Today we’re talking about how to harm none. This is a tough one because as you may notice, existing on earth is a form of harm. It’s to eat. It is to kill, usually. To walk on the grass. This is how I felt when I was depressed. I felt the pain of existence. I felt like everything I did was just going to hurt somebody else. I didn’t feel like anything that I did was actually going to benefit anyone else.

As always, from my perspective coming from this very dramatic paradigm of being completely distraught, completely depressed, just absolutely dejected about life and figuring out how to be stable, how to be healthy, this is where unicult principles developed. If you feel any semblance of these emotions of feeling guilty for existing, feeling guilty for surviving, this sermon will really be helping you. Even if not, if you’re just a regular person and you want to figure out how to be a better person, how to harm less people, how to do less harm, this is the sermon for you.

When we say harm none, if you’re a cynic or you’re depressed or you have any kind of negative cynical viewpoint, that might sound like gobbledygook. It might sound like some kind of fantasy reality. In Buddhism, they say life is suffering. We have all these ideas that existence is pain and to live is to die. We have all these toxic ways of viewing the world. For some people, maybe they’re not toxic. For some people it’s a balanced way of thinking about things. For me, it’s not. For me, that takes my energy and it brings it down. I don’t feel joyous, I don’t feel excited about living. If I can feel that there’s potential for me in the future to live in a way that causes no harm, that only causes benefit, that’s what gives me joy, that’s what inspires me, that’s what fills my body up with energy, that’s what makes me want to go on. That’s what I desire.

From the place of analyzing your own internal emotional response about the world and figuring out what is the belief that makes me feel hope. What is the belief that makes me feel inspired? What is the belief that makes me feel full of life? What is the belief that I can work toward to make my life better and more enriching? If you’re going to just believe, “Oh, we should be not harming anybody, but I’m a terrible person and I’m harming everybody”, that’s not going to help you. It’s going to make you feel even worse, so figure out how you’re relating to these concepts as well as believing in your ability to work toward that energy of not harming anybody. Figure out your ability of how to move into a state of higher awareness so that you are radiating positivity in the sense that you are affecting all things in your life positively.

The way that I think is the best way to start talking about harming no one is to start with the self. Your own consciousness is your domain. Your own consciousness is your god-given right for control. You have the ability to interact with your own consciousness that no one else has. When we’re talking about harming none we start with the self we say begin within we start with your own consciousness are you harming yourself you can’t just go out in the world and harm yourself and expect never to cause harm to other people there’s a lot of beliefs on this planet that think that’s how to do things they think well if I suffer if i’m poor if I don’t desire anything and I just am downtrodden then you know maybe I can devote myself to helping others there’s a really strong perception of that I think there’s a lot of that in christian and christian values and I think especially uh in the gendered world of being a like a christian woman when I was, like in middle school I was really into christianity and I was really into this idea of you know forgiveness and unconditional love and I love that god represented that and I was a little confused about all like the i’m a jealous god and you know bringing plagues on people that didn’t really seem unconditionally loving but the idea that god was unconditionally loving and that we should be unconditionally loving as well really was very inspiring to me but I had an abusive parent and

so I kept forgiving them and they kept being worse to me and the more I let them get away with pretty much the more they were worse to me

so I was like this is not a good way to because you’re just you vote you become a doormat you become somebody who other people walk over and it will completely disintegrate yourself into misery into nothingness and you’re not doing good for people if you let other people treat you badly or abuse you’re not helping them because all they’re doing is knowing oh I can continue abusing this person and you’re actually helping create more cycles of abuse

so unconditional love isn’t about sacrificing the self for others it can never be that because you are only as joyous you are only radiating the light that yourself can cultivate inside of yourself

so unconditional love is about finding your own joy finding your own self love and loving yourself enough to set boundaries for abuse loving yourself enough to protect yourself like you would protect someone else finding a path of harming no one starts with figuring out how to protect the self we have a lot of concepts of selfishness being a negative attribute and we have no way to distinguish between the selfishness of self-preservation and of creating a more joyous reality

so that can radiate out to others and the selfishness of trying to get what you can from other people and hurting other people as you try to build yourself up we don’t have any conception of those two things but in unicult we are here to understand the distinctions the nuance understandings that to be selfish is not all one thing to stand up for yourself and to have radical self love and to be selfish to the point that to be selfish in vain to the point that you care about yourself enough to not allow other people to treat you badly to glorify your own energy your own divinity to the point that you know that you can do what causes you to be happy is a different type of selfishness is a good type of selfishness compared to the selfishness of i’m miserable

so i’m going to make you miserable and i’m going to connive and steal and try to trick you

so that I can get ahead and I guess the difference is a little bit material or egoic if you’re trying to get attention or you’re trying to get material things or you’re trying to get things that make you think you should feel better about yourself or make you present better in the world that’s not and you’re hurting other people to do that’s not a good kind of selfishness but if you’re simply setting boundaries and feeling into your own energy

so that you can actually develop your spiritual understanding of who you are

so you can actually radiate out a higher divinity and more kindness and more patience then that is the type of selfishness that is good to follow because we don’t have this distinction a lot of times people don’t feel right about putting this energy into themselves they don’t feel right about standing up for themselves they don’t feel right about saying what they really need but I promise you if you want to follow a path of harming no one and this is like especially a lesson for empathic people who have just taken abuse their whole life because they felt like that was what people wanted this is your lesson you have to take care of yourself first and foremost your own consciousness is your responsibility it is your responsibility to rise up and protect yourself that is your domain that is your responsibility that is your power that is your right

so when we talk about harming no one it can get a little bit murky it can get a little bit confusing let’s say that you’re, you’re a gay teenager and your parents you know they’re going to be just totally hurt by this fact and they’re going to say oh my god you’re going to hell we can never talk to you again we’re kicking you out we don’t want anything to do you know they’re going to disown you and you know they’re going to be crying every day because of it and just totally distraught most people their initial thought is wow I don’t want to cause the harm to my parents

so i’ll repress my true self and i’ll try to be what they want me to because I want to be a good person I don’t want to harm anybody but you’re not following this rule that you have to start within yourself you will absolutely never find joy by repressing your authentic self it you will it is not the road that road does not lead to joy repression never leads to joy it leads to illness it leads to anger it leads to sickness it leads to depression it leads to internal nightmares if you meditate and you figure out who you really are you say wow i’m pretty sure i’m a gay teenager i’ve known for a while I know my parents are going to be distraught first of all you know take care of yourself if there’s a balance here you know these things are more complicated if there’s a balance and you’re like well I need to take care of myself in a sense I don’t want to be homeless then maybe you figure out how to navigate the situation with your parents well maybe not being authentic and it’s hard when you’re a teenager but as soon as you can feel safe to be your authentic self you cannot worry about other people’s judgmental reaction to that other people will always respond to you with fear and pain the fear and pain of judgment are not yours to carry as someone who’s living in their truth who’s doing what is right for them if you’re hurting other people by being your true self in the sense that they are triggered they are hurt because they think you should be something you’re not that’s not the type of harm that you need to try to avoid causing because that is truth you’re being your true self and they have to face a part of themselves which they don’t like this is hard to communicate these are hard concepts to communicate when you come from a place of love when you come from a place of health which is non-repression which is empathy and caring about other people and caring about yourself and trying to understand who you are and how you fit into that and you understand the law of all one then you can be more confident that when you cause other people to have meltdowns that’s their own meltdown i’m not saying that you say this is the question people love to ask oh

so I found out that my true self loves to murder people my true self is a serial killer

so I shouldn’t worry about hurting other people because i’m going to go around killing people no physical harm and taking someone else’s ability to restricting someone else is not all one restricting someone else by hurting them restricting someone else by killing them restricting somebody else by manipulating them if you’re actually purposefully harming other people that’s not divinity what other people might say is harm might not actually be your ability to control because you are just going to be living in your life

so the law of all one is the understanding that whatever you do to your in your own reality whatever you do to others you’re having done to yourself instantly there is instant karma involved if you lie to someone you there is a twisted hurt in your heart as you do it you might not feel it because you might be numb to it but I guarantee everyone has a compass inside of them and maybe you know psychopaths don’t I don’t know and that’s a different topic if you really don’t have this feeling but when you’re coming at most people the average person has a visceral physical negative detrimental unhealthy feeling when they do something that they know is going to purposefully harm another person

so if you are living in your truth and you say i’m a religious leader i’m from space you know my the way that I live my life is to be radically authentic with who I am I have a very hard time repressing myself and when I do I feel sick and bad and I actually end up causing more harm in my life whereas if i’m aligned with who I truly am and I focus on helping myself my own energy radiate the stronger and the brighter my energy can radiate the less often things rock me or affect me because I know that I live in a state of love and I can see everyone else for where they’re at and I care I listen to other people and where they’re at and I use it to constantly improve myself I trust that i’m a good person and I trust that what i’m doing is helping the world i’m not saying I never make mistakes i’m not saying there aren’t things I don’t overlook sometimes I do and it’s about constantly aligning with this energy there’s no instant fix you can’t just instantly be some kind of a saint and never harm another person never harm another creature again but you can constantly align yourself with who you really are with the compass of your heart which tells you what’s right and what’s wrong to do what’s detrimental and what’s beneficial to you and others these things are inextricably linked when you do something that’s truly good for you it is also truly good for the world that’s just truth if you do something that’s harmful to the world it also harms you we are inextricably linked in this way if you are for instance me walking around triggering people left and right with who you are because you’re radical you’re just radical for who you are if you’re not trying to harm other people and it’s only a conceptual meltdown that people are having then I think you’re good because what you’re doing is you’re in you’re encouraging other people to live and face authenticity for

so long the people on this planet have repressed themselves have made themselves into boxes

so that everyone else can feel safe not being surprised by anyone’s true self and having the predictability of conformity but that actually is harmful it’s harmful to the individual and it’s harmful to the collective it doesn’t allow for the greatest amount of growth or the greatest amount of radiance to flow through the individual or through the collective

so as you go through life being your authentic self letting your truth radiate you will trigger other people who are used to conformity you will trigger other people who are afraid to acknowledge their own repression who don’t want to look at where they have been tricked or manipulated or brainwashed into acting in a box to conforming to a social standard that they don’t thrive in people don’t like change people don’t like being brave people just want to go about their lives and not think and not worry my role here is to shock people out of that and a lot of people think that i’m they feel hurt by my existence because they don’t want to look at who they are or why they’re doing what they’re doing and to disintegrate your entire reality is very painful and they blame me for that but I don’t take that personally because i’m not trying to harm anybody i’m just living in my light living in my truth and sharing what I know to people who want to hear it i’m not forcing anybody to listen to me i’m not having unicult conversion camps or anything like that i’m just living in my truth and offering assistance to people who want it

so when you think about your own life and you think about harming no one you have to start with yourself you have to look into your own consciousness your own reality and say where am I hurting myself where am I hurting myself by repressing myself where am I hurting myself by not having boundaries where am I hurting myself by not protecting myself when it’s my responsibility to protect myself to set these boundaries and to be a sovereign being who’s not reliant or dependent on other people’s judgments or conceptions of me if you find that you are not truly in alignment with your heart and you have been acting out of fear instead of pain i’m sorry fear or pain instead of love it can take humility and strength to admit it

sometimes we do cause harm and I think it’s important to address what do you do when you cause harm what do you do when you were purposefully manipulative you lied or you hurt somebody because you were being chaotic in your own life or you were in a lot of pain and you weren’t under you weren’t empathizing with other people you didn’t have the space to empathize with other people you were just experiencing a nightmare and you had to respond in the only way you knew how what do you have to rise up to that challenge apologize if necessary forgive yourself and do what you can to replace the fear and pain with confidence and self-love you have to take every opportunity you can that means all conflict is an opportunity every opportunity you can to recognize where you can learn grow and do better in the future also if you have caused pain what does it help if you cycle on that pain oh no this is what happened to me when I was depressed oh no I caused this pain I feel bad about causing that pain I don’t want to live anymore I don’t want to cause pain anymore what do I caused the pain and it’s just this cycle this tornado of I have to stop causing the pain I don’t know how to stop causing the pain i’m in pain they’re in pain everyone’s in pain and then the more you get into that frenzy the more you cause pain and

so if you’re trapped in that what do you feel for me I said ah I need to get out of here I need to eliminate the thing that is causing the pain which interpreted to be myself and I tried to kill myself because I didn’t want to cause any more pain I didn’t know how to stop the cycle of pain from happening inside my body outside my body inside my body outside my body it was a reverberation a double mirror of pain if you’re in that space the only thing you can do is to say i’m not going to worry about anything else i’m only going to worry about the pain inside myself and i’m going to figure out how to heal it and you can use other things that are outside of yourself to help you heal that pain you can take workshops or classes or therapy find friends believing in hope that you can ascend the double mirror of pain reality and understanding that you can transform your life into one that is a radiant state of not really harming other people of actually reducing the harm that you’re doing in the world even if you’re coming from a purely compassionate state for other people you have to be selfish and you have to care about yourself first because the pain inside your body radiates out and causes pain in the world

so by addressing your own pain by feeling it by acknowledging it by knowing that it’s valid by doing the shadow work by doing the healing I mean that’s a whole other topic how do you work out work through that but your focus has to start there in order for you to rise up into a higher way of being which then is in a place where you actually have support to offer my life is here as an example for you of this to be true when I was in this depressed state I didn’t think it was possible for someone to live in a way that wasn’t causing harm my paradigm was that everything caused harm capitalism causes harm eating causes harm buying things causes harm everything causes harm is how I felt and in a way it’s true because the way that our whole the way that this whole planet is structured is out of alignment but I believe that as we each align ourselves with our own divinity figuring out how to raise our own vibrations that the planet will follow because we’re inextricably linked

so as each person figures out how to at least start within themselves and their communities and their families and be a good responsible kind loving unconditionally loving person for themselves and for the people in their life that will shift the energy of the planet to the point where we no longer tolerate eating meat we no longer tolerate capitalism in the way that it is unsustainable we no longer tolerate mining or sweatshops or any of these things which cause harm which cause great amounts of harm we’re starting to see an awakening happen on all of these fronts

so as you become more aware of the harms that are happening in the world don’t feel overwhelmed just feel into yourself and say where what can I do how can I not cause the most harm that I can cause one of the things that I think is really important to acknowledge is taking this to a certain point let’s say that you start worrying okay I don’t want wanna cause any harm in the world I don’t wanna harm anybody

so i’m not going to, i’m not going to use any plastics i’m not going to eat any animal products i’m not going to use a phone because of the mining, i’m only going to eat organic and i’m you know and you just have all these things and then all of a sudden you’re

so overwhelmed with every single decision that you’re in pain what have you done you’ve caused the harm to yourself

so you have to keep an awareness of yourself first and foremost if you need to use plastic one time but generally you avoid it if you need to whatever you have to figure out a way to adapt your lifestyle

so that you allow yourself to exist in this toxic system while at the same time doing what you can to minimize the harm that you’re causing in a way that makes you feel good if you’re minimizing harm in a certain way a lot of times vegans fall into this because it’s such an obvious dietary choice that everyone should be making and when you see other people eating meat it’s obviously terrible because you care about animals and you want animals to be safe a lot of vegans fall into this trap where they start yelling at and abusing the humans in order to protect the animals that’s not how it works because you’re causing harm to the humans in order to protect the animals but it doesn’t usually even end up working it just creates a divide

so when you’re coming from a moral high ground when you’re coming from a place of having made a decision yourself and wanting others to see the benefits of that decision you have to just lead with inspiration you have to lead with light

so that you can help not cause harm if you can figure out how to eliminate harm from the entire chain of reality you’re going to be doing more work for the higher vibrational reality more work for the alignment than anything else and I don’t just mean being a nice person to everybody and not talking about the truth because that harms you if you repress yourself if you oppress the truth of your oppress your feelings you’re harming yourself

There’s a lot to think about, but it’s actually quite easy once you realize that you have to worry about your own energy first and foremost and it’s okay if that’s all you can do from there try to eliminate the harm and the fear and the pain that you’re experiencing and causing in the world and do what you can to lead with wisdom light unconditional love and understanding and it’s okay if you educate people but you just have to do so from a place of trying to and trying to hold space for other people’s realities and trying to do the least amount of harm as possible it doesn’t mean you can’t shock people I shock people all the time taking accountability for things that you’ve done or for how other people interpret you or for trying to build a bridge between someone else even if you know that they’re just responding in a way of judgment or fear or pain to you just living in your truth it’s still good to come from a place of empathy because you might be able to build a bridge to harmony and the more you can harmonize yourself your own energy first harmony the more you can harmonize your own energy first and then harmonize your relationships with others and your communication with others the least harm you will do because and harm doesn’t mean you don’t experience conflict happens but harmony through conflict is the highest path let me see if I missed anything in this book holds any extra wisdom explanations of your personal reality can create a greater understanding between you and the people around you it is a very harmonious action if done well still your own well-being can be your first priority

You might be able to explain to your parents hey this is my experience I care about you I don’t know what I can do instead of just being like fuck you mom and dad i’m gay as fuck look at me i’m in a gay porn you know that might be quite shocking to them i’m not sure if that’s the most harmonious thing to do the more energy you send into pure love for yourself and your surroundings the more harmony you will exude

so that’s how to harm no one, start with yourself.