The Importance of Spirituality

Spirituality and reality are inextricably tied. Spirituality is an important part of  ideology, that is, how one interprets the world. Our ideology shapes our reality almost exclusively.

Every person has a spiritual side to them.  Even in denying the spiritual aspect of our hearts, we are still acknowledging it. Even athiesm and nihilism are spiritual systems, though they are not generally beneficial to the end user and therefore, not recommended by Unicultism.

That being said, any belief system and any spiritual framework that benefits the end user is recommended. This can be a preestablished belief system or something completely made up. Each end user’s spiritual expression will inevitably be unique. Even a married couple who believe in the same religion will have different spiritual viewpoints. That is how it is meant to be. Your unique heart is your greatest contribution to this world.

Spirituality is the essence of life. It is a framework for the truth of your heart. It is your filter for the magic of the unknown. It involves:

  • Rituals
  • Belief in Something Higher
  • A Paradigm of Solutions
  • A Moral Framework

Whatever frame you have for these spiritual components is up to you. You make them up. This is simply the framework that you can develop. Your spirituality, like your reality should be created from scratch to benefit you completely. You should believe whatever you like no matter what that is, so long as is benefits you and harms none. If it is truly benefitting you, it will benefit others. None can thrive while others suffer, so if you are inducing suffering  upon others with your belief system, you are inducing suffering within yourself. Additionally, if you are inducing suffering within yourself, you are inducing suffering in others. Like your reality, your creation of your spirituality should fulfill whatever whims you deem healthy and this health should extend into the health of ALL.

There is nothing to be gained in greed or manipulation over other beings. The true wealth of experience comes from Creation. If you have a creative spirit and you absorb your energy and abundance from the universe and from the Earth, you will create a beautiful world for yourself and others.

How Can Belief Benefit Me?

Whatever you believe becomes your reality. You can take the negative aspects of your life and turn your attention away from them. You can then believe whatever the hell you want, as long as you think it will benefit you.

We police ourselves too much. We disallow ourselves from imagining the best possible situation. But when we free ourselves of false restrictions, spiritually, and otherwise, we fulfill ourselves in ways we never thought possible.