Today we’re going to be talking about physical reality and we’ve been going through this book. If you’re interested in this book, you can buy it on Unicult Supply Co on Etsy. If you don’t have money — because that’s you know, that’s a boring thing to focus on, I understand, you can follow the youtube sermons. We are going through the book detail by detail but it’s cool to have the book it’s a physical tangible object and it has everything written out very clearly.

Today we’re talking about physical reality. We’re on page 33; we’re about a third of the way through the book, and we’re going to talk about “what is physical reality.” The way that I discovered physical reality is: because I started learning about how the universe is, made up of consciousness and I realized that our conscious minds actually create our realities and it’s I tell the story of the power generator because this is how it happened to me I had moved into a house and the landlord had there was a power generator in the back of the house and the power the my landlord said hey we’re going to take that power generator out of there, and we’re not going to leave it there and I said okay whatever that’s fine and the thing is I lived in that house for like a year and a half and they never took away the power generator and I even I forgot it was there it blended in to the rest of my surroundings, and then one day I was just laying around and I looked out the window and I saw the power generator and I was like whoa where the heck did that power generator come from because I had completely forgotten about it and I know my landlord had completely forgotten about it

so how was that power generator still sitting there in physical reality even though I’m pretty sure no one had thought about it in a year and this helped me understand this thing where whenever we say belief makes real and whenever we say our consciousness creates our reality people don’t tend to understand that because they say well what about all the other realities that are happening around us you can’t just say oh I think I’m going to fly and you fly you can’t just say oh I think I’m going to be away from money and then you just solve that problem and you don’t have to worry about money anymore and this is because we have a multi-dimensional experience when you think about the world we have to understand that each of us are reality creators and we have the ability to create our realities around us but we’re cohabitating this realm with many other reality creators and we all overlap in harmony with one another and that creates our conscious reality when we talk about the whole of it that’s social reality that’s when more than two people agree on when two or more people agree on something that’s social reality but if we have just our own thoughts in our own head our own experience that’s personal reality

When we use our personal reality to understand the world we understand that other people have their personal realities but that still doesn’t explain physical reality does it because physical reality was there that power generator was there even though no one had thought about it for at least a year and

so I came to the understanding that physical reality is operating as a separate entity a separate consciousness a separate aspect of reality than our conscious reality we’re interacting in the third dimensional plane it’s a simulation it’s a computer and what happens in this physical space is that intention has a certain long-lasting effect

so this goes into the creation of the universe which might blow your mind when I think about how the universe is created I’m not saying I know this to be true this is just a thought exercise if it benefits you to believe it then believe it this is what I think happened at the beginning of the universe I think that time is misconstrued from our perspective I think we’re just little ants and we don’t understand the whole big picture of what time is so when we talk about the creation of the universe it’s not a linear process it actually happened outside of time once we understand that the creation of the universe happened outside of time we can then start to understand that the intention of all that is created itself

so when you have the intention in the future it creates the beginning in the past it’s a big loop if you don’t understand that you have no idea I’m talking about don’t worry about it but what we’re trying to bring this back around to is physicality and every consciousness has its own intention and that’s what drives it that’s what keeps it going I have my own intention to live that’s my life force I have my own intention to create I have my own intention to be everything I do is my own intention that’s my divine energy that’s my personal reality we have social intention where we all you know decide that we’re going to be led by certain people or we all decide that someone is famous or we all decide to overthrow systems that aren’t serving us that’s our social intention but there’s also physical intention and physical intention is built into the actual physical matter that exists it interacts and interplays with conscious intention

so when we’re talking about the power generator we’re talking about the physical object of the plastic of the metal of the gears of what however it’s generating power the magnets perhaps and we’re taking that physical matter and there’s a there was a bunch of there were a bunch of people who put their conscious energy into those materials to shape it this is the difference between when we say something is you know natural or human-made they took the raw resources lots of people put lots of intention into creating this

so they took the raw resources from the earth the metal they were people who were mining it people who were running the mines they’ve created the plastic and they also had the designers the engineers who created the designs and the plans for the power generator these are this is all intention

so all the intention is building and then we have the person who actually created it they put it together they pieced it together they cast all the metal they built the parts they put in the magnets and then we have the person who bought the power generator and put it in my backyard and then from there all of the different intentions created it and those intentions radiate out for a very long time different materials have different strengths of intention across time

so plastic has a strong strength of intention across time because it doesn’t biodegrade this blew my own mind,

so the different intentions in that power generator are what keeps it there eventually those intentions if there’s not enough upkeep consciously of that item the other intentions will break it down the intention of you know the sunlight the intention of the vines the intention of the rain and the wind the intention of my landlord to move it someone’s intention to smash it all these other intentions have an effect on that initial power generator

so we’re talking about the multi-dimensionality of the universe we can understand that physical energy has its own set of rules its own set of intention that lasts beyond, beyond what could potentially be conscious intention

so I want to talk about how our conscious intention can actually change physical reality and this has to do a lot with what I’ve been talking about a lot on tick tock and also on youtube which is that our media is all mind control and

so we’re talking about how earth used to be a very slow computer and that’s because the information on earth was highly controlled as we go about our lives and we have new thoughts that changes our reality but earth is a very slow computer and it was entrenched in really old paradigms think about it like this if you lived 150 years ago your life would be very similar to your grandparents life would be very similar to their grandparents life would be very similar to their grandparents life was pretty much the same for thousands of year periods now what’s happening the last 150 years let’s move that up to 100 years ago your life you got electricity in your house that made your life completely different from your grandparents now the kids on their phones animating you know just typing all the texts and sharing with each other and communicating instantaneous clips their life is very different than their grandparents life who had to go to the library to search you know anything they wanted to know information has gotten faster and our lives have changed dramatically because our lives are changing

so quickly our architecture our brain is still slow because genetics are slow because genetically and consciously were only exposed to

so much change at a time but we’re on the spiritual singularity now the exponential graph going up and up doubling every you know every amount of time

so our ability to comprehend it is reduced because of the adaptations that we’ve experienced over the course of human history being very slow our brains literally are not very good at picking up new information but we’ve been at this now a little while how fast his thing how fast have things been going if you can tell the difference between someone who has jumped on the bandwagon and someone who is not and you can see how their attention and their speed and their processing speed is faster or not

so we are doing our best to keep up with all this information and it took us a while to kick into gear because we’re trying to catch up with the amount of light or information that is blasting our planet right now that is coming out of our glowing devices that is processing through our bodies and through our understanding we are entering into what is called the new age we are entering into the great awakening and we are creating a new reality based on our conception of the world

so when we change our intention changes when we have a new idea that changes our behavior it changes our perception it changes our actions it changes our thoughts it changes our fundamental reality physical matter interacts with conscious reality just at a very slow pace in the past it’s going to be moving quicker and quicker we’re seeing a lot of reality glitches we’re seeing a lot of mandela effect we’re seeing a lot of lucid dreaming we’re seeing a lot of dream messages we’re seeing a lot of ufos we’re seeing the seams of reality start to break away because our reality was false the idea I think this comes into flat earth I know there’s a lot of flat earthers on tick tock and I think flat earth is a, I think it’s a conspiracy against conspiracy theorists honestly personally I might be wrong and I don’t mean to disparage anyone’s beliefs but I think that they’re trying to reduce how we think of the world

so the world is inter-dimensional we’re living in an inter-dimensional reality the earth is not a globe it’s not flat it’s an inter-dimensional vibratory space

To reduce it from a 3D to a 2D situation is to actually go backwards in understanding not forwards and understanding is to understand that the interdimensionality of our consciousness actually creates the physical reality that we live in

so how do we as conscious creators understand the importance of our thoughts our behaviors and our actions we do this by understanding our own personal conscious reality and the physical space of our reality think about it like this your physical space your home your car your body these are the physical manifestations of your consciousness the physical reality about your room is your conscious domain the things that you have around your room and how you just leave them around or keep them organized if you’re chaotically minded like I am and you start a project and you leave the string that you’re weaving with dangling all around and you get a pat if three pens underneath the piano because you were writing in such a frantic space and they flew out of your hand and you got books strewn about this is my reality that’s a reflection of my mind this is my physical manifestation of where my thoughts have been because my thoughts have guided my body to open things up and leave all the cupboards open and eat whatever is out of the box and leave the box because I’m thinking about other stuff I’m doing my best I’m always doing my best and I recognize the chaos of my space is the chaos of my mind

so we’re these things are interacting in a strong way and when we talk about the divinity that you have the conscious divinity of your own reality it starts within your own emotional reality your own perception of reality it radiates from your perception of your reality into your physical body into your home into your relationships into the world and

so we say begin within when we begin within we have the most power to affect reality

so what does the media have to do with any of this all media is mind control the mind control of media is that it gives us a rigid understanding of what the world is supposed to be like when you see you know the dumb husband stereotype on tv over and over again what does that say to your consciousness about men what does that say to your consciousness about husbands what does that say to men’s consciousness about themselves and we see it how many sh like think in your own head how many shows do you know off the top of your head that has a dumb husband trope this has been perpetuated in our society for

so long that we just think of it as this inherently true thing and men think that maybe they’re it’s okay to be that way because it’s

so normalized there’s

so many things like this in our society how many times have you seen a blonde hot cheerleader that’s an archetype that’s a stereotype and we rely on these stereotypes to put ourselves into boxes and then we have an expectation of reality that is shaped by our media understanding that we then believe to be the world it’s not it’s a limitation actually on the infinite nature of reality and then we behave in a way that makes that reflection real

so when we’re talking about physical reality and our belief about physical reality we can start to understand that our power comes from our limitations breaking those limitations on our beliefs there’s a really important podcast I never talk about podcasts because I really have a hard time listening to them because I want to interject the entire time but there is a very good podcast called radiolab and it’s something about color I can’t remember what it’s called exactly there’s I think there’s two of them on color but the one I’m talking about goes like this throughout all of human history colors came into literature over time and they came in a certain order people could not see the full spectrum of light like we see it today and they have proof of this through literature

so in the odyssey, or ovid’s metamorphosis some ancient text the ocean is described as being a maroon color and they didn’t really seem nobody seemed to describe the color blue for a very long time and then all of a sudden across the whole world the color blue was sort of started to be described and started to be understood

so think about that think about what colors are we not seeing our perception is limited light is the full spectrum our eyes only see a small section of that spectrum

so what colors are we not seeing what parts of the spectrum are we not tuning into as we become enlightened we’re going to expand our consciousness we’re going to expand our mind and we’re going to start coming up with words for language for ideas for these new things that have always been around us but just that we have not yet perceived physical reality is energy but it has its own intention it has its own rigidity because of our understanding of it everyone else’s understanding of it and its own vibration the earth itself has her own vibration a tree has its own intention you cut a tree down you use its wood that is the trees energy maintained throughout time if you want to see a greater spectrum of light meditate I have been seeing an incredible spectrum of colors beyond the physical reality which are not associated to physical objects but instead are in just air in the air and sometimes you can see these colors if you take your phone camera and you hold it up to the sun don’t look at it just take the picture and sometimes you’ll see the other colors coming off the sun those are the colors spend time thinking about those colors spend time believing that you can see a greater spectrum of light I have been seeing incredible colors and we will all see these colors soon it’s more than colors though because colors are just your scent is just your sensor taking in that information and processing it in your mind plants have their own intent all things are alive the tree energy dies when it is cut that is true but the physical energy remains and that’s what’s important to understand is the physicality is real if you believe wholeheartedly that you can fly and you jump off a cliff you’re going to probably fall but I believe and maybe this is worth, worth testing out with something like, if you believe you can fly and you have the support of a community who believes you can fly then I think you can fly and I think that’s why light is a feather stiff as a board works because I think it’s all these young kids whose brains haven’t been, solidified concreted by their expectation of reality assuming that they can levitate someone and then they levitate someone when I was a child I was levitated during that game light as a feather stiff as a board and were all cons it was a very witchy party were all concentrating very much I was eight years old and I was with a bunch of other eight-year-olds nine-year-olds not that tall and I was I had my eyes closed and were meditating I was rising up and all of a sudden I felt something kind of strange because I could feel my own breath on my face

so I opened my eyes and I saw the ceiling right in front of me because that’s how high up I was and I was shocked and I fell back down slowly and gently but that event stayed with me for a very long time obviously to this day because it was insane but I think that’s because children don’t have these rigid confines these rigid understandings of reality and I think we can all do this I think we can all levitate I think if we all believe we can do things we can do anything we believe we can do we have to break free from the programming that has been fed to us on our tvs on our phone screens in order to create a rigid reality and expectation of us all right Unibless have a good day