The Benefit of ALL

The Benefit of ALL is the moral framework for the Unicult. It is simply the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Treat others how you wish to be treated. Or, in a different way, none can thrive while others suffer.

The concept is in accordance with the ancient wisdom of as above, so below or micro/macrocosm effects. When humanity is healthy, the Earth will be healthy. When the Earth is healthy, humanity will be healthy. We are all connected.

Everything Unicultists do, they do for themselves, with ALL in mind. They seek to have the most fulfilling life possible so that they may in turn assist others to become fulfilled.

You may be wondering, how does one benefit themself and others simultaneously? This does take some practice, but we assure you, it is not so difficult.

Let us imagine a very depressed person who feels very badly about themselves because society has dictated (incorrectly) that they are not in accordance with the right way to live. This person is perhaps ashamed and afraid. They have trouble taking care of themselves and therefore other people are constantly worrying after them, most likely (incorrectly) attributing their depression for the way that they are.

Now imagine that this person says Fuck You to society and they rise up with radical self love. They proclaim themselves to be who their heart demands. They begin to take care of themselves and they start to radiate out a joyous attitude.

Now, the people near this person may be shocked. They may even try to push the person back down into their depression. But, when the person succeeds, eventually and after some struggle, they will be living a better, truer life than anyone around them. They will pave the way for others in the same situation. They will take better care of themselves and they will turn from the one people worry about into the caretaker.

Any time you are following your true heart, you will be benefiting yourself, the people near you, your society, and the world. In this way, it is fundamental that we practice self love and radiate out our truth. That is a good and blessed life.