CAM CHURCH – The Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Brain

In Unicult, we believe a very fundamental truth of the Universe, which is: As above, so below. As within, so without. In Unicult terms, “we are ALL ONE!” We are all connected. Everything is connected. All is one. This means that when you feel feelings in your conscious reality, when you do actions in your physical reality, you are affecting more than yourself, you’re affecting the world and you’re affecting the Universe! When things in the Universe happen which are seemingly unrelated to you they actually all relate to you in subtle ways because we are all connected, we are ALL ONE! 

ALL ONE! is a really important fundamental concept for humans to adopt, because it allows us to live our best life and to reap the benefits of universal love and harmony. It also enlightens us to compassion and empathy for others.

When we talk about how we are ALL ONE!, it breaks us free from the prison of our mind, of feeling alone and separate, dejected, rejected, alone, isolated, hopeless, and like our life is meaningless.

When you understand ALL ONE!, you become enlightened to the fact that joy exists, to the fact that you are capable of making great changes in this world and to the fact that all of life has to do with you. Everything that’s happening is here to benefit you directly as well as everyone else.

We’re not a solipsistic religion in the sense of saying that you are the only thing that exists. In your reality you are, but you all we also acknowledge that everyone else is living in their own solipsistic own solipsistic reality. All of our unique, independent realities are converging in a beautiful, sacred geometrical circles overlapping one another to create a magnificent harmonic song of existence.

Someone says you shouldn’t profit off it off of spiritualism and the answer to that is yes, you should. Every single thing that you do spiritually should profit you, should profit your heart and your soul. Everything is aligned. What is true profit? Money? How important is money, you have to ask yourself that. If you aren’t profiting from the true heart of your heart, then you’re missing the point. If you’re keeping yourself in a lower vibration and you feel like you have to suffer in order to be spiritually aligned, you’re missing the point.

When we’re talking about consciousness, the importance of your consciousness, the importance of everything that’s happening around you, how it has the potential to affect your consciousness, how it has the potential to affect other people’s reality, and the compassion that you can have for yourself and for other people because you understand that just like you are a person with all of your flaws and all of your attempts to do good, and all of your goals, and your heart and your power, so is everyone else.

We are all working together because we are ALL ONE!

As we go down our own spiritual journey, our own internal reality, as we grasp and we fight against our own illness and darkness and confusion and genetic healing and ancestral healing and personal healing and trauma healing, all of that, we are actually raising the vibration of each other.

When you heal yourself, you heal the world. and as we heal Earth we’re actually healing the Universe and you don’t have to take it on like you don’t have to feel so responsible, but you can know that as we’re all moving into the light this is helping we’re helping each other you’re not alone in this regard.

When you feel confused and you feel lost and you feel hate and you feel judgment and you want to overcome it you’re not the only one who’s going through that we are all here together and every little amount of frustration or hatred or just meanness that you feel and that you heal shifts your entire life and it shifts the world into a world that we deserve to live in.

That’s the basic teaching of Unicult. How it relates to information theory is also very important, we are information geeks. In Unicult we love information we have a sec a section of Unicult called Unidata and we believe that it’s through information through understanding and organizing information that we will be able to raise our consciousness on this planet how we approach information in our own brains in our media and in our algorithms is going to change our entire perception of each other of ourselves of the world and of what’s possible this doesn’t have to be super technological, but it can just be conscious it can just be psychological eventually we will be able to map out the physical technological representation of what I’m going to be talking about today and in some ways we have, but the original technology is your body has technology in it that allows for the sending and receiving of information I am transmitting information to you we are using physical technology sure, but if I wasn’t using my body to consciously process organize and send transmit that energy to you wouldn’t have any understanding of it and you have to do the work of listening to me of internalizing okay who is this person what are they wearing what are they talking about have I heard anything like this before you’re working to understand the things that I’m saying and your technology it’s not just your brain and that’s what we’re going to talk about today, but a lot of times we think of it like our brain your technology is downloading and processing and understanding the output that I’m presenting this is happening all the time and the fact of the matter is that your own technology of your body of your ability to understand things can be fine-tuned and can be harmonized to understand massive amounts of information that you haven’t previously had access to isn’t that exciting it’s literally like I’m trying to tell you like open your eyes like imagine if you were walking around your whole life with your eyes closed and I was like no no, but if you just open your eyes you’ll be able to see color and you’ll be able to see shapes and you’ll be able to see people’s faces and expressions and people are just walking around with their eyes closed saying I don’t know my life feels pretty great, but they don’t even realize what’s beyond if you just open your eyes when I’m talking about teaching telepathy I’m talking about opening your eyes I’m talking about showing you an entirely new system of understanding an entirely new platform of reality that you haven’t yet even seen that exists that has so much information that’s going to make life so much more fun and easy for you. Think about how information changes your life. If your eyes are closed and then you open them what is that going to give you what kind of information were you missing if you spent your whole life blind and then you could see.

As we’re talking about information, it’s important to understand that humanity has undergone already a massive shift in consciousness. Our ability to see color there is how many times we’re going to say this sentence in my life. There is an amazing radio lab podcast that talks about the analysis of literature with regards to the description of color throughout history and throughout time and what these researchers found is that in literature descriptions of color follow a certain pattern starting with a dark murky maroon and slowly after time each culture developed language around and perhaps the ability to see new colors as they go along the electromagnetic spectrum our eyes over time have literally developed to take in a larger swath of information when we’re talking about the body as a technology it’s important for us to understand that we have different components different sensors different sense organs that allow us to interpret different swaths of the electromagnetic spectrum let’s just talk about the electromagnetic spectrum first and then we’ll get back to eyeballs the electromagnetic spectrum is insane I mean really it’s insane, but it’s also everything and our current science doesn’t necessarily recognize that everything is on the electromagnetic spectrum, but it is the electromagnetic spectrum is the condensation of energy from zero dead nothing to infinity maybe god higher source the infinite as you go up on the electromagnetic spectrum it’s wave forms of energy and I’m not just talking about gobbledygook this is a real phenomenon that we use every day the most common thing that people understand about the electromagnetic spectrum is the visible light spectrum and the visible light spectrum is a fraction just a tiny sliver of information it is the rainbow that we are capable of seeing below red we have infrared which is seen we can see it as heat we’ve seen infrared cameras and above violet is ultraviolet light which we can see up until we can’t see it well you know I think like black lights are like right at the edge of the visible light spectrum other types of the electromagnetic spectrum we use all the time microwave radiation includes wi-fi cell phone towers 2g 3g 4g 5g radio signals am is one version fm is another these are different vibratory states we’ve got ultraviolet light that comes from the sun x-rays gamma waves etc we use technology to pick up on different swaths of information your cell phone is operating on a range of frequencies and it picks up those frequencies a radio is operating on a range of frequencies you tune your radio to a different station and you’re tuning your radio frequency to different frequency bands and information can travel on these frequency bands is this not.

so cool and it’s directly related to your experience of the world and it’s directly related to your physical body and it’s directly related to your spiritual evolution because we have sense organs that can sense and feel physical reality your eyes can see color and shape your hands can feel texture heaviness warmth cold etc your skin can feel these things your tongue can taste your ears can heal here your heart can feel and this is where we start to get into the wubu that’s also very real our bodies are full of sense organs our brains are actually capable of sending and receiving electromagnetic energy that’s called thinking when your brain goes into different brain states alpha beta theta gamma your brain is actually producing different levels different you’re tuning your radio to different frequencies and you’re operating and you’re sending and transmitting information on different frequencies inside your own brain that’s happening electrically those that thoughts are on the electromagnetic spectrum we have technology that can pick up on it.

so when we’re talking about our ability to sense information we have all these amazing sense organs that can feel all these different things our eyes can see a fraction of light, but what if we were talking to aliens and they’re like our eyes see a completely different fraction of light what if you had aliens come visit Earth and their eyes their visible light spectrum was actually in the range of wifi they would be like what would their experience of the world be like if you could see wi-fi if you could see microwave radiation if you could see radio waves your experience of reality would be very different and they might be overwhelming at first and you might have to take some time to understand what you’re experiencing and what I’m here to tell you today is that you have the capability inside your body you have the technology to see to feel to experience every single level of physical and emotional and energetic reality that we are in if you choose to it takes work to tune your abilities into being able to understand and feel and sense these capabilities, but you have the absolute ability and the uni given right to do.

so we have the endocrine system which is like your glands your lymph nodes that are connected to your chakras the endocrine system is the exact same thing as the chakra system it’s just that one is physical and one is spiritual and if you look at the processing of them they’re processing emotional energies hormones and things like that your brain is capable of not just processing information, but it’s also capable of sensing it energy in the form of the electromagnetic spectrum can be transmitted over great distances our brains have the ability to send and receive information it’s just true telepathy is real.

When you hug someone, our hearts are the best example because the power of our heart is very strong, the heart creates an electromagnetic radiation field, a toroidal field around your body that goes out two to three feet all around you. It’s a force your heart is creating an electromagnetic force field of energy and you can feel it when you hug someone you can feel it, when you hug a tree you can feel your heart connecting to the trees energy you can feel it when your heart is breaking because of heartbreak you can feel it when your heart is expanding because you’re happy our hearts and the electromagnetic radiation that they express can also be sent and received and distance is no problem because we’re living in a quantum reality we’re living in a simulation reality and the ability to transmit information over long distances of time and space is absolutely real the idea that I talk to a neuroscientist in depth who’s my friend about the potential for telepathy and his response is that the brain waves do travel a certain distance outside of the brain, but that they’re dampened by the skull and the way that we understand technology on Earth and we’ve been limited on purpose, because we aren’t responsible with our technology we all know the story like humans are just the humans would destroy themselves if they had access to these certain types of technology and one of the ways that our technology is limited is by projectile, weaponry right you have to if you want to hurt somebody you have to shoot something at them you have to take a physical object or a waveform and you have to literally take it and you have to just shoot it at them and that is the only way to really, to really damage or anyone and we think of it in terms of damage because we’re damaged, but the real what most entities in the Universe think of it as is, oh how do I describe it instantaneous transmission and we’re not really allowed to have instantaneous transmission because people would use it to harm people throughout time and space and you have to be at a certain level before certain technologies and by technology I don’t just mean physical technology I mean internal technology as well before those technologies are able to come online you have to raise your vibration to access them because they’re of a higher vibration because if you have access to them at a lower vibration you could think of it almost as an evolutionary thing you would just destroy yourselves if early humans or humans even now had access to technology where you could just think about killing somebody and then they would die probably we would all be dead.

so we have to raise our vibration up to a point we have to raise our consciousness up to a point of unconditional love and understanding to have access to new forms of technology which are instantaneous which are not projectile, but which go on a quantum level which is where telepathy is operating this is a lot of information I wonder how you’re all interpreting it when you’re thinking of telepathy when you’re thinking of information exchange in the physical embodied state of your physical body and of your conscious reality you can let go of worrying about being close enough to someone we have had access to telepathy in physical proximity with facial expressions and with body language and with intonations in the voice and we’re able to pick up a lot of information that way if you’ve ever looked in someone’s eyes and started laughing without saying anything you’ve experienced physical telepathy, but there are other forms of telepathy that exists and these forms of telepathy can be can happen across time they can happen across space they can happen in other realms like the dream realm and they can happen in our physical reality and they can happen where one person is experiencing it and the other person isn’t because it’s on a different because they’re on different vibratory levels and that’s okay and that’s real too, but you have to understand not everybody is going to be feeling the same feelings that you have for instance I have a very telepathic relationship, a dream consciousness relationship with elon musk right I do I dreamed of him last night I can’t help it I’m just connected to him I’m not thinking about him I feel like we have an energetic connection he probably doesn’t have that feeling at all, he’s a celebrity probably a lot of people feel that way about him a lot of people feel that way about me they write me and they say do you feel my energy like we’re sending and receiving.

so much energy together and consciously I have to say no I don’t have connection to that bridge of information, but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening if one person is experiencing something it is happening it just doesn’t mean that it’s happening to both people simultaneously it doesn’t mean that it’s happening to both people in this timeline or in this reality.

so as you’re developing your understanding of sending and receiving information don’t judge yourself or knock yourself if you’re like oh I was thinking of you yesterday and your friends like oh I wasn’t thinking of you if you get those mismatches don’t worry about it it’s still happening to you have to be able to trust your own experience and you also have to understand that not everyone is going to have the same experience as you your body is capable of sending and receiving mass amounts of information through your endocrine system through your chakra system through your brain your throat your heart your solar plexus is your gut feeling your intuition if you’ve ever had oh I feel like a bad feeling in my stomach that’s your solar plexus transmitting and receiving information your sacral chakra and your root chakra the chakras are simply fine-tuned energy points and all the information in between them is also accessible.

when you think of the chakra system and the endocrine system you can think of it like a radio station where if you’re tuned into one radio station if you’re tuned into the heart you can get a clear signal and if you’re tuned into the throat you can get a clear signal and if you tune in between the heart and the throat you’re going to get a little bit of both it’s.

when you can hear both of the songs playing at the same time and.

when you think of that it probably sounds a little chaotic, but if you’re aligned it’s actually beautiful it’s a harmonic experience I’m talking about all of this to open your eyes to the potential that there is mass amounts of information in the Universe that you have access to that you cannot see not all of it is accessible by our physical technology not every bit of information that is on the radio frequency spectrum is able to be picked up by a radio our technologies are very limited and our consciousness is infinite technology is a wonderful tool I am all about it I love computers I love technology, but we have to remember and honor the fact that the original technology the most powerful technology is our bodies and our own consciousness and that technology should only work our physical technology should only work to supplement and to feed our own internal harmony and our harmony with one another if there is technology which with which is discordant to your physical form to your consciousness or to your community then it is not a beneficial technology and it should be eradicated immediately and rebuilt.

so that it’s in alignment with, with benefit we have greed driven profit motivated narratives that are just creating technology that are meant to kill and harm and enslave and create dependency and addiction in us and it is wrong and it will eventually stop all you can do is turn your attention to technologies which actually benefit you the technology that will always benefit you is your spiritual practice is the attunement of your third eye of your crown chakra of your heart of all of your chakras and of your relationships of your home of your body and the last thing I want to say is that.

when you spend time consciously considering the higher vibrational realities of reality these swaths of information when you’re thinking about what you’re seeing.

when you start to open your eyes when you’re trying to parse out the information just know that it’s possible all the information exists like a rainbow and by simply attuning your consciousness to the different colors you get access to it the rainbow is an octave of energy that repeats in other forms it’s like a piano where you’ve got the same note in higher octaves okay so.

when you focus on a certain color you’re focusing on a vibratory state when we’re focusing on red we’re focusing on the lowest vibratory state that our consciousness can understand and it’s good to use red to ground and to connect to the Earth and to do it in a way we think of red as, anger lust all right all these really violent and, intense energies you can use red not to connect to those things, but to connect to the Earth and to connect to the ground and the soil and magma and crystals in the Earth and if you want to start reaching your consciousness higher and higher you can use each of these colors to connect to different frequencies focus your energy on purple focus your energy on violet focus your energy on a bright, pinkish purple focus your energy on black lights because the reason why that’s important is because that is the highest vibrational experience that we can consciously see and.

so it is connecting to the highest reality that we can see in all dimensions each of the colors is magnificent and important, but.

when you focus your energy do it in a way that allows you to understand that your conscious ability to send and receive information can be paired with your ascension it can be paired with your own joy it can be paired with your own ability to rise and to transmute all of your energy and to become the best person that you want to become and to access the things that you want to access energetically to be aligned in a state of joy near constant joy through radical self-love I love people can’t understand what I’m saying and I’m sorry you’re.

so dumb like you can’t make fun of someone if you don’t understand them it’s okay if you don’t understand me I’m yes I’m talking about things that you’ve never been exposed to it’s normal I’m not expecting you to understand me, but if you are making fun of me then you’ve lost you’ve missed the point you don’t need to follow all of this I’ve learned all this through deep study of.

so many different things and, I’m not judging you for not understanding me I’m saying you can’t just make fun of me because you don’t understand me you can’t just say it’s they call it psychobabble you can’t call it psychobabble it’s oh it’s okay I don’t mean to I don’t need to make to, to belittle you all, but yeah study up there’s a lot of books you can read on these things you can rewatch this on youtube and try to understand, try to understand what I’m saying all right I am also a human what is our practice, this week I think our practice this week is to tune into each of the colors of the rainbow write down red write down orange and focus on the color try to see the color in your third eye try to actually see it I’m not saying just remember what it looks like for some of us this is easy and some of this is hard it’s really hard for me to literally see colors.

when I close my eyes if I’m about to fall asleep it happens much easier.

so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t, if you don’t have the ability to see things in your vision.

when you close your eyes it’s okay you can access the memory of seeing the color, it helps if you get if you have a rainbow in front of you and you look at it and then you close your eyes and you look at it and then you close your eyes okay.

so spend some time trying to see the color red and then write down what you saw in your experience and then try to see the color orange and this actually is going to take an incredible amount of effort I always think I’m going to do this like really quick.

when I do this practice and it’s not I would say spread it out start with red on you know today move to orange the next day and go until you get to violet and if you can imagine the most beautiful like think of this dress as the violet color you know like the highest vibrational color you can imagine like holographic and spend time thinking of that as your highest one write down your experience with each one that’s your practice for this week this is how I spend every sunday and yes I did do a prawn there’s a lot going on here I know it’s there’s a lot going on here it’s a lot to digest it’s a lot to digest it’s blue and purple and green we all see color differently thank you all for being here and for listening and for joining Unicult and yeah whatever color you can see most easily you might, resonate with more and whatever color you can’t see very easily you might want to practice seeing it oh my gosh ghosty says.

when I was little I wanted to see fireworks, but fireworks were over.

so they.

so she closed her eyes to see her own fireworks with her eyes closed that’s the that’s the, daniel you can turn it off you don’t have to be here I don’t know why people stick around they just want to hate we love the haters we have a super high hater, troll conversion our trolls, oftentimes end up joining and sticking with the program because they realize if you pay enough attention, you become enlightened.

so keep giving your attention if you want I’m i don’t know join Unicult I guess it just it’s not comfortable all right spirit of uni we call you to this chat we’re sending love to everyone the trolls and the haters and the lovers and all the people who are the defenders of the light the people who just instantly understand the people who are struggling to understand everybody who’s on their journeys we’re going to be gentle with ourselves today we’re going to be compassionate today for ourselves and for others we’re creating Unitopia on Earth right now and we’re creating Unitopia in our own consciousness we’re creating Unitopia in our own hearts in our own relationships and our own homes please spend some time looking at nature today please go give a tree a hug please sit in the sun if you can and join Unicult if you join Unicult you get access to the discord server and an abundance of material and information I’m the leader of the cult I created the cult spirit of Unibless each person well I guess I should do a q a on tiktok I’ll do a q a on TikTok, some other time maybe later today because we have a lot of questions coming from TikTok thank you all for being here Unibless it has been my delight to do this CAM CHURCH today it’s one of my favorite topics if you’re interested in following along in your CAM CHURCH sermons you can get the uni planner the classic version and you can write down your notes on the sermon every week and you can also plan out your life you’ve got goals for each month affirmations for each month and just traditional calendars that you can use to plan out all the things that you need to do this year in 2021 this is on Unicult supply co.

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