and I can’t necessarily prove it for instance I had these experiences a couple years ago where I felt like the cia was using telepathy technology on me right I felt like I was having telepathic experiences with the cia and I was like that’s really weird and I didn’t like that experience because I was like that makes me feel crazy is that delusional I don’t know would the cia ever admit doing that no.

so I’m stuck I’m in a place where I have to say okay ground yourself maybe that’s just your own conscious understanding of the world maybe I just like on some level of me wishes that the cia would want to test telepathy technology on me and that’s like part of my like fun experience of my conscious life what could potentially be happening well maybe there is a telepathy technology there’s a lot of amazing technologies out there that we don’t have access to, would they be testing it on me maybe how do I ground myself in this how do I protect myself how do I make sure that I’m not harming myself with my beliefs how can my beliefs lead to a greater sense of protection and safety.

so I’m somebody who has an expansive consciousness I’m somebody who is inclined to believe a lot and the reason why that’s a good thing is because as you expand your consciousness we actually change reality if you are someone who says you can’t quit your job and follow your dreams you have to work all the time guess what you’re going to do you’re going to work all the time and you’re never going to take a risk if you’re somebody who says I believe you can you expand your consciousness beyond that limitation and you say I believe I can go live my dreams and I believe I can figure it out guess what you’re going to do you’re going to go do that.

so when you expand your consciousness you change reality you change the potential you change what’s what could potentially be happening in the world when you look at people who change the world is because they believe that they can they have the knowledge inside of them that they believe I can do this and they go and they do it and maybe they still you know they get knocked down and they get up again but that belief is what drives them forward.

so that’s true in these interdimensional realms as well again the universe is not physical it’s only partly physical and it’s conscious look at your own life your body is a physical entity how much of your experience how much of your experience of life is physical the rest is your relationships your emotions your thoughts your ideas all these un physical non-physical realities.

so we can take ourselves as a microcosm we can look at ourselves as an example of the universe experiencing itself and we can see that the universe is just like that there’s a lot of non-physical experiences in the universe and there’s only a small example of physicality.

so when we expand our consciousness to understand these things and we expand our consciousness to feel and believe that the universe is unlimited and that we could potentially be tapping into conscious realms we expand our consciousness we actually start developing, third eye visions we actually start developing clear audience we actually start developing clairvoyance we actually start developing real telepathy and these things are validated as you go down this journey it’s not delusional it’s actually you can validate it but it requires staying grounded and it requires a dual approach of being grounded and of expanding your consciousness and remember that if it’s harmful if it’s harming you that you should set up protection and adam brings up a great point thank you adam it’s good to acknowledge that though it may have not been done to you the fact that you perceived it could lead you to understanding things.

so when some when you experience something right like let’s say you’re in a room and you mishear your partner and your partner you miss your partner and says, I hate you and you’re like wow that’s rude and then you go about your whole day feeling like because you thought that they said that they hate you and then you find out later that they didn’t say that you know maybe you had a video and they actually said, I love your experience was still real to you right it might not have been real to him or your partner it might not have been real to physical reality the camera that recorded it but your experience triggered an emotional reaction and an internal experience.

so even if something is delusional even if something doesn’t delusional in the sense that it doesn’t match up with other people’s experiences you know maybe you’re you feel like you’re connecting to drew barrymore and you feel like you’re having telepathy with drew barrymore maybe there’s a demon that’s pretending to be drew barrymore that could be real too.

so maybe you’re actually connecting with an energy that isn’t actually that energy but it doesn’t change your experience and the feelings that you have from that experience.

so when we’re approaching people who are like what we consider highly delusional people like who have schizophrenia right from our societal standpoint we have to first validate their experiences wow it must be really scary to have voices in your head it must be really scary to be interacting with all these energies it must be really scary to have no one believe you because that’s their reality it may be delusional to you but it’s their reality okay I think that’s it, how do you make it feel safe to be experimented on by the government I feel protected I feel powerful I feel, unafraid personally, I i’m I tried to kill myself.

so I’m not afraid of death and I know that whatever they do to me only hurts themselves if they’re trying to hurt me, I also I mean these are all beliefs that I have around this to feel safe feeling like the government is experimenting on me right maybe they’re true maybe they’re not but they make me feel good it’s part of my reality I believe that in their experimentations my telepathic powers have actually only gotten stronger.

so I believe that it benefited me and I also believe that any government agent who is tasked with spying on me is benefited right like they become enlightened because if you pay attention to me for long enough I’m channeling truth I’m channeling authenticity if you pay attention to me for long enough, you become enlightened.

so even the most like decrepit nsa agents, if they spend enough time watching my content they will inevitably wake up.

so those are my beliefs that help me deal with that reality right like that reality that’s in my head maybe it’s not true maybe the government doesn’t give about me who knows I can’t prove it I can’t disprove it but I’ve worked hard to create a reality and understanding a version of reality where I don’t feel afraid and it doesn’t negatively affect me I just laugh I say okay enjoy the show good luck extending love and light ooh the movie was about I’m culture that’s scary okay sending love Unibless I will see you next week let’s do a closing prayer I was ready to do this spirit of uni we call you into this chat today to bless everybody with the, I don’t know why the volume is low on the ipad we call you into this chat room to bless all the people, who are watching we hope we pray for all the people to be grounded in their experiences of the world and we send love to all the people who have different experiences of the world than we have and we worked we prayed to open up our minds and our understanding and our love for, unconditional love for all people and for all the value and unique energy that they bring to us and to the world. Unibless you!