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Arcturian Experience – Taken into their ship

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    I had an amazing experience tonight and I wanted to share it with you all.

    I just started smoking weed recently to see if it would help with my chronic pain and it has! And it has also helped me become more in tune with other beings. I smoked some weed and fell asleep and I had a very interesting dream. I dreamt that I was “out of my body,” so to speak, and a voice in my head told me to go stand in a white light that was in my room. The next thing I know is that I’m in a huge spaceship, surrounded by about twelve blueish green beings, all of a smaller stature than myself, and they seemed to have what looked like crystals in the middle of their forehead. It looked like they had three of them, but I can’t remember if it was just one or three. I said, “September!” (which is the name of one my Arcturian guides) and one of them came forward and hugged me and held my hand. I felt pure joy and I could tell he felt the same. We were so happy to see one another. They had a bunch of different symbols floating in the air, almost like a computer, but different – it’s hard to explain. They were speaking to one another in a language that was more like music than a language and it seemed to just be thoughts formed, even though I could hear it, if that makes sense. September told me to lay down on a table that seemed to be made of light and air. It was clear, but it held my body. I laid down and he said to relax and that everything would be okay. I could feel love radiating from him and I felt completely calm. The next thing I remember is that I was seeing all kinds of different places and planets, dimensions, times, etc. Fairyland was one of the places I saw, but each place was only flashed in my mind for a second before it went on to the next place. Time seemed to go on forever, yet it seemed no time had passed at all. Afterwards, I was told that I could go. I said goodbye to the beings and stepped into the light again. I felt like I was being slammed back into my body and I woke up gasping and with a pounding headache.

    [Editing to add a little more to the story] I was also told by an Arcturian how to get rid of negative beings that show up in my dreams. He said to put my hands out in front of me or to the sides, depending on where the beings are, and imagine white light energy shooting out of my hands and wrapping around the beings and they would disappear. I tried this technique in another dream and it worked. Just thought I’d add that!

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this experience?

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    Wow, that is INCREDIBLY amazing Shannon!!! XOXO <3

    A couple weeks ago, the Arcturians put me levitating on a rectangle/bed made of gold light/white light/air and I was levitating on it. I just remember thinking it was the best feeling in the world and it felt like I had the support of a million hands holding me up with love, light, and support.

    Other than that, I don’t remember much.

    Kyrie Fluffins

    Do you remember what the crystals on their foreheads looked like?

    I was visited by a purple alien with scaly skin and he had a raspberry colored crystal where his 3rd eye would be on his forehead. I don’t know where he is from. Originally, I thought he was Arctruain, then Reptilian, but I don’t know.


    That sounds amazing! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I haven’t had a computer to access the website until now!

    The crystals on their forehead were like quartz crystals and there seemed to be three on their forehead, from what I recall.

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