Unicultism teaches that we create our own reality and that thoughts are things.

This is a very difficult lesson for people to learn because it means taking responsibility for things which are seemingly out of our control.

This is not to say that you can always control the chaos of the universe. You are subject to happenings outside of your control. We all are. But there is an enormous amount of potential with how you handle these happenings.

One can respond with friction or with nonfriction. In other words, one can fight the natural flow of things, or one can adapt. Unicultism teaches us that flexibility is the key to cultivating and keeping a state of near-constant joy. For more information on mastering the world with your reality, see the section “Thoughts are Things.”

Below, we have outlined the four fundamental types of reality that exist known to us. Each reality is as legitimate as the next. Each reality affects the other realities and in this way, the more fulfilled more people are, the more fulfilled we all are.


Personal Reality

Personal reality is the concept that maybe you see a different blue than me, that when you hear the word “horse” you undergo a radically-different psychological experience recalling your idea of horses than I would.

We are all unique individuals with different nature/nurture programming. This causes huge rifts in our understanding of one another. Perhaps this is why we generally tend to default to social or shared reality for “proof” of the way things “really” are.

In truth, and this important, each reality is as legitimate as the next. There is so much to be gained in acceptance of each reality.  If we are more understanding about this truth, we can open our selves up to radical forms of expression we didn’t know we were capable of. Additionally, we can support others to do the same. Overall, our opening our hearts to understanding and allowing new realities to enter our perpective will pull the footing out from under our oppressors. They thrive when they can control our reality and they do so by perpetuating singular ideas through mass media.

For this reason, the Unicult is media-focused. We need the stories of more realities to enter into our consciousness.

Personal realities are something we may not have to deal with for much longer. With perpetual internet, we will be able to share our experiences much more easily. In these shared stories and experiences, we can empathize with one another and open our individual realities up to new possibilities.


Shared or Social Reality

The collection of each individual’s reality creates social reality. Social reality also shapes our individual reality more than we may realize. We assume many things are true because society believes they are true.

Groups of people are the most powerful force on the face of the planet. They are stronger than hurricanes and more influential to the well-being of this planet than any single being.

Social reality is stronger than personal reality because it is a collection. Imagine your own personal belief in something as having a certain weight. Each weight is equal. A collection of people who believe in something is stronger than an individual, as the weight of belief builds with each person. The more people that believe in something, the stronger that thing is.

We all attribute value to things. It is a natural human inclination to do so. The attribution of value is what makes something valuable. It’s a bit of a feedback loop. For instance, society values money; therefore, as individuals, we value money. We may feel like we are forced to value money even if we don’t want to with all our beings. It seems you cannot live if you do not value money. How can you get food? Pay property taxes? Participate in society at all if you do not value money? You cannot.

So why is this? What makes money so much more powerful than our own will in our personal reality? It is simply the collection of belief.

As soon as people stop believing in something, it stops having power. Think of when the world was flat. The world was known to be flat and that idea had power. Then, over time, people came to realize the alternative, that the world was round. The idea that imprisoned Copernicus, that took his physical freedom for a time, is now one that we laugh at. That particular idea has no power over us any longer.

Physical Reality

Physical reality is a trick. It is determined and shaped by consciousness. There is some being or group of beings, perhaps the planetary consciousnesses, creating and stabilizing the 3rd dimension as we know it.

Human expectation also greatly influences the physical world. Every living thing has a spirit which watches over the physical manifestation. By spiritually working with these beings and with your physical hands, you can change physical reality.

We are still performing research on this topic although, as humans trapped in space on planet Earth, trapped in time, there may be little we can do to truly understand this concept in this lifetime. We are deeply skeptical.

Ultimate Reality

Ultimate Reality is the collection of every individual and shared perspective (reality) in the universe across all dimensions, across all of time, outside of time. It is the ideal afterlife for Unicultists.

It is our idea of Heaven. It is the place where every misunderstanding is understood and every bit of knowledge known.

It is becoming one with god.