Today we’re gonna be talking about joy. This is from the second chapter of Fundamentals of Unicult. It’s a very short chapter, which is funny considering the importance of the role that joy plays in our lives as Unicultists.

I think I’ll just read this short chapter since it’s less than a page long and then we’ll talk it okay thank you all for joining it’s it’s my honor I would be very bored if if none of you were here and I would still be doing this I can’t stop but it doesn’t mean the world to me that you’re all here praying for the better world and understanding what we’re all trying to do here in Unicult and lifting your voices and I’m using your hands to work toward a better world. 

Obviously the world right now is in very much need of joy and Unicult really does have the answers. That’s why I’m here on this planet.

What is Joy?

When asked what Unicult is, many members will respond with “Unicult is a collaborative effort dedicated to the promotion of joy.” Joy is simple. It’s the opposite of wanting to die. It’s experiencing the fullness of life. It’s getting lost in moments of experience. In Unicult, we define joy as any authentic emotion.

How does joy mean “any authentic emotion?” All emotion can be beneficial if properly understood and addressed. Depending on where you’re at on the path to joy, joy can look differently if you are just coming out of societal and family expectations. Joy might look a lot like doing what you want to do, even if other people wouldn’t approve. It might look like authentic sadness or authentic rage.

“Finding joy is about recognizing the honest emotions and desires of your heart. As you grow, you will cease to experience detrimental emotions and instead you’ll only experience the beneficial ones. You will learn to see all of life as joy. The highest and happiest sense the transition may take months, years or a lifetime to achieve. The time frame is dependent on your determination and your ability to believe in the new reality. As long as your goal is to live in a state of near constant joy, you’re dedicated to exploring authentic emotions. You are following Unicult ideology.”

Joy is All Authentic Emotion

There are a couple of really important aspects that we will talk about. The first is that joy is all authentic emotion. Why do we say that? Why do we use the word joy? 

Unicult is a translation of New Age ideology into a more pop culture one. It’s a way for everyone to understand these ideas without getting into metaphysics, without getting into quantum physics, without getting into too much too much wacky stuff. We try to explain all this stuff very clearly and try to explain it in a way that makes sense to anyone. 

You don’t have to have any background to understand what joy is. You know can’t we talk about joy without talking about a higher vibrational reality. We talk about the idea that we are vibrational beings of energy. We get to experience the different variations of this energy based on our emotional reality.

When we are in a lower state, we call that dense vibration. This is more New Age stuff. If you’re sad, if you’re depressed, if you’re angry, these are all lower density emotions. There’s nothing wrong with those. If they’re authentic, if they’re coming from your heart, we actually include that in joy. 

What Unicult really strives to do is turn away from the idea of falsity. The idea of inauthenticity because falsity and inauthenticity longing and pretending to be something you’re not, these are all hindrances on your path to joy. This is the idea that you would not be able to actually shine the unique light that you are meant to shine.

We are all Unique Beings

You have incarnated as an entirely unique being. In Unicult, we obviously honor the Uni prefix. Your unique energy is divine. It is the diversity of each of our unique energies that aligns us with the most harmonic frequency possible. If you’ve noticed on earth, we all attempt to fit into these boxes. We try to be appreciated and approved by society by checking certain boxes, by identifying ourselves in ways that other people can understand. We have such a limited ability of understanding other people’s unique energy that we put so much onto contorting and controlling everyone’s behavior to fit into a certain pre-established way which isn’t authentic.


In Unicult, we talk a lot about how this inauthenticity is actually one of the most detrimental things on Earth. By not following your heart, you are simply moving out of alignment from your potential for joy  and you are living in an alternate reality which is not aligned with truth. 

Any reality which is not aligned with truth isn’t real. If you have created a false reality, that is never going to allow you to align fully with your true light, with the highest light of divinity. It’s never going to allow your heart to be expanding in that pure state of joy.

Why Focus On Joy?

The reason why we focus on joy so much is because we have very little ability on this planet to control our realities. The truth is that things happen to us. We think we want something and it’s taken away. We go after this, we go after that. We think everything’s fine then a pandemic happens. There’s so much that’s going on because there’s so many energies that play here.

We ourselves can create our realities to a degree. The aspect of our ability to create our realities comes completely from our ability to tune into our own joy and our own harmony. The strongest power you have in your life as a reality creator, as someone who can actually change this planet, is very amazingly actually within your own consciousness. If you have the ability to figure out how to find joy in your own consciousness, no matter what’s going on around you, that’s actually the most powerful thing that you can do. In Unicult, we focus on that joy and that authenticity.

We believe that by following an authentic path of truth the of your heart, that by standing up against these expectations, the societal and parental expectations from other people to say you have to be this certain way, you have to present yourself in this way, there’s even so much shaming that goes on that tries to get people to behave and act in certain ways. If we have the confidence, the radical self-love, to stand up and be who we really are despite all of the trolls, all of the haters, all of the people telling us that we’re crazy or whatever and we align ourselves with love for ourselves and for others, that we enter into a state of love which is actually in flow and in harmony with the highest good of all. That’s the highest good of ourselves and the highest good of the planet.

I get called names every day. I get called crazy. I just had a comment today that I was trying to set up Cam Church and someone said I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole there’s things that come at me constantly and I don’t care I just root myself in love and I this is all their own fear attempting to shame me into being something I’m not I’m shining authentically and for people who are not shining authentically it’s very scary they want people to shrink they want they want other people to do what they know it’s their supposed to do to keep them safe. You’re supposed to be afraid and be mean and do things in a certain way and not be good do it and do anything you can to not be called crazy or weird. You’ve got to fit in. There’s so much energy exhausted trying to fit into a place where you’re never gonna make anybody upset, but the truth is that’s just not possible. If you live your life and fear, tiptoeing around he trying to make sure no one is upset no one thinks directly no one thinks you’re mean no one thinks you’re that no one thinks you’re weird or crazy the only option really if you follow that path is to die because at some point you will trigger someone else your existence will trigger other people and that’s okay it’s not a bad thing and it’s uncomfortable to take on someone else’s energy which they direct at you if someone was calling you crazy or ugly they’re taking their own insecurities and they’re trying desperately to put it off onto you they’re trying desperately for you to carry it for them because they don’t want to hold it anymore but if you can see that they’re actually filled with that energy of insecurity and a fear you can recognize that you don’t need to hold it for them and you can just bless them and send them love

Being aligned with joy is about having the self love, having the self confidence, to know that you are in control of your own energy. knowing that your connection to your unique truth as weird as it is whatever is divine and your ability to route yourself in that energy and connect with who you really are and what you’re really meant to be doing on this planet and with your life energy is up to you. It’s not up to anybody else.

Experiencing Authentic Emotions

Joy isn’t just about being in this happy happy way of being. Joy we say it especially at the beginning on your path to joy is about experiencing all authentic emotions. If you’re someone who has raised female, you know that you’re not really allowed to have emotional outbursts you’re not really allowed to take up space you have to be quiet and you have to just make other people comfortable that’s something that pretty much everyone who’s raised female has takes on societally as their role in society and as you enter into this way of being where you are connected to your truth you might find huh I don’t want to be quiet or small I want to take up space and I want a roughhouse and I’m angry that anyone ever told me that I had to fit into that box. You might become very angry and you might get kind of you know loud and and you might stomp around a little bit and that is authentic joy. 

If you keep following your heart and you keep listening to what you truly want eventually you will then exit out of that state of anger and you will rise up into a state of unconditional love and understanding.

The Path to Joy

There’s a journey here there’s a path here of cynicism that turns into hopefulness, but then we transmute our energy and we end up eventually arriving in this state of unconditional love and harmony which is beneficial for everyone around us. It really makes our whole life just paradise because we are in a state of confidence and love and we actually offer that up to other people.

At the beginning authentic joy in Unicult is recognized as every authentic emotion. If you are authentically feeling frustrated at someone or you are authentically feeling angry, or you’re authentically feeling sad.. Think about all the lost years of not being able to do something.

For me it’s like engineering and electronics, think about all the last years I didn’t have because of how I was raised and the expectations put on me because of my perceived gender. I get sad about that sometimes and that’s authentic joy because what it’s doing is it’s allowing me to process my emotions. In Unicult, we call it transmutation. In the spiritual community it’s called it’s called shadow work and it’s this idea of actually feeling just feeling what you feel about all of this stuff and processing it it’s about being upset it’s about being angry it’s about grieving for that which you lost and you get to just process all those emotions and eventually if you continue on the spiritual path you continue on the path to joy to continue believing in the spirit of uni and letting the spirit of uni guide your life into a higher way of being, you will eventually rise out of those more negative ways, more negative dense emotional realities and eventually your joy your authentic feeling will actually become a higher vibrational reality in which case you actually just feel good.

The goal of life is to feel good. That’s kind of the only thing that we have the most control over. How do we find a place where we can heal? How do we find a place where we can look at the world and send love to it and feel like the world is sending love to us? I know for me when I was very depressed, I couldn’t even conceptualize the idea that I could just feel the energy of joy and peace and love. To feel that that was happening all around me completely didn’t feel possible. It felt like that would be some kind of delusional insane reality. I thought I would have to be brain dead for that reality to exist.

I understand if you’re if you’re in that state and you’re depressed and you think that what I’m talking about seems far away from your reality, but I’ve been on this path for many years. I’ve slowly integrated higher and higher understandings of reality. I slowly transmuted my own emotional energy and my own relationship with everything in my life to be coming from a state of confidence, security, and unconditional love and understanding. I had to start within myself and then eventually I was able to put that out on to other people and say wow I think you’re being really mean but I see that that’s because you’re in pain and I love you and I love this whole world and that’s you know and you see the wow this world is really quite a mess and there’s a lot going on that’s very dramatic and very extreme but you find that unconditional love for it and you see that everyone is just simply extraordinarily confused.

The idea that you can be happy and the idea that you can live in a state of near constant joy isn’t about everyone being nice to you, it isn’t about having a bunch of success however you define it it’s actually about transmuting your own internal state and glorifying your authentic emotions and feeling them and allowing yourself to feel them. Through the glorification of the authentic emotion, you will naturally rise into a state of a higher way of being if that is your goal. 

Aaron asks: how and where can we look for joy when we feel depleted that’s a great question in that case I would say you get to tune into your own internal compass you get to tune into your own feeling of where your energy might want to reside that will bring your energy up sometimes that can be watching TV sometimes that can be praying to the highest divinity for me that works very well if I’m in a state of grumpiness or negativity or a density and I need to align myself with more trust and more joy and that’s really what I was what I want then I lay down and I do my meditations I do my prayers I call out to the highest light 100% of the time I feel better after doing that 100% of the time are people always angry experiencing are people who are angry always experiencing joy no I think there’s an anger that comes from injustice and when you feel that injustice then you get angry generally speaking and I think that that’s a very pure anger an anger of feeling like someone else yeah you’re right I mean it is all of that if it is all of them take emotion yes but you have to understand that you’re your own energy if you’re taking someone else’s energy and you’re saying you made me angry then it’s not your emotion right you’re assuming that someone else is making you angry if you can take a different approach if you can take a different understanding about your anger and you can say I am angry because my boundaries are being crossed or because this is in just what’s happening or I’m putting up with something I shouldn’t be putting up with or I need to change my reality that’s a that’s definitely a much much much more joyous anger than one that’s just victimized because the victimized anger is going to you’re not taking responsibility it’s not it’s not your emotion you’re assuming someone else made you feel that emotion

When you see all these emotions happening inside your body, if you see them as your own responsibility, then it’s a joyous emotion because you’re gonna be taking responsibility for it. You’re going to be digging deep to understand it if you feel the victimized understanding of the world and you feel like other people are making you feel things you’re not going to be following the path to joy because you’re gonna be continuously blaming other people for your problems that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set boundaries that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand up for yourself that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out of bad situations absolutely you should but that energy has to come from your own understanding we can’t change other people we can’t expect other people to treat us with respect if we don’t treat ourselves with enough respect to not allow it

A lot of it comes with boundaries a lot of it comes with loving the self and taking on the energy and the understanding first and foremost of who you are and what your responsibility is and then when you take that responsibility instead of becoming a victim then yes you’re empowered to be on the path to joy and that comes from radical self-love 

Thank you all for being positive and being on the path to joy. This is very special. It’s easy to stay in cynicism. what can we do for people what can we do for people we feel our oh if they’re stuck in cynicism. Part of the the benefit of being on the path to joy is that you understand that it’s just the first step on the path to joy if you don’t want to move on from cynicism and you want to stay in that energy then you just you just experience got emotion over and over again and it’s it can be very hard for you and it can be very hard for all the people around you

For other people, all you can do is try to show them that you can move on from this emotion. You can actually start to see examples of your own energy being in a higher state of being. We can’t really help other people. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. Unibless!