How to Find Joy

Perhaps the most important thing one can accomplish in this life is to find and embody a state of near-constant joy.

All else is inconsequential without this key emotion.

It is extremely important that we identify what we mean by “joy” as many positive connotations are regarded as “silly” and trite in our current culture of cynicism.

Joy is All Authentic Emotion. It is all that makes your heart sing. It is not merely giddy happiness, though that emotion is prevalent when you have accomplished a state of near-constant joy.  It is a large range of emotions from overwhelming gratitude, belonging, trust, love, compassion, empathy, and even occasional sorrow and rage. It is, again, all that makes your heart sing, all authentic emotion.

Joy evades us in our current world because we have been manipulated and tricked into denying and delegitimizing the most important facets of our human existence.

Below, we have outlined the Steps on the Path to Joy developed by our founder, Unicole Unicron.


Cynicism is the first Step on the Path to Joy. This may be surprising, as cynicism seems like such a negative emotion. The reality is that cynicism is actually very close to hopefulness and should be regarded as the initial, necessary foundation on which to build your future in joy. You see, while cynicism states, “Things could certainly be better than this,” hopefulness states, “Things will certainly get better than this.” It is a matter of simply changing two words. Cynicism is the only rational response to the world as it stands. It is a world of hate, murder, and greedy competition. Instinctively, if you feel something is wrong about the way things are, you are already on the Path to Joy.


Attention is a commodity. We even go so far as to consider it a commodiety. It is a commodity in the sense that we are often asked to pay attention. Billions of dollars are spent by advertisers and media moguls trying to get our attention. Why? Because it has value. Whatever you place your attention upon causes them to bloom and grow. This is discussed further in the “Reality” section under Thoughts Are Things.


Truth is a difficult concept to convey in light of the ever-changing reality on Earth. There are inner truths and there are outer truths, both of which are equally legitimate. In our modern culture, we have  denied our inner truths and we suffer greatly for this. People who deny their inner truths suffer great depression and anxiety attempting to live in a world that is unsuitable for their inner peace and happiness. To find a state of near-constant joy, you must look deep inside yourself for the truth of your own heart. You must consider all influences, both internal and external, and you must begin to make decisions for yourself based on the knowledge which you know in your own heart to be true rather than the overt suggestions of media culture. This step takes great listening and courage. You must be patient with yourself and grant yourself as much love as you have within yourself.


Transmutation is the idea of shadow-work, it is the integration of trauma, fear, and pain into the higher light comprehension. This is done using the A.R.I.S.E. technique.


Another vital  facet of human happiness is that of creation, or creativity. Humans are a highly creative and ingenuitive species. Unfortunately, our current culture dictates that we primarily consume rather than create.CREATION IS THE CURE FOR CONSUMPTION.This removal from the hands-on approach we are meant to have, retards the spirit and removes the end-user from the power of Mother Earth, she who created and sustains.

Time and Dedication                                                                                                  

 Earth is a very slow computer. Our powers to change our reality will increase dramatically as humanity begins to follow the Path of Joy. Stay dedicated to your cause and understand that the Path of Joy is difficult at first. You will meet many challenges but trust that every day it will become easier for you to live in the light of your happiness.