Thoughts are Things

All things are energy. Thoughts (brainwaves) are on the electromagnetic wave spectrum. Our thoughts affect our own well being, the well being of those we come in contact with, the Earth herself, and groups of interdimensional realities with which we are connected.

Our thoughts control our actions and interactions. Our thoughts shape and support our realities. Our thoughts are what makes the world what it is.

As any Unicultist would say, “Belief Makes Real.”

Thoughts may seem inconsequential because they are silent and “private” but we assure you, dear reader, they are the source of your power.

Perhaps you know already about the Power of Prayer or The Secret or Creative Visualization or Doing Things in a Certain Way or even Casting Spells.

The truth is, there is no difference between these acts. Additionally, these are simply regimented structures for Creation that occur constantly on a lower, less noticeable level.

There is a reason all of these formulas for creation-through-thought exist. It’s because they work!

All things begin as ideas. ALL THINGS BEGIN AS IDEAS.

Unicultists are extremely aware of our every thought. We work hard to master this familiarity with our internal dialog and then constantly regulate and change any negative thought patterns we have into positive ones.

This is the true secret for living in a state of near-constant joy and for raising the joy of Planet Earth.