Is UNICULT really a cult?
Yes. UNICULT has a solid ideology, devoted followers, and a connection to the divine.

Aren’t cults bad?

The definition of “cult” is:

  • a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
  • a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

Some cults are bad while others are good. Popular culture is a cult and so is Christianity. It’s up to you to decide what is good or bad for you.

Why is it called a cult? Isn’t calling it that just making things harder?
Calling UNICULT a cult causes people to enter into deeper thought, which is the opposite of brainwashing. This is a purposeful choice and was not done without deeper consideration.

Why does it cost money to join UNICULT?
Almost all UNICULT content is free and open to the public. For higher-level, personalized content, and for access to our community, you can officially join UNICULT, which costs $11. We do not make a profit from UNICULT membership fees. Each level is an exchange of higher knowledge and nicer tangible good to reflect your spiritual journey in the physical realm.

What are the main principles of UNICULT?
UNICULT teaches that we are ALL ONE and that everyone can be happy and harmonious in a Unitopian paradise. Just like any religion, UNICULT cannot be summed up accurately in a few sentences. If you would like to understand the principles of UNICULT, please read Fundamentals of UNICULT by Unicole Unicron (released 2018).

If I already identify with another religion, can I still be in UNICULT?
UNICULT does not prohibit the practice of any other religion. Each of our members have their own connection to divinity and to their spiritual practices. Some come from UNICULT, some come from other religions, and some come from their own true heart. We encourage all people to explore whatever religious expression causes them to feel the most divine.

Does following UNICULT make one a satanist or is it a form of satanism?
No, following UNICULT makes you a UNICULTist. We accept and embrace people of all diversity.

If everyone can believe what they want to believe, why even have a cult?

UNICULT has a structure and ideological framework that is designed to benefit people but there is no single solution for every person’s enlightenment. The ideology exists for some as the total of their spiritual expression, and for others as a starting point for people to explore deeper concepts and their own connection with something higher. Like other religions, UNICULT has an amazing community where members grow through their interactions with each other.

What do members do?
Members work on their internal state to make it as harmonious as possible. They also work diligently to create the best reality possible for them. Members can either work in a solitary way or participate in the community of UNICULT, which is primarily online.

What do you have to do to get in?
ALL are welcome in UNICULT. The application process involves $11, a 4 page questionnaire, a digital form, some helpful training, and processing time. If you meet those requirements, you then are a lifetime member of UNICULT!

Do you sacrifice anything?
The only rule in UNICULT is to not harm anyone/anything including ourselves. We never harm but members do often find that they benefit from sacrificing, or letting go of old beliefs, habits, behaviors, judgments, and ideas that do not serve them.

Do you worship unicorns?
No. Unicorns are used to convey the level of divinity and purity that we are each capable of but they are not required to be worshipped. UNICULT ideology includes the worship of the Spirit of Uni- that which connects all dimensions. Ultimately, each member chooses what they would like to worship.

Is UNICULT about worshiping Unicole Unicron?
No. The prefix UNI references the nature of ALL ONE, not unicorns or Unicole Unicron. Unicole Unicron is a celebrity. Each member chooses what they would like to worship.

Was Unicole Unicron on TV?
Yes, Unicole has been featured on many news stories and documentaries including MTV’s True Life (I’m Starting My Own Religion) and Vice (Finding Salvation with an Online Cult).

Do you have orgies?
Members are encouraged to have whatever consensual experiences they would like to have but there are no orgies officially organized by UNICULT.

Do you really brainwash people?


Is UNICULT against people taking pharmaceutical medications?
Not at all. Unicole Unicron had the experience of being over-medicated and does not need medication, but the unique decision to take medication or not is up to each person. UNICULT teaches to do what is right for you.

Does UNICULT target mentally ill people?
No. ALL are welcome in UNICULT. We are a diverse community and welcome all types of people.

Does ALL ONE mean evil people are good?
ALL ONE means that every person deserves love. In UNICULT we have a rule, “do no harm to anyone, including yourself.” This means, that while we accept and unconditionally love each person, we also have boundaries to protect ourselves and our community. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other harmful behaviors.

I don’t live in the US can I join Unicult?
Yes. UNICULT is open to ALL. Membership is through the mail and most of the activities are online rather than in-person to make it accessible to the most people possible.

Is Unicole really a starseed ?
Yes, Unicole is an Arcturian/Andromedan starseed.

I think I might be a starseed/indigo/rainbow child. What should I do?
Congratulations. Being a starseed/indigo/rainbow child is a wonderful journey. You can start researching different alien groups on YouTube, doing meditations to open your third eye, and take Unicole’s Telepathy Training class. When you are ready to join a space-focused, welcoming community, join UNICULT!

I keep hearing different things about UNICULT. I thought it was just a religion so why is there a fashion line, a children’s media platform, UNICULT Supply Co the store, etc?
UNICULT is a platform to spread JOY. Many sectors of industry will be affected by UNICULT ventures. To learn more, study our logo.

Each of the rainbow colors represent an individual UNICULT venture.

3V3 – pronounced “Eve” is a sect of UNICULT dedicated to bringing about matriarchal change in individuals and industry. Comprised of women and non-binary individuals, 3V3 utilizes both technology and magic to promote values of equality for all, empowerment, nurturing acceptance, and life-sparking change. One of the central tenets of 3V3 is that the divine feminine belongs at the forefront of AI development given its role to bring in and nurture new life.

UNISCIENCE – Scientific focus dedicated to research and exploration within and beyond the physical realm.

UNIKIDS – A multi-layer initiative to entertain, educate, and empower the children of Earth. It includes media, an interactive platform, and a new, innovative educational method.

UNIACRES – Sustainable living and community organization for the most effective creation and distribution of resources.

UNICULT BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (UBE) – Business organization and legal department.

UNIDATA – Data collection for the benefit of the end user by gathering and organizing mass amounts of biometric, location-based, situational, and thought/mood-based data. A series of relevant apps and services.

UNICULTISM – The religion of UNICULT

UN1FORM – Restructuring global fashion through sustainable technologies.

The eye of UNICULT is for the media ventures that we undertake. All media must benefit the end user.

The horn represents the steps on the Path to JOY.