Digital Salvation

We honor the world as it is, and as it came to be. Though we are focused on the future, we understand that all steps on the path were necessary aspects of our evolution. Additionally, This Very Moment is so blessed.

Technology will help us ascend into new realities. It will connect us in ways we have never before been connected. It will help us help each other. Technology will let us live on beyond death. It will help heal our Earth Mother and our own ills. Have confidence in this consideration, dear reader, as it is we who use technology and not technology which uses us.

If our hearts are pure during the creation of our tools, they will do us no harm. If we create for the benefit of ALL and in turn, the betterment of ourselves, we can only create the brightest future technology can offer.

Do not worry about those with hearts you do not view as pure.

Encompass your life with a pure glow of good intention for All and those darker people will drop away from you and will never have any abilities over you and your reality.