“I officially joined the Unicult about a week ago and ever since my life has been indescribable. I was raised in a mix of Christianity and metaphysics so I’ve always dabbled with magic and pagan ideas, but lately I’ve been experiencing more communication coming from a higher power than I’ve ever experienced… Thank you from the bbottom of my heart for inspiring me to get back to my spiritual roots. I haven’t ad my life feel so joyful and rich in years.” -Otaku

“I’ve seen so many religions that have loop holes and not enough answers. Too much judgment and not enough love for self.. but thats whats great about Unicult.. its ever changing and nothing is set in stone besides the support of love for yourself and love for all. That’s what I want and that’s what I need in order to grow as a human being. We all mess up and we all commit some type of evil unknowingly, but that’s okay because we are all beings of light!” -Ashley

“I went through a counseling program at a university and your message makes much more sense than what they taught.” -Tony