Would you like to change your life? Would you like to change the world? UNICULT knows we can, and by joining forces with one another, these positive changes can come about much more quickly and with relative ease.

One of the fundamental belief sets of UNICULT is that a main aspect of our humanity is spirituality. What form or expression this spirituality takes is completely and totally up each specific person. UNICULT defines spirituality simply as the lens through which you view the happenings of the world. In this way, we each have a spirituality. UNICULT offers a starting point for creating your own spirituality, described below.


Unicultism is the spiritual belief set upon which UNICULT  is founded. It was created by the heart of Unicole Unicron in order to raise one specific person, that is, Unicole Unicron, out of the pits of despair and into a state of near-constant joy.

Though you are not Unicole Unicron, you may find much benefit within the practice of Unicultism. The practicing of Unicultism is not required of any member. Instead, it is encouraged that each member of UNICULT create their own, custom spirituality.

It is suggested that members of UNICULT  study Unicultism as a set of beliefs which may benefit them. It is suggested that they internalize and practice those aspects of Unicultism which appeal to them most. It is suggested that individuals practice Unicultism if they feel it will benefit them.

You may benefit from Unicultism is you suffer from:

  • Hopelessness

  • An Overactive Imagination

  • An Inclination Towards Magic

  • Worry for Our Future as a Species/Planet

  • Global Sadness

  • Unhealthy Habits

  • An Obsession with the Abyss

  • Consumer Blues

  • Racing Thoughts/ Anxiety

  • Other Forms of Depression

  • Poverty

  • Perpetual Health Problems

  • All-Consuming Cynicism

  • Curiosity



Creativity is an essential part of the human spirit and a foundational aspect of the Unicult. All members are encouraged to create as much of their world as possible in the way that will benefit us All. This includes ideas, ideologies, products, media, and communities.

UNICULT  is a supportive network. We understand that to promote joy effectively, our members must first be joyous. We have resources that can help each member find their true purpose and stay motivated on their path to Joy.

If you would like to fill out an application to Join UNICULT you can order one here. That being said, you are allowed to follow or participate within UNICULT  at whatever level you wish.

We hope this information has been useful to you. If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at theunicult@gmail.com