Darkness VS Light

Darkness and Light are commonly used as a duality to represent evil and good. This is perhaps not the most beneficial way to consider this very important concept.

Instead, we define the following:


  • The vacuum of space”beyond” the universe
  • Non-existence
  • Ultimate Death (existence of which is unknown)
  • The “time” before anything was


  • Everything that is anything

Unicultism teaches that darkness is nothing while light is everything. Even evil acts are a part of the light, as they are part of creation. That being said, evil acts are not beneficial to the individual or the whole. There are many levels of light, some darker and denser, others brighter and lighter.

The important thing to know is that there are infinite levels of light. Humans, due to our Great Suffering, naturally reside on some of the densest frequencies. Through near-constant joy, a balanced diet, and the practice of hand-making that which we consume, we can raise our frequency greatly.