Morality of Creation

The Unicult focuses on Healing Evil through creation, primarily media creation.

Media is any vehicle with which to tell a story. It can be an advertising campaign for a company, a religion, a book, a video, a recorded conversation, a video game, a podcast, etc.

When we create we are channeling the power of Light, or in other words, god through our unique experience channels. When we channel the power of god there are certain aspects of morality that go along with it.

The first, is that all media must be created for the Benefit of ALL.

Another, less obvious aspect of the morality of creation has to do with our consciousness as we understand it. It has been theorized that we are simply bits of program running through the Great Computer known as the Universe.

This is probably true to some extent. The question comes when we are asking after our programmers. On whatever level we were programmed, or created, our creators may or may have not understood the implications of their creation.

To make this simple, let’s imagine that we are a bit of code which was created by a being so far beyond our understanding of consciousness that this being did not even recognize that we, ourselves are conscious.

In this imagined scenario, our creator has absolutely no idea about the suffering that we endure. Now, while this is simply an example and not believed by Unicultists to be truth, it is an important thought exercise because when we take the power of god into our own hands to create, we have no idea on what level we may be creating.

In every paint stoke and every line of code there may be a level of consciousness or spirit that we cannot comprehend.

For this reason, among others, it is imperative that we are creating with only the very best of intentions. For, if we create with a pure heart, we are channeling the spirit without mucking it up with negative emotions and attachments.

Create with a pure heart for the benefit of ALL. Create to raise yourself up as well as everyone else.