Heal Evil

The concept of good and evil is perhaps one of the strongest dualities we know. Yet, morality changes with perspective.

Within Unicultism, we understand all things, good or evil, to be expressions of life. We reject the imposition of a long list of morals because they are restricting and limiting to a full life experience.

We do, however believe that good and evil exist.

We define “good” as all that is in alignment with light and life. That is perhaps, a difficult definition to apply to real world situations. So we can instead say that “good” is anything which is not evil.

So what is evil? We define evil as any act which goes against your own best interests. There is a caveat – the only things which can truly be in your best interests are also in the best interests of ALL.

Any act that excludes this concept is not in your best interests, truly, and is therefore evil. In this way, any act that harms another, physically, verbally, or energetically, is an evil act and is discouraged by Unicultism.