CAM CHURCH Cynicism into Hopefulness

Before we get started on the sermon, I did want to announce my poetry book, that I wrote recently, is now available for pre-order. I have my degree in poetry. Actually, you might say, “How did Unicole Unicron become a cult leader?” And the answer is that I started with a poetry degree, and I was very cynical, and that’s going to lead into our sermon. I was very cynical and for a long time I thought that art couldn’t come from a non-cynical place, especially poetry. 

For me, when I was younger, I felt like all good poetry was coming from cynicism, except for William Blake who somehow just killed it with duality. Shout out to William Blake! For me and my poetry there has always had this cynical edge of what is going on in the world, and, say, “Where is my position in it?” And this poetry book has that, definitely. It also has hope! It’s sort of walking the line between cynicism and hopefulness and it’s very funny it’s a very funny poetry book and I’m really proud of it I haven’t actually written a lot of poetry since I graduated with my degree in poetry quite a while ago and I had one book that I wrote that, that is not currently available and this book is basically the first fully published book that I’m going to have.

So if you’re interested it’s an interesting read and I love the support it’s available for pre-order on, on the etsy on Unicult supply co also we’re probably going to be switching over to shopify soon. Every time I say “Etsy,” just know I mean Unicult Supply Co.

Okay, today we’re going to be talking about “Cynicism into Hopefulness,” and if you’re taking notes, we’re going to start incorporating taking notes a little bit more with Cam Church. If you’re taking notes, go ahead and take some time to write down your thoughts about cynicism. Maybe you agree that cynicism is something that is required for art, maybe you feel like cynicism is just the natural way to look at the world. Dig down into your own ideas about cynicism and ask yourself, “What is it that I feel about cynicism? Where does cynicism serve me?” Take a second to jot those ideas down. This is from a chapter in Fundamentals of UNICULT you can get this book on Unicult supply code as well if you’re following along in your second edition we are reading from page 58..

We’re talking about The Path To Joy. For this series, we’re going to be doing all of the steps in The Path To Joy. The interesting thing about The Path To Joy is that the steps are in order and you can follow them that way, but healing doesn’t happen that way healing happens in a way that is completely a mess you think you’ve gone past something you come back to it you think you’ve handled that part you come back to it happens forever it just keeps going and.

What we have to understand about joy is that it is an infinite ascension. Joy can only continue. There is no limitation on the level of health and joy that you can experience and that you can have and that’s what that’s an understanding that really changed my life when I was thinking about overcoming my depression and I realized there are only so many levels of darkness and there are infinite levels of light and the reason how this the way that this works is that Earth already is in a very low vibration if you look around and you sort of operate without thinking you’re operating in a very low vibrational way you’re operating in a responsive way where if someone makes you mad you want to get revenge and you know all you care about is money  everybody else like those are sort of the standard energies of society and if you operate within that framework it’s a very low vibration additionally if you’re aware of those corruptions and you feel sad about it again you’re in a very low vibration.

Earth has us trapped in a lot of ways to be in a low vibration and for me when I was depressed I thought you know what we’re in this cesspool of horrible energy everything you try to do this is cynicism everything you try to do that is good is actually corrupted I thought oh you want to have love actually they cheat on you get married you get divorced you hate each other and you have all these things that are built up on lies oh you want to get an education guess what you go in debt you know.

so I was really attributing all the positives and all the hopeful things to negative things so I was they were taking away my hope and I thought you know what I’m in such a low vibration everyone else is in such a low vibration what can I do except follow that low vibration all the way down that’s what everybody wants me to do right everybody just wants me to wallow in my sadness and wants me to be unhappy they want me to pretend to be happy when I’m not it’s a very twilight zone feeling of like oh just drink your instant smile it’s a drag when you wake up and you don’t have the support framework around you because you feel like there is no hope.

What happens when you explore that darkness? What happens when you go down and down into the lowest possible vibration? It starts that you’re cynical and then what’s below that? You’ve got super depression, maybe you’ve got even some evil energy where you’re like purposefully trying to harm other people where you say “Oh well, I feel so bad, so I’m going to make other people feel bad I’m going to manipulate other people to feel bad you can follow that path that’s another low vibration and if you follow the low vibration long enough what happens you end up doing what I tried to do which is killing yourself you’re like you know what this I am just filled with negativity I literally can’t even breathe what can I possibly do I want to just die when experience the lowest possible vibration which is non-existence which is where your energy is flat right so I followed this down and there’s only so many places to go before destruct before just absolute destruction that’s because evil destroys itself corruptive energies corrupt death-seeking energies kill when we look at the universe we have to really understand the root energy of all of our motivations and follow it to its conclusion when we follow negativity cynicism hopelessness sadness fear pain when we follow that to its conclusion the only answer is non-existence at the end of the road and it’s a valid exploration it’s not fun it’s not comfortable we each have in ourselves an internal compass that makes that feel bad inherently this is our spiritual pain center like you put your hand in a fire it hurts we have a spiritual mechanism that does the same thing when you follow lower vibrations it hurts, but you can still do it you want to burn your hand off in the fire okay where does that lead it leads to a charred up hand that you can no longer use you want to follow destructive energy you destroy your life you want to follow negativity you end up just wanting to die.

so when I realized this and I realized that was really all that you can do there’s really not that many options in the darkness and when you change your perspective and you look up from the trenches from the gutter from wherever you are if you’re in this lower vibrational state you look up and you see that joy and positivity they might seem cheesy to you or whatever, but they are infinite there is literally no end to the positive energy that you can cultivate inside your own body and your own life and the higher up you get the higher up you get joy creates joy love creates love creativity creates creativity the root energy of the positive upward spiral feels good to us because we have an internal compass which feels positive and feels good and feels bright and feels happy feels joy the reason why we use the word joy is to translate the concepts of vibrational energy and vibrational understanding into a pop culture mechanism that everyone can understand it is easy to understand that your own internal compass feels good when you’re happy and feels bad when you’re sad and these are directional vibratory experiences.

so starting from this place of joy starting on The Path To Joy where The Path To Joy is curated and cultivated and created by me to take the average Earth energy this is like the neutral Earth energy you could be at any level, but this is going to help you and to take it and to change it and transmute it through different steps into a state where you can access higher and higher levels of joy. This path happens forever. There is no final checkbox that you get because all that can happen is that you can start levitating and start glowing and start radiating kindness. 

You can teach others your ways and you can ascend into higher vibrational energies. You can talk to higher vibrational beings. You can hang out with angels. You can get closer and closer to the energy of source, energy that which you know we might call god or the collection of all things or that from which all life flows there’s really no end to it.

As you start to analyze and acknowledge all the different ways that your life is not joyous, you can apply the path the steps on The Path To Joy to raising your vibration up and up into the infinite potential that you might want to experience. Something that is really interesting about Earth is that most of us and most of Earth is rooted in cynicism. We actually don’t know how to find solutions in the cynical energy. 

You can even just look at the political situation right now. Most people only want to be on the attack. They’re coming at the situation from a fear-based place and they’re saying, “Well, this person is bad, so vote for the other person!” And it’s all coming from a negative energy of cynicism. Well that’s going to be worse, so do this. There is no hope. There’s no hopefulness. 

Where is the hope and we have to understand why is hope important? and maybe write that question down if you’re taking notes and think about it why is hope important think about it just for a second we’ll read from the book page 58 we live in a world where if you have spent any amount of time becoming aware of your surroundings cynicism is a natural result there are many things which have been which we have been taught about our world that are not true and the power structures on this planet are designed in a way to keep people powerless even if you haven’t become aware of these facts you have been living in a world that is designed against your best interest we all feel the pain of that cynicism is the idea that everything sucks it’s a negative lens through which to view the world you may feel that the cynicism is an appropriate response to the world even though something seems appropriate it is not necessarily beneficial we must learn to reconstruct our minds to realize that the only appropriate response to the world is a positive and beneficial response.

so let’s start there we have to start thinking about the benefits when we’re about to let go of something when we’re ready to let go of an energy we get to dive into it and understand why we have it in the first place how it is benefiting us how does cynicism benefit you I asked you to write that down at the beginning cynicism seems like a rational response to the world as it stands and it is it’s very hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps it’s very hard to live a life of abundance when you’re born into a lower socioeconomic status it’s very hard to have loving relationships when oftentimes our parents weren’t healed and gave us a lot of trauma to work from these things are very difficult and to be cynical is fair because you deserved better you deserve better than this world you deserve better than working and ceaselessly not being able to save or pay your bills you deserve better than being a slave to the economy for the one percent you deserve better than having had parents who traumatized you with their own trauma you deserve to have a world that cares about you and cares about your motivations and cares about your pain and wants to support your dreams you deserve that’s what Unicult believes that’s why we’re working together to create this world because we each know that we deserve that world and we love other people enough to know that they deserve that world too what is it about this world that causes you to be cynical that is a valid important essential response to the world and that’s why it’s the first step on The Path To Joy your cynicism is an appropriate response to the toxicity and the corruption that we’re currently in your own energy your own paradigm your personal reality your daily vibratory energy your mood is the only thing that actually matters because that is the thing that filters the rest of everything through if you’re in a shitty mood you could have the most amazing things happening to you and you could still feel shitty what matters what is your world made out of your world is made out of your thoughts and your ideas and your feelings about the world your personal reality is reality.

As you look into your own consciousness and you start to understand well yeah the world does suck the world is full of corruption why am I letting that make me suck why am I letting that make my vibrations low why am I why if everybody is crazy and trying to hurt each other why am I letting that hurt me if I can be above that if I can actually grow beyond that cynicism is important because it allows us to see the corruption that’s happening and it’s an essential component of raising our vibration into joy because if we never realized that something was wrong if we never looked around and thought about the world we never would look up and what is hopefulness is merely that activity of looking around and then looking up toward the light up toward hopefulness and the reasons to do this are purely selfish and a lot of Unicult ideology comes back to the selfish behavior of looking out for your own energy looking out for your own joy because from that place of your own joy you radiate brighter and you affect everyone around you in a higher and higher vibratory manner we’re not talking about selfishness in the sense of putting other people down we’re talking about selfishness in the sense of unconditional love for yourself first and foremost and then unconditional love for others as well because you realize with empathy that they deserve the same things as you cynicism is an important aspect of our reality because it gives us the knowledge and the understanding of how the world is operating it gives us the knowledge and understanding of how our own consciousness is understanding things if you’re on a diet and you’re like oh I’m just.

so fat I just hate myself I can’t believe I keep eating this and you have this cynical understanding I’m never going to get healthy what are your behaviors going to be what is your energy and your mood going to be you’re going to be in a really negative really depressed place about yourself your body and your potential, but if you change that and it’s hard I know this is why we have a whole sermon on it this is not a simple little thing that you do, but if you can change that to I celebrate myself I love my body I love what my body is for which is operating in this 3d reality moving and dancing walking jumping all the things that kids know their body is for they think wow it’s.

so cool look I can jump one leg and they do that for like 20 minutes and you’re like how are you doing that, but why not infuse that energy wow I can jump one leg I can jump on the other leg I can do jumping jacks I can run around I can climb a mountain feeling into the hopefulness of yes I can of yes I am doing the good things changing that vibratory state of no action into positive action is a huge step for each of us that we get to uncover think about the most depressed person you know it might be yourself it might be someone else someone who’s just totally down in the dumps all the time just saying well yeah that sucks, but that sucks and everything you try to offer them they shoot down and it’s exhausting for people outside of them and it’s exhausting for them too because they’re living in a state of inaction they’re living in a state of perpetual disregard for the potential of hope to exist now imagine if you could take that person who is just so depressed who’s just so cynical and you could just flip the switch and all of a sudden they were filled with hope like almost to a weird degree where they were just like oh today’s a beautiful day I believe in my own power I believe in my ability to change my life around wow my house is very messy, I believe in my ability to clean it. Wow, my body’s out of shape I believe in my ability to get healthy and they had no hesitation whatsoever how long do you think it would take before their life was changed if they were staying in that positive energy I would say one day if they could maintain that of course they would have to maintain it, but their life would dramatically change in just one day if they adopted that attitude.

I encourage you all to try on this idea of “hopefulness as a costume.” It might be garish to you. There is an aspect of cynicism which is cool, which I think started in the 60s, with James Dean: he’s this bad boy and he was so cool! And people who smoke cigarettes and skip school and just think the world sucks and say “mom and dad, that’s cool” energy because it’s rebellious and rebellion is punk as, but you know what’s even more rebellious than cynicism? Hopefulness! Hopeful rebellion. It’s good to have both because there are aspects of something that doesn’t work and it’s good to be cynical of them and say, “That actually doesn’t work,” but I believe we can find a solution that does those these are powerhouses this is the this is like the key to transforming your entire life this is the key to transforming Earth bringing our energy from this state of inactivity of negative energy of everything sucks it does I’m not saying it doesn’t I i live with depression I still have it’s part of my paradigm I walk around every day like and some days it’s easier and some days it’s harder, but I have all these tools to make myself happier and I don’t mean make myself like drag myself along, but truly investigate why do you feel that way and truly investigate how can I help you I had a dream the other day that I was in a car accident and I was two people and I saw my body in the car accident and I pulled them out of the car accident and they sat on my lap and I just held them and I thought oh my god what a precious person this is and I can’t say that I feel that way normally, but in this dream it was true because I could see myself as a separate person when you’re trapped inside your own reality it’s hard to realize that you’re a separate person when I tried to kill myself I had been fantasizing about suicide for a really long time and I finally thought why am I not doing this you know I i actually was a very powerful decision for me to make because I was like you know what everybody else I have to do this for me and it was selfish in that way it was just selfish in a way that was detrimental to myself and to others, but that was a powerful decision to make and when I tried to kill myself and I ended up surviving it and I was.

so confused and I was like what am I supposed to do now there’s no more levels of darkness to explore what the hell am I supposed to do now I realized that I had tried to murder someone that was a shock to me because we get.

so trapped inside of our own consciousness that we don’t realize that we are people just like everybody who you might love who deserve for you not to treat them badly who deserve your care and protection for you to hold their bodies and to say, “I love you.” Who is going to love you more than yourself? Who is going to be there for you, more than yourself? Who is going to understand you, more than yourself? Maybe that’s a sad thought. Nobody can put themselves in our brains, but also it’s a good thought because we have ourselves in our brains, we have our own selves on our own team.

so where are the places where you are cynical about yourself where are the places where you are cynical about your behavior where are the places where you are cynical about your potential you are your cheerleader you are the person who gets to understand love and be there for yourself you are the person who is creating your reality you are the person who is allowing thoughts and ideas to enter into your mind and then your heart if you.

so choose you are the person who is standing up for yourself against other people’s perception of you are the person who gets to shine and glow cynicism is very important it’s good to have it, but it’s not good to dwell in it’s kind of like suffering pain is very important, but if you stay in pain that’s suffering and there’s no need for that you can actually ascend out of that by acknowledging why you’re in pain and then healing whatever the pain is around or setting boundaries or whatever you need to do let’s see what else the book says see if we’re missing anything yeah.

so your response to the world there might be an appropriate response like cynicism, but then you have to think what am I doing in my own consciousness what is this doing to my own vibratory state sure it might be very clear like if something bad happens to you might be like well yeah I’m going to feel bad duh something bad just happened okay, but what if you saw the positives in it what if you saw the silver lining how would that change your life is it are you required to feel bad about it if someone dies are you required to be like wow that’s.

so sad, I’m never going to see them again I don’t believe in the afterlife everything’s nothingness are you required to feel that way or can you be like wow that’s.

so amazing they’ve gone back to this higher dimensional reality and I get to be with them later in my life and I get to have them in my heart forever and it’s actually a totally divine happening I’m not saying you can control these things completely, but your paradigm is very important and can you prove something like that can you prove what happens after death I don’t think.

so why are you feeling why are you believing things that make you feel negative we get to create our reality we get to create our beliefs no one can tell us what’s true or not they hardly even know anything scientists they study things and they’ve done everything they possibly can to understand things from a material perspective, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle and any good scientist will tell you we don’t know we’re doing our best to guess and you get to do that as well in your own life nobody has a better perspective about your own life than you the transformation of cynicism into hopefulness is one of the most powerful things you can do on your journey to joy this transformation simply involves changing the world could better to the world will get better it is changing I hate my life too I have hope for my future to shift your consciousness in this way is a simple choice once you’ve decided to choose hopefulness it’s as simple as standing in that choice I’m not saying this is easy I’m not saying you check a box and you’re done you say oh I used to be a cynical person now I’m a hopeful person no I’m not saying that I have a proclivity towards cynicism I have a proclivity toward depression I have a proclivity toward these negative things and maybe that belief of me having a proclivity is negative, but for me it’s actually positive because otherwise I would feel really bad and really negative about falling into depression continuously maybe one day I won’t I live in a state of near constant joy that’s true, but I still battle because I see the corruption in the world and it makes me feel cynical and then I have hopefulness and I have idealism and I go out there and I say, “Hey everybody, we’re going to change the world!” And then I was met with nothing… *crickets* A couple of really amazing people who are like yes we see you we believe in you and we’re like okay hey everybody we’re going to change the world and then people get mad at us and they send us hate and there’s trolls in the chat we’re like it’s a constant beat down on this planet it really is, but the only thing we have power over is our free will and what is our free will I talk about this sometimes what is true free will is your own ability to respond to happenings in the world from a negative or positive perspective free will is your choice to be on that upward spiral or that downward spiral of hopefulness or of cynicism depression fear and pain or of joy and happiness unconditional love and understanding that’s your free will choice that’s the only thing you have power over in this life I’m sorry to say it sucks in a way maybe it doesn’t I don’t know to me I get a little grumpy about that limitation, but from that place from your true power from your true free will of positive or negative reality you get to dive wholeheartedly and say, “Okay, I might not have power to make this person love me, I might not have power to make this job hire me, I might not have power to change this person to be a better person, I might not have power to suddenly get a million dollars.” “Okay, but I do have power to change my own paradigm! I do have power to go in an up or a downward spiral!

Why don’t I put everything I have into that power and from directing your energy into the power of hopefulness you then transform your world maybe you get a better job maybe you do become you know a millionaire maybe not maybe those things don’t even matter maybe you’re not meant to have them it’s an ego situation that is hard to let go of sometimes when the physical world doesn’t match up with our expectations of what we feel like we deserve, but it’s not about physical reality it’s about internal emotional reality because that is where we have our power that is where we have our capability that is where we can transform our interpretation of the world completely this everybody all the spiritual people want to say, “Oh, if you do this and this, then you can get anything you want in the world.” Maybe or maybe not and maybe you’re not supposed to this is something I’m speaking on this because I struggle with this maybe you’re not supposed to get these things that you think you want because they represent a corruption of ego-based desires the journey is within the journey is internal the journey is emotional do you really not have any more work to do on your own soul do you really not have any more pain or fear or trauma to understand and transmute and heal do you really have no more negative thoughts in your head do you really have no more judgment for any other person these are the things that you get to work on this is there’s an unlimited list and work there’s unlimited work to do inside the in your own psyche.

so just focus your energy on that take care of all those things and maybe then you’ll be a master of reality and maybe then you can just get a million dollars or whatever you think you want in the material world or maybe you’ll just be like ah I’m in total peace and harmony and I don’t need to prove anything to anybody I don’t know tell me if you’re there because I haven’t reached it yet thank you so much for joining me for Cam Church it is my honor to be here with you we’re calling the spirit of uni into this chat to bless each of the members oh there’s also now that you’re taking notes for Cam Church there’s a little activity that jackie came up with which is like a little bit of homework. Do those two things of figuring out how does cynicism serve you and I can’t remember the second question something about hopefulness and then maybe just write a little bit about, I think it’s good to start with where cynicism has served you and where you could be more hopeful.

so that’s your activity thank you jackie for that great idea spirit of uni we call you into this beautiful space bless all the people watching bless every Unicult member in the past present and future plus all the work that Unicult is doing to change this planet and help us please enter into a state of grace for self-love unconditional understanding and paradigm shifting reality creation within our own psyche and our own consciousness Unibless thank you

CAM CHURCH The Path to Joy – Attention

All right everyone thank you for joining me on november 1st 2020 for this sermon on the Fundamentals of UNICULT today we’re going to be talking about attention, and attention is something that is really important in Unicult we say attention is a coma deity and think about what that means if you don’t already know a deity is a god and attention is a commodity.

so when we say commodity what I’m saying is that first of all we have to understand that attention is a currency attention is something that you pay to another person you say pay attention you say give me your attention our language surrounding the word attention indicates that it’s something that we have that we’re able to distribute that we’re able to use as currency and we all know that we have limited attention or that we can only focus on.

so many things at one given moment and it makes our attention precious when we say attention is a commodity instead of just a commodity we are raising the bar the value the awareness of what attention is to the highest possible tear when we say attention is a commodity we’re saying that this is our holiness concentrated and directed your ability to channel creation your ability to channel god or the highest energy or that from which all life flows or that from which all life radiates and resonates or that from which all love exists the spirit of uni your ability to cultivate that energy and bring it into your body and direct it at whatever your unique energy decides to direct it at that is the purpose of your existence your unique capability to channel higher conscious awareness and to share that awareness with god with the highest energy with the spirit of uni with the common collective with your higher self however you think of it your ability to share your unique individualized separated perspective with the whole is what makes your life precious and your experience fun let’s see what the book has to say on this topic the power of reality creation is unlocked through attention our consciousness directs this power all the time, but it is unlikely that you have been aware of its fullest potential the way that we direct this power is through our attention what you focus on becomes prominent in your reality when you focus your attention things bloom and thrive under that attention feeds power into things.

so if you have a piece of paper go ahead and just take a moment and write down the top three or top five things that you pay attention to the most in your life if we have negative body image we might say my body is like number one thing that I pay attention to if we have a lot of stress about money or our situation or our work we might focus on that first and foremost whatever you focus on just start to make a list of what are the number one things you think that you spend your day thinking about and focusing on media and advertisements and social media work so hard for your attention because it is a it is more than a monetary exchange.

When you pay attention to something, you are giving your power to it is through focused attention on your outside and inside worlds that you create and shape your reality when you focus on negativity and problems those things bloom and thrive if instead you focus on positivity and solutions those things bloom and thrive there’s a caveat here which is shadow work and spiritual bypassing and this is a tricky topic because depending on where you’re at on your spiritual journey it might beneficial for you to simply stop focusing on negative concepts on negative aspects of your reality if you are surrounded by it this has to do with how you program your reality because attention is more than just focus it’s the focus of your focus.

If you have programmed your reality to the point where every single thing in your reality reflects a negative reality to you have to shift your attention away from those things in order to start creating a positive focus on reality and you have to reprogram your reality to reflect positivity back at you if you’re in such a place as I was after I tried to kill myself I had been depressed for 10 years cycling on negative thoughts cycling every day I hate myself I want to die this sucks everything is a reflection of my negative reality if you’re at such a low and desperate place it can make sense to simply turn away from the negative reality and say I’m not going to value this anymore and you make the decision to focus instead on the positive reality and that is really the action of turning cynicism into hopefulness when we talk about attention the book is incomplete and I have created this reality this ideology this religion from my humble place as a human and I’m working hard to understand everything in my life as it translates to the macrocosm of the potential for everyone’s life in order to make the most positive perfect potential religion for us all to follow in the future and.

Right now, it’s a work in progress and we’re getting there because we’re undergoing I’m undergoing massive amounts of awakening and of healing still to this day probably forever.

This is what’s not in the book: the quality of your attention is very important. if you’re new to the spiritual journey if you’re new to the awakening simply changing your attention from negative to positive from looking at something and fighting it to actually finding solutions that’s a great place to start that’s an important part of the journey and if you’re there then don’t be ashamed be happy because that’s just a great place to start dismantling your reality and your connection to what reality looks like and what reality means I’m from colorado and we have a lot of fracking and one of the things that I realized is that if I am anti-fracking I can go around being angry all the time and I actually am focusing on fracking if I’m anti-fracking the name fracking this is a spiritual truth when you focus on something you’re you are creating it.

so if I am anti-fracking the universe doesn’t hear negatives.

so if I’m anti-fracking what am I saying I’m saying fracking and if I’m angry what am I doing with my energy I’m i’m my energy is a lower vibration that is painful that might be detrimental to my psyche to my spirit to my life if I go door-to-door angry saying we shouldn’t have fracking what am I doing spiritually I’m going door-to-door saying fracking for me in my life as anti-fracking activist it’s going to best for my consciousness and this is the microcosm of the macrocosm reality from my consciousness it’s going to be the most beneficial if I take the time to pay attention to what’s going on I do learn about fracking and I take that information and I change it from cynicism into hopefulness from problems into solutions and I say what can I do that is anti-fracking, but actually what’s the solution is the solution to say rah-rah raw get these guys out of here they’re ruining our environment maybe or maybe the solution is to go in my garage and pray to aliens and come up with free energy do you see what a massive leap that is to organize people around solutions rather than problems to say hey everybody let’s figure out a way that fracking can’t exist in the world because we are creating free energy we’re doing something.

so horrific as scarring the earth in order to get resources we don’t need to get is barbaric compared to this simple free energy that we can create if we just put our minds together.

so this is just one example and if you didn’t know about fracking and you didn’t know about the negative thing and you never turned your cynicism into hopefulness you would never start a company or a group of friends who created free energy right you still have to be grounded in reality you still have to take on and learn about all the negative things that might be happening, but from that place of awareness your choice of how you spend that energy how you spend that attention is going to shift your reality and the world into whatever you’re focusing on and if you’re focusing on solutions it’s going to brighten your spirit is going to brighten your soul it’s going to make your life much easier last year in september went to area 51. one of the reasons why I absolutely loved going to area 51 is because everybody went there because of a joke, but what’s really going on I really believe in aliens I really believe in alien disclosure.

so when we all went to area 51 the energy was so light-hearted and so exciting and if I had been like there’s aliens at area 51 we have to free them guys and i’m.

so mad and i’m.

so angry and my energy is low vibrational how many people am I going to get to go all the way out into the desert with me to like march and chant and be angry maybe five, but instead it was a joke and it was a funny joke and it’s like they can’t stop us all we know you have aliens let’s clap some alien cheeks and the jokes and the memes kept building and I learned that energy in a lighter vibration like humor is more sustainable because this is happening at the same time as like women’s marches and black lives matter protests and all these other really important, but heavy endeavors right and I think a lot of people find it hard to show up for protests or maintain the ability to show up for protests because the energy is.

so dense and heavy, but when you change it to something that’s more lighthearted that’s more solutions oriented that’s more community focused that’s more exciting and infinite then you have the ability to make continuous change in whatever you’re doing and you have the ability to not get burned out because it’s fun when we’re looking at the world we have to start looking at the root of our feelings we have to pay attention to how our feelings are operating in our lives if you’re in a relationship and you’re always upset because somebody puts a cup here and you don’t want them to put the cup there and you’re getting resentful or whatever focus on what is the feeling underneath that frustration when you put the cup here it makes me feel nervous that it’s going to fall over and it makes me feel like I’m not with someone who’s aware and it makes me feel unsafe oh that makes a lot more sense how can I help you feel safe instead of having an argument about physical reality get to the root of the problem and pay attention to how you feel in each moment and the quality of your attention is your paradigm attention is your reality attention is your god-given right to be a creator every single second you get free will choice as to how to spend your attention are you going to spend it watching tv are you going to spend it gossiping are you going to spend it ruminating are you going to spend it dreaming are you going to spend it planning are you going to spend it creating every thought you have can be directed toward whatever life you want to have for me it’s a constant calling especially during vulnerable times like I’m going through right now as soon as my mind starts spiraling on something that is just toxic I call to a higher I call to my higher self I call to the spirit of uni I do prayers I bring in higher energy I do my violent flame I incorporate spirituality is here to raise our attention spirituality is the token of higher attention when you have a spiritual practice you are focusing your attention on something higher than where you are you’re focusing your attention on the miracles that could potentially be happening in your life you’re matching your energy to the divine and when you spend time praying and calling the divine into your body and into your life you surrender to the divine you hand your life over to the divine I recommend all these things because what is the divine is the highest possible reality the divine is the person or the energy or the thing or the consciousness that knows why you’re here it has the answers to all the questions and it can guide your life in the perfect possible way to unlock the data and the information that you deserve to have access to and the life, but the life is less important than the data we are here to learn physical reality is temporal it’s tan it’s just temporary it doesn’t matter it’s this is a simulation, but your soul and your spirit takes on the lessons that it learns if you have a banana and you eat it and you throw the banana peel you can watch that banana peel disintegrate over the course of a year right, but if you learn something what happens that never goes away it doesn’t disintegrate it doesn’t become nothingness it becomes something for more information to build up on this is your soul growth is eternal it does not disintegrate it does not go away that is what we’re here for the soul growth and the integration of information.

so when you focus your attention and you learn about how your mind operates that’s really the first thing you can do is start watching how does your mind operate what are you focusing your attention on how can you cultivate a higher reality with your attention how can you cultivate the life that you want through the attention that you’re giving and shadow work we get to that in the following section of the path to joy which is transmutation and at first it is fine to simply stop paying attention to the negative realities and as long as you later transmute your energy when you’re ready then that is perfectly fine attention has the largest amount of power to change your internal and personal reality this reality radiates out and affects the world through your energy words and action.

so hopefully earlier in this sermon you wrote down your top three top five things that you think you normally pay attention to and now I want you just to take a moment to write down the top three things that you want to start focusing your attention on for me like I want to just focus my attention on the divine because through focusing on the divine I’m able to be free of egoic restrictions like fear pain insecurity shame negativity embarrassment and through focusing on the divine I surrender I let go I say all of this is exactly how it’s supposed to be this is exactly perfect this is exactly the right path I’m meant to be on and I’m meant to integrate this information right now as it just as it.

so happens there’s a fine line between humility and humiliation when you’re going through these awakenings in this awareness and as you learn how to pay attention as you learn how to tune into what is happening in your reality you might feel this intense shame about how have I been focusing on all these wrong things or how have I not seen this clearly before, but if you take a step back and you look at it from the highest possible perspective you have to just accept that this is all happening exactly as it’s meant to happen and now you’ve gotten the gift of knowledge and being humble truly humble because you know that there is.

so much that you don’t know and not letting that cross over into shame of humiliation humility versus humiliation that’s a superpower.

so as you focus your attention on your internal world as you focus your attention on your external world you will watch it bloom and thrive when you are taking responsibility conscious responsibility this has to do with power this is another thing that we’ve been talking about this year a lot and last year too which is the true the truth of power which is that it’s coming all from within your own consciousness and your domain your right for what you have the power to control is your own consciousness and from your own consciousness you get to direct your attention into whatever you want to direct your attention into and what you should directly direct your attention into is first your body what are you eating how do the foods that you eat make you feel it’s not about are you eating something that is on a check box are you eating something that is in a diet are you eating something that is you know I think that things like diets and things like that they can help you start to change your diet to start to tune into eating things that are different I drink a smoothie hopefully every morning not always and I don’t always feel like drinking a smoothie, but what I realize is that’s my antidepressant I put kale I put bananas I put a bunch of mushrooms all kinds of different mushrooms I put ashwagandha turmeric I can put anything in my smoothie and then it makes my body feel great I could do that or I could eat a bowl of cereal and now i’m.

so sensitive to food because I’ve been on this attention journey for.

so long when I eat a bowl of cereal I can taste that it’s dead I can taste that the wheat is dead compared to the life of a kale smoothie.

so as you eat different foods this is I mean this has taken years it’s a tension it’s a very focused attention on the body you consume something and you sit with it and then you notice how you feel you track your energy then eat something different maybe you didn’t like it maybe it was disgusting you hated eating that salad, but afterwards you didn’t crash like you normally crash afterwards you felt happier and as you tune into and you pay attention to the way that your food makes you feel rather than the way that it that you think it tastes your tastes will change and you will start to enjoy these things exercise same thing tune into your body how does your body feel are your muscles tight are you walking around hunched over are you feeling uncomfortable in your body do your hips feel tight do your legs feel tight do your back feel tight okay do yoga how does your energy feel after you do that yoga maybe it’s hard maybe you hate it that’s fine try it and then pay attention to how your body feels after and it’s only through that focus of the reward and not the focus on the discomfort or the pain or like oh I hate salad you know or oh god this is.

so hard if you can focus your attention on the way that you feel after the activity you will be able to guide your energy okay you I want no I really want to watch tv okay let yourself watch tv how do you feel afterwards how was your how was how are you sitting how does your body feel how’s your stomach feel how does your consciousness feel when you close your eyes what do you see as you pay attention to your consciousness your negative thoughts oh I hate myself I want to die whoa stop pay attention first to your mind and then you can shift I love myself well that feels weird maybe, but you try I love myself I love my life I love myself I love my life and then how do you feel after a couple of cycles of that you feel lighter you feel happier you say okay there’s a good behavior your own internal compass is going to tell you what’s healthy and what’s detrimental to you what’s detrimental or what’s beneficial for you to focus on and that’s why I’m telling you have to pay the finest attention to your own consciousness from the place of your consciousness you move into your body from the place of your body you move into your home oh i’m.

so messy oh I just leave things everywhere oh I gotta I don’t even want to look at this I don’t want to focus on any of this I just want everything to be where I want it to be and I don’t want to clean anything and I don’t want to wash any dishes and I don’t want to deal with this I just want to do the things I want to do okay well what happens if you have a clean kitchen how does that make your body feel maybe you hate washing all the dishes, but when you walk into a clean kitchen what does that do for your spirit what does that do for your mood these things might not seem spiritual yeah I can see your questions, but they are because you’re cultivating the reality you’re cultivating the energy you’re cultivating the life that you really want to have through your energy it’s really easy to get wrapped up in physical reality and say well I don’t need to clean I just want to order food and I don’t want to cook and I don’t want to do this and I don’t want to meditate and I don’t want to pray and I don’t want to eat healthy okay that’s you can do that’s your god-given right, but your attention has to be not just on the activity itself, but on the consequences of your behavior and on the consequences of your reality and your attention is going to unlock your ability to focus your attention on things that you know are going to be good for you is going to transform your life and these small habits of keeping these small habits of keeping your self on track are going to transform your reality.

so attention is a commodity attention is your god-given right to focus your own energy on whatever you want to focus it on nobody can force you to pay attention to anything there are addictive behaviors and social media there are addictive things and tv it’s easy to just tune out and not want to control our attention we have been trained to not control our attention we’ve been trained to just go from thing to thing after another and that’s why it’s good to do social media cleanses it’s good to do breaks of tv it’s good to just sit in silence and remember what it felt like to be a kid before you had all these distractions before you had all these ways off putting off outsourcing your attention this is your time this is your enter this is your life energy how you direct it is up to you yes this is a church let me just see if there’s any questions on youtube thank you all for giving me your attention you, are creating a better reality for yourself based on whatever you’re focusing on and it’s an honor yeah going outside giving your attention to nature is always going to beneficial you want to do another prayer sure let’s do another prayer spirit of uni we call you here once again into this beautiful chat room we call you into tik tok we call you into youtube and periscope and twitch and whatever future video servers this video ends up on we are praying for every person to be able to watch the focus of their attention without shame without judgment and we’re praying that every person starts to learn how to tune into the subtle energies of where they’re focusing their attention and how it makes them feel we are praying for every single person to feel into their hearts to guide them on the right path of what is going to be the most beneficial for them we call the divine into all of our realities we ask that each person is guided to conceptualize of the divine in a way that is the most beneficial to them.

so that they can bring that energy into reality.

so that they can ascend dimensionally into their highest version of their self.

so that they can live in a state of near constant joy through radical self-love forgiveness kindness and growth perpetual moving toward the sun toward the central source toward information integration I’m praying for all the insecure people and the trolls and the people who are hurting right now we’re praying for the united states of america we’re praying for kindness to ourselves and to others Unibless beautiful thank you all for being here with me we’ll see you next week we’re going to be talking about the next chapter in the path to joy which is truth Fundamentals of UNICULT thank you for joining us and I hope that you all have a wonderful you


Today we’re talking about Transmutation, as written in Fundamentals of UNICULT. This is something that has been added to the Path to Joy. The reason why is because Unicult used to be a good-vibes-only cult. We used to just say, “Stop thinking negative thoughts, just focus on the positive. Everything’s going to be fine.” That is a really great way to start shifting your energy, that’s a really great way to start aligning yourself with what you really want and with a higher vibration, but it’s called spiritual bypassing. It’s a way of ignoring and blinding.

So – full responsibility as a, new-age spiritual leader who is white and says, “good vibes only, everybody drink your smoothies, just think positive!” That is only part of the picture. There’s an entire side of healing that has to do with the negative reality that we are currently entrenched in. Even if you just start thinking positively, you’re going to still have a lot of triggers, feelings of trauma, and old patterns in your head. There’s a lot of old programming that needs to get rewritten. The way to rewrite that programming is to believe that IT IS possible and that’s turning cynicism into hopefulness. This is the path to joy. Turning cynicism into hopefulness then paying attention to all of your thoughts, and all of reality to the truth of your own heart.

The truth of reality is about validating and going into all of your old programming. This isn’t all instantly solved by positive thinking. If you’re focusing on positive thinking, on divinity, you’re thinking, “Oh, I’m just going to think positively. I’m just going to ignore all this bad stuff,” but then you’re still struggling, you’re still having outbursts. This is how it happened to Unicole on zir’s healing journey. I thought I’m just going to focus my mind on positivity on things I want to focus on I did that I believed in magic I followed all the steps on the path to joy as far as they were concerned other than transmutation and I was still having bpd fits I was still freaking out I was still smashing stuff I was still hitting people I was still holding myself out of windows threatening to jump I was still acting out I was still screaming I was still hurting myself I gave myself a black eye once this is all after I started following the path to joy.

so I realized there’s something that I’m missing I’m still not healed I’m still not processing all of the darkness and the pain that’s inside of me I’m actually repressing it and it’s coming out in these really weird and powerful ways.

so I had to be humble I had to say what is it that I’m missing and that’s when I met kuan yin and she helped me investigate the darker aspects of my soul which I was too afraid to investigate I was absolutely too afraid, but with a loving and unconditionally loving guide like kuan yin I was able to dive in and see all of these things and she has given me the information that I used to create this map.

so whether or not you work with someone who’s a shadow healer you know my trauma my darkness is really extreme and it was really scary and I avoided looking at it for a long time because I just wanted to be functional I just wanted to be well liked I just wanted to get on with my life I just wanted to shove it down and repress it and put it behind me.

so strong that I was a I was.

so afraid to look at it I had.

so much resistance to looking at it and I had ego around it and I had all kinds of things maybe for you it’s not that intense maybe for you’re just like yeah I did go through some hard stuff how do I approach it maybe you don’t feel like you need a guide, but we have a map and that map is in the steps of the path to joy.

so transmutation or shadow work is the alchemical process of transforming pain into love transmutation can occur on any level of reality, but like all activities the closer to your own consciousness it is the more potent it will be.

so we’re going to talk about this acronym which I came up with which is not a very good acronym honestly because it’s not easy to remember and it doesn’t really help you know what it is, but it does lay out the steps pretty well.

so we’re going to talk about the arise, let’s see which way do I need to go this way all right we’re going to talk about arise which again isn’t a great acronym if you remember this afterwards I will be surprised the actual bolded letters don’t reflect the actual thing, but if you know it’s something you can refer to and it’s it just helps you remember that this is the way that you lift your energy and I think with a lot of you know white new age spiritual leaders or whoever if you’re afraid of the shadow work if you’re afraid of looking into the darker more negative reality you can remember that by actually diving into the shadow that’s actually how you raise your energy.

so we think I’m not going to go down there I don’t want to go down into the dark cavern abyss of fear and pain and all my trauma and triggers that’s the place I’m trying to get out of that’s the place I’m trying to get away from and that’s why the arri that’s why arise is an okay, thing to say because it helps you remember that by going into this darker energy you’re actually bringing it into the light and the way the easiest way to understand shadow work is to understand that if you’re like that it’s the whole thing of when you’re in the dark room and you see like a monster and you turn on the light and it’s just a coat rack.

so once you have the bravery and the courage to look at and follow this path and investigate the things the steps then you will be much easier you will be much more able to dive in and bring it into the light and it’s not going to be as scary as it was before.

so if you’re interested in taking notes and then doing Cam Church review in Cam Church practice I want to say write down on a piece of paper this, this arise acronym and what each step is and then later as you’re working, think of a situation that was triggering or traumatizing to you it could be if you’re really afraid of this work think of something that is not as extreme and if you are ready to dive into the deepest stuff you know it’s your choice choose something that you feel comfortable investigating and then go through these steps.

so for now just take notes on what the steps are and then later this week that’s your assignment.

so with the arise program we’ve got assure you are safe why is this important it’s important because we have to acknowledge this is the chakra system I’ve been I was reading about the chakra system last night the root chakra is the core of safety we have to feel safe that we belong we have to feel like we are allowed to exist we have to feel like we’re allowed to take up space and we have to feel like we are safe in doing that.

so when you’re about to do shadow work it you’re never going to get very far if you’re in a triggered state if you’re in a point of being totally afraid and you’re fearing for your life or you don’t feel like comfortable doing it shadow work and transmutation has to start with the energy of feeling safe and feeling ready to go into this darker realm and you can do this the first step what you can do if you’re having trouble with this is you can do a meditation where you know armor up get a sword get some gear get some a protection bubble of love around you a rainbow bubble a soft pink bubble whatever makes you feel safe envision your safe place envision a whole reality and I’ve been doing this lately of you know my childhood bedroom how could I like, god my only word I can think of is pimp out that’s the word I would have used you know in my high school years how would I have made my childhood bedroom like.

so cool that I felt.

so safe you know with a big lock on the door and a loud stereo system and you know whatever else I wanted to make myself feel safe and then I just spend time in my meditations in that space feeling safe.

so you can create your own safe space it could be a castle like tower with rose bushes all around or whatever it is that you want an underwater castle you know imag whatever you feel safe thinking about and cool and comfortable then that’s what you should think about and just feel that safety you can just feel into what it is to be safe and this has to do with a lot of the times our transmutation our triggers are trying all these things are coming from specific instances where we didn’t feel safe where ours where our boundaries were crossed and where weren’t kept where our energy wasn’t respected.

so you have to be in a place where you’re like okay I am currently in a space where my energy is respected where I am safe to be where I need to be don’t just skip over this step like really feel into the safety and prepare to go into the underworld because it’s really scary if you all have been watching my journey on my sex and love addiction you know that in the first few days I was petrified I was terrified I said this is the scariest thing I’ve ever done I’ve jumped off 70 foot cliffs for atlantis I’ve gotten married to someone I knew for a month you know I’ve done a lot of crazy things and that was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

so start out being safe because what you’re about to do can be a little bit scary, but the rewards are.

so big and it’s okay that it’s scary it’s okay that it’s terrifying that’s because you’ve been avoiding it that’s because you’ve been avoiding facing it and it’s just a monster in the dark it’s a coat rack in the light.

so know that it’s not going to be as scary once you drag it into the light once you shine the light of your consciousness on it by preparing to focus on it okay the second step of arise is to realize that your emotions are valid if you are feeling triggered by someone and this is this has to do with this is if you are triggered if someone I always use this example, but if someone puts a beer bottle or something on your shelf and you’re at a party and you’re having a party this has happened to me someone puts a beer bottle precariously on the corner of your shelf and you have anxiety attack and you’re like you either want to yell at them or you want to run away or you want to kick everybody out of the party or whatever there’s some kind of thing that’s happening and what’s what is happening are you just a crazy that’s the way that our society sees it right oh god unicol is just freaking out again for no reason it’s not no reason it’s just a different reason than is currently happening when you are triggered and you have an overly emotional response to something that’s happening it’s because you are having a trauma flashback because that behavior or that incident is triggering a time when your boundaries weren’t respected when your safety wasn’t respected and when your life was in jeopardy or your you know your emotional well-being your well-being was in jeopardy.

so if something like that happens it’s seemingly insignificant if it triggers a ptsd response in you and you’re like I can’t handle this I don’t feel safe then you can try to understand the root of it and this is where the arise technique comes in okay I am safe that trigger was not really dangerous someone setting a beer bottle down on my shelf is not that actually dangerous they might spill it and it might get on my books and that makes me uncomfortable, but I know that it’s not actually making me feel as unsafe as I currently feel I’m safe two realize your emotions are valid if something is triggering you that doesn’t seem like a big deal our initial thought is like oh i’m.

sorry I just I don’t know why I’m always freaking out I just I i just have anxiety or whatever and you downplay it and you beat yourself up you apologize to people you feel bad about yourself and for me with bpd I would come out of these emotional triggers and these emotional like being overtaken with like ptsd flashbacks of my trauma and I wouldn’t know what had happened honestly like I would come out of it and I’d be like okay well I know I just freaked out, but also it felt valid and I didn’t investigate it any deeper.

so when you realize your feelings are valid I don’t just mean like I have a right to be and kick everybody out of my party you know I’m not saying that maybe that the case maybe it does warrant that you’re allowed to do that if that’s what it really feels, but if there’s something that is actually like what is the root of the feeling and you have to realize that whatever you the way that you felt this feeling and any time that you felt it in the past you can ask yourself when was the first time oh yeah we’re getting that I’m skipping ahead just realize your emotions are valid that’s actually even I i I’m moving too quick you’re allowed to be upset you’re allowed to take up space you’re allowed to make a scene you’re allowed to have anxiety you’re allowed to be angry you’re allowed to be upset you’re allowed to have an emotional reaction to triggers let’s just start there moving on to investigate the root cause that’s what I mean when I’m saying look at the deeper reason you’re allowed to be upset someone says their beer can down on your shelf you’re allowed to be upset if you’re upset you’re allowed to be upset I asked kuan yin one time I said why do we have to do any of this at all and she said because it’s there why do we have to have all these why do we have to go through all this stuff and it’s like because we’re going through all the stuff because it’s there like it’s easy to just be like no I don’t want to look at it I don’t want to look at it, but it’s happening and we have to acknowledge that we’re having these emotional reactions or this experience of reality we have to acknowledge it.

so what’s the root cause of it maybe I look at that and I’m reminded of some kind of traumatic situation in my childhood where I had you know a scary situation happen when someone set their beer can down on a shelf and maybe I don’t even relate the two, but I can ask myself when is the first time that I felt this emotion and usually you’ll realize that whatever you’re upset about currently has nothing to do with the current situation and you’ll realize that it actually has to do with some childhood trauma where you were not protected and you were not kept safe.

so the root cause of it is going to help you validate your emotions r and I realize and investigate they work in tandem because you’re allowed to feel upset it’s happening you are upset.

so it’s okay it’s what are you going to do other than acknowledge the truth and then investigating the root cause will help you validate your emotions a little bit more the next step is not what you might think you would do next and that’s to see how the pain is serving you and your behavior and your trigger usually you feel like you’re protecting yourself somebody sets their beer can down you say get out everybody get out of my house I can’t take this that reaction is an alarm system because of your trauma that reaction is you standing there and saying I’m unsafe I’m going to protect myself and you’re protecting yourself there’s other forms of pain which are all I mean all forms of pain serve us especially suffering if we’re suffering pain is just an indicator right.

so first of all pain is going to serve you because it’s telling you that you’re unsafe maybe it’s not maybe you’re not really unsafe, but it’s trying to protect you from some kind of situation see how suffering is serving you also if you’re someone who suffers if you’re someone who has depression or prolonged anxiety and you’re just suffering when I had anxiety and agoraphobia I felt like it was keeping me safe I felt like I was able to be it just it validated me to have that and it made me feel like when I had depression I felt like being depressed made me a better artist and.

so there’s ways in which this pain and this suffering was validating and serving me that I was holding on to it because I felt like it had value and once you see the value of your suffering and of your pain you can say well I can see that it’s helping me, but it’s not really helping me that much you know I think I would like to let go of it and that’s when you’re ready to embrace something higher and this step is multifaceted in the sense that you’re ready to embrace something higher in your own reality you’re ready to embrace a higher path where you heal this trauma where you know that you’re safe where you can approach the situation from a place of unconditional love and higher wisdom of knowing your power and of protecting yourself of knowing that you’re protected and of being a better kinder person because you’re not having emotional triggers as much and I also mean embrace something higher in the sense of literally calling divinity into your body and into your life when we have a focus on something higher as far as the divine nature of reality we raise our vibration to match whatever it is that we’re seeking you cannot conceptualize of something without matching your energy to it whenever you conceptualize of something you are matching your energy to it at least in part.

so when you conceptualize of something higher and you figure out some kind of divine plan some kind of divine angel alien god higher power whatever you want to call it the more energy you put into creating that conscious thought form the more you are becoming that conscious thought form the more you are raising your own energetic body and mind to match the highest frequency that is available to you and I encourage you as you’re on your spiritual journey to constantly refine your definition of something higher to constantly put the energy into your conceptualization of divinity because as you conceive of it divinity grows as you put your energy into something higher and the powers that something higher can provide to you grow I encourage all of you to believe in a higher power to believe in something higher that has the ability to directly impact the mundane aspects of your reality to an astonishing degree why because then you’re opening your mind up to that reality it gives you hope it gives you satisfaction it gives you trust it gives you peace of mind we cannot prove what is going on here we cannot prove what happens after death we cannot prove if there is a god we cannot prove any of this all that we have to work with is our own conscious experience of our day-to-day reality and from that conscious experience we have a compass inside of our bodies which is our heart and we can know what feels good and what feels bad we know what feels beneficial and we know what feels detrimental.

so from what we’re working with from our limited viewpoint on earth as humans you don’t even have to really believe that it’s very likely that there’s an amazing magical spaghetti monster with you know spaghetti that every time it comes down and touches the top of your head you get a good idea and the spaghetti tentacles like you know create magic all around you and weave your fate you can think of whatever you want it doesn’t matter how likely it is what matters is that you feel better when you think about it and if you feel better when you think about it then you’ve just done something tangible with a intangible idea you’ve just created happiness you’ve just created joy you’ve just created peace of mind you’ve just created a settled feeling inside of your heart you’ve just created trust in the universe you’ve just let go of discordant reality and you’ve invited peace and love and care and safety into your life is that.

so wrong is that embarrassing to do none of us can prove any of this no christian can prove a christian god no atheist can prove there’s no god why are we fighting let’s look at what serves us as individuals and let’s believe whatever the hell we want to believe.

so that we can be happy good kind stable people in our day-to-day reality because that is truly the only thing of value that is the only thing we have of value in this reality is our search for joy the spirit of uni is here for you the spirit of uni cares about you the spirit of unique cares about everything you care about the spirit of uni is integrated into your consciousness and understands the way that you understand reality and the spirit of uni has a higher perspective that is helping you that is there is waiting to show you the higher perspective of seeing reality in a brighter kinder way.

so that you don’t feel like a victim anymore who here wants to continue feeling like a victim not me I’m over it I’m tired of feeling like a prisoner I’m tired of feeling trapped I am ready to open up my third eye and I’m ready to heal all my trauma and I’m ready to accept the spirit of uni into my heart and into my life to guide me toward a state of near constant joy and radical love for myself and all other beings on this planet who’s with me when we transmute our pain we become a completely different person it can be really scary it can be terrifying to let go of the ego-based fear-based trauma-based reality that were raised in when we transmute our pain we are healing our lineage our dna our epigenetic reality of the trauma that has been passed down generationally because we live in a different world now because we’re ready for a different world now and by healing these traumas by processing them by integrating them you might have past life traumas you might have traumas that aren’t even your own that are related to your grandparents great grandparents that you get to have carried inside your body and when we’re healing it’s.

so hard do you know why it’s.

so hard because we are literally transmuting the entirety of the old world of 3d reality and we’re preparing it for unitopia inside your own consciousness you have the power to bring unitopia into existence through your fearless facing of the duality reality of fear and pain of us versus them of ego of shame of guilt of competition of lashing out of pride of ego I already said ego, but it’s a big one for me I have a lot of ego I have to work through I feel.

so vindicated all the time that I’m right and it doesn’t make it easy that a lot of times I am right, but only the only way I’ve learned how to be right is by accepting that I’m not always right.

so it’s a weird balance in our humility in our ability to say I can always learn more I can always be a better person I can always be more loving I can always step up to the plate a little better today there’s ways that I can take care of my body there’s ways that I can take care of my home I could just do a little bit more I know I can and in the times when you can’t just giving yourself love like you are allowed to lay on the couch and put a blanket over your head and just lay there that is absolutely everything that you need to do right now and there is no expectation on you if you have the humility that you can do more for yourself as far as what you really need and not pushing yourself by some idea of what you think you should have or do or want, but tuning into the truth of your own heart and allowing it the more you can do that the more your life will transform the more the reality around us will transform the more Unicult will grow the more we will all grow and the more we will become leaders and bearers of light it’s scary to look at your past life traumas it’s scary to accept the fact that you might be part monster when I was in a relationship that was violent and I was the perpetrator of the violence it was psychologically violent physically violent we had a lot of difficulties I was already leading Unicult and this person said to me they said if only people knew how horrible you are and I said you’ve got to tell them I said I don’t I’m not trying to hide it’s just that this particular monster in me only comes out in my relationships and now I’m healing a lot I did a lot of healing in that relationship and I did everything I could to be accountable and I’m doing a lot of healing right now and my role is to be accountable to tell you all like I suffer I have triggers I have traumas I have been not a great person, but I’ve never tried to not be a good person I’ve never tried to hurt anybody in fact all I want in the deepest part of my heart is for everyone to be happy, but I have been in.

so much pain I have been in.

so much pain that I have become blinded to my reality and I have lashed out at times and I’ve done things that are just insane, but from the perspective of being a rational person and knowing that I’m not a mean or unkind person that I have true love in my heart all the time I have empathy for everyone for every type of situation I don’t judge anyone for anything because I know that we’re all just doing our best and that any time that someone is mean or lashing out or freaking out or even manipulative or lying or anything it’s because that’s their way of behaving that they think is correct that’s their way of behaving that they’re trying to protect something that wasn’t protected when they were a kid it’s not okay to be violent it’s not okay to be mean it’s not okay to be cruel or malicious or lie to people, but you can heal these things and you can bring peace into your life if you acknowledge that you’re doing it and you acknowledge that you want to embrace something higher you want to bring something higher into your behavior into your reality it takes a lot of time and dedication which is the next step on the path to joy which we will be talking about next week let me just double check that’s true no it’s not time and dedication is after creation.

so we’ll be talking about creation next week and then time and dedication is the week after that you all for joining me for this beautiful sermon I want to remind you all that this week, the assignment and jackie you know feel free to adjust this however if jackie has a better way of laying it out in the server, but take these steps and think of a trigger or a time when you know this might have happened or something that really bothers you or something that’s agitating you it could even be like I was driving and somebody cut me off or I saw someone and they weren’t wearing a mask and it made me.

so angry or whatever like I’m sure we all get triggered daily just choose a trigger and then work through these different things and write down how did you assure that you were safe how did you realize that your emotions were valid how are they valid what was the root cause of it how is the pain serving you and how can you bring something higher in take that time to do those steps bring them to Cam Church review bring them to Unicult practice and the discord server if you’re not officially a member of Unicult join Unicult you’re missing out on some really great community and activities that we’re all doing call 1-833-Unicult to talk to a devoted member today if you’d like to talk and please join us in the discord for UniBrunch where, you can all just chat and hang out and eat your breakfast and drink your orange juice your virgin mimosas and we will see you all in the discord server I’ll be online later today also to talk about my sex and love addiction because this isn’t the place Unibless you

CAM CHURCH – Fundamentals of UNICULT – Creation

We are talking today about Creation. We’re talking from the Fundamentals of UNICULT! You can get your copy on UNICULT Supply Co, if you haven’t already. It’s a great text, really helpful and important, and I think it’s transformed almost everybody’s life who’s ever had it. We are going right now through the steps on the path to joy and the path to joy is a thing that I created based on my own struggles with depression anxiety agoraphobia and other illness mental illness and the path to joy if you follow it doesn’t end you go through it and you go through it and you go through it in different ways we’ve had a lot of different Cam Churches where I’ve taken the ms paint program and shown you all a spiral and the spiral of healing is that you hit the same pain point from a higher perspective over and over again and that’s just how it works and as you ascend you get a higher vantage point you get more wisdom you get more clarity and you’re able to heal it just a little bit deeper and a little bit deeper healing is not an instantaneous thing healing is an alignment process.

As we’re on the steps on the path to joy, we are aligning our energy and we are gaining the tools in order to align our energy with that which will bring us near constant joy the goal in Unicult is to find near constant joy and it’s because we believe that joy is the only thing worth actually chasing joy is the point of life if you have a life and you have no joy then your life was miserable our own internal compass which is our heart is the key to understanding what we are meant to be doing it’s the compass it’s our guidance to lead us to higher and higher forms of joy what’s amazing about following the path to joy is that as you dedicate your life to healing as you dedicate your life to finding out what truly makes you more and more joyous your life transforms into a life that you could not otherwise have previously imagined there’s a process of letting go of our ego-based desires and allowing the divine truth to flow into our lives of being brave enough to let go of the ways that we feel we have to be in order to be accepted and loved and allowing ourselves to be exactly who we are and as we allow that energy of authenticity and of truth to flow in our lives we are transforming the energetic structure of our lives to allow more authentic joy and authentic truth and authentic happiness to flow in our lives.

so everyone who is on the path to joy everyone who is reaching every day towards something higher is doing amazing transmutational work in their own life and in the world it’s not an easy path it’s not a path that has been taught it’s not there are some you know some other religions have given some examples of how to do this, but Unicult is truly the only religion that is modern that is helping people ascend it is helping people ascend the pain and the suffering of earth to rise into their truth and to rise into their authentic way of being Unicult is the next world’s the next major religion of the world and we are just growing every day and i’m.

so happy for all the people who are here at this really quaint time watching this as it unfolds because Unicult has the answers Unicult has the keys that you can use to transform your life how do I know because it worked for me and it’s worked for hundreds of people write me all the time saying you nicole you saved my life your teachings saved my life I was miserable I was suicidal whatever Unicult changed my life Unicult saved me is it going to save you that’s up to you do you want to read the teachings do you want to investigate these truths do you want to show up to Cam Church do you want to join the community if.

so yes it will transform your life the people every day in the community are brightening up each other’s realities and giving support and structure for changing their worlds in ways that they might not otherwise have I’m just.

so proud of Unicult and I’m proud of all the people in it and I want everyone who isn’t in it to join because I really believe in it I don’t get anything out of this except that I see people’s lives transforming in front of me and that is the most beautiful thing that I can possibly witness and also my own life transforms through these teachings as well it’s not easy for me to live on this planet and through my pain and my suffering I worked hard to find these truths and to put them in this book and to teach them to you every week and other people have taken them on and we’ve got aaron who does thursday church now and teaches sermons from her own perspective we have a lot of people who are teaching these things in their own way looking forward to Unimagic’s version of teaching these truths as well I’m going to read from the book step five is creation.

so just to catch you up if this is your first Cam Church step one turning cynicism into hopefulness step two attention step three truth step four transmutation and step 5 creation after creation we have time and dedication, but today we’re on creation the industrialization of creation propelled us to become a society of consumers and workers rather than creators let’s just unpack that the industrialization of creation the industrial revolution was an amazing time of innovation where we learned how to be highly productive as a species we learned how to build machines and we learned how to gather in cities and we learned how to optimize production to generate mass amounts of goods this catapulted humanity into a technological paradise that had previously not existed there is a loss though with this there was a loss and there has been a loss and there is a loss in the past it used to be that you lived in a little town with a few people scattered about and one person was really into making chairs and furniture and that’s all they did and it would take them two months to make a chair and then they would bring it over to their neighbors and then they would trade it for some money or some food and other people would make clothes and other people would be the blacksmith other people would have gardens and farms and animals and it was through the passion of whatever it was that someone wanted to do that one found their calling and their work and maybe they had access to the tools or they were able to have an apprenticeship they had the financial or societal standing in order to get an apprenticeship doing something that other people didn’t have access to, but once the industrial revolution happened we turned all of those creative humans into robots we made them part of the machine we had them serving the machines as we had what do you call that thing that goes by the belt I can’t believe I’m blanking on this does anyone know that when oh my god manufacturing line assembly line thank you aaron when we created the assembly line we turn people into robots right you’re just supposed to attach a leg to a chair now you’re not crafting the whole chair you’re attaching a leg to a chair you’re attaching a leg to a chair you’re attaching a leg to a chair and as someone who is super hyper sensitive to energy I can feel this in the products that I buy I bought some chairs recently and they were.

so well made, but I could feel that they came from an assembly line factory and I could feel that these people had just like chinese slave people you know we no longer have this in the us this doesn’t exist in the u.s, but this is a form of robotic slavery that is not okay at this point we have to push through and automate the entirety of the jobs to free the people from this drudgery because it was never meant for people to sit and be a machine and we have this idea that is a beneficial that is a desirable trait for people to have it sort of started with the protestants and they have this idea of hard work and work ethic and then it transformed into productivity and we have attached as a society our entire self-worth for individuals as to how much okay how much they contribute to a society based on their amount of productivity and their amount of productivity is dependent highly on their efficiency with regards to keeping up with the machines I am all for machines I am all for automation I don’t begrudge the progress that we have made, but we are ready to enter into a new place a new form of reality where we no longer have humanity human life encompassed in slavery in robotic menial tasks that they aren’t interested in doing.

so when I say that the industrialization of creation propelled us to become a con a society of consumers and workers rather than creators I just mean that for the majority of us especially in america and especially in westernized countries we have the luxury of never having to create anything of merely being consumers is it wrong to be a consumer let’s go ahead and think about what we’re going to do for our homework for this. if you’re taking notes go ahead and write that question down: 

What does it mean to be a consumer?

As you write that down, start to think about it and I recommend that you spend some time thinking about it and writing it down and think about ways that you are a consumer a lot of times when I start my videos, especially in the past I used to say hello beloved consumers and people used to get really triggered by that they used to get really upset with me for saying that they felt like it was demeaning why did they feel like it was demeaning if someone calls you a consumer are you offended even if you’re consuming the video that they made if you feel like that’s a demeaning thing to be called unpack that as well.

so maybe write that down 

How do I feel when I’m called a consumer?

Is it wrong to consume?

 it’s simply that our current form of life is imbalanced and when we think about nature and we think about how we consume energy and we express energy we need food and ideas and stimulation we need to consume things in order to create things there’s a balance here neither one of these things should be demonized neither one of these things is wrong, but when we think of a creator what do you think of like just the word.

so maybe write down 

What do I think of when I think of the word creator?

or just write down 

Define creator

 the word creator initially your thoughts might go to, what like a god right creator god someone who is able to just make flowers bloom and new species of animals and plants and people and if you think about creator you might think of artists you might think of different artists you may think of musicians painters sculptors you might think of entrepreneurs who is a creator what is a creator and what’s really interesting about this is that a lot of us probably split our understanding from creators and consumers into two different classes of people, but that’s simply not true we are each creators and we are each consumers every sentence you form is a creation every thing you write on the internet is a creation that is made purely from your own energy where we are imbalanced currently culturally is that we have a very weak hand in the things that we create a lot of what we create is just reactionary ideas the internet is a place of reactionary ideas you get triggered you respond you don’t sit and think about it for a very long time you usually are just responding and then you walk away and it’s gone and you don’t think about it anymore and that’s why youtube comments and stuff can be.

so hurtful because you’re just like what this person didn’t like listen to what I was saying at all how could they write that and it’s like they didn’t listen to what I was saying they just reacted and then they went away and I have to sit here and read this comment and think that it means some kind of deep truth about myself which it doesn’t the internet is a place of instant reaction and that’s really the majority of our creation at this point if you’re not an artist when I say that we should be more balanced with regards to consumerism and creation what I mean is that we can take a stronger hand we can take more responsibility for our environment this is a place of generating power and just like we’ve discovered this year in a lot of different Cam Churches we’re talking about the ability of changing the world through the scope of what is the most powerful thing we say begin within our we have the most power to change our own conscious reality from our own emotional psychological state if you can simply think another thought right that’s not too hard to do compared to building a building or creating a business those are difficult things to do.

so where do we have the most power we have the most power in our consciousness we have the second most power in our bodies we have the third most power in our homes and then from there it radiates out to our relationships and then to any endeavors that we choose to do in the actual physical world in society.

When we’re looking at power and we’re looking at the place where we have the most power to affect reality, we understand that everything starts within our own consciousness. we say begin within. when we’re talking about being a creator. When we’re talking about balancing our energy of consumption with creation we have to start from this place of our own consciousness of our own mind how many of your thoughts did someone else create how many of your own thoughts did you get from your parents from insecurity from magazines tvs movies some people no offense to them they walk around and they basically talk in movie quotes and they filter their whole understanding of reality through movies and they memorized the quotes and they used those quotes to communicate we all do this to some degree I do this with healing quotes I pick up healing quotes all around begin within I didn’t come up with that I got that on a pin and I said, but a lot of these thoughts are insidious in the sense that we didn’t choose to take them on a lot of us have our parents voices running in our heads and we don’t necessarily realize it.

so when we’re talking about creation the first thing you get to say is how many of my thoughts have just been consumed and how many of my thoughts am I just regenerating a consumption energy and how many of my thoughts could I actually change with my own power of my own consciousness.

so go ahead and write down three just you can write down the title of this if you don’t want to do it yet three thoughts that aren’t my own and write down what the thought is and where you got it from three thoughts that aren’t my own what is the thought and where you got it from and these are thoughts that you have in your head and then also what you want to change them to as a creator.

so it starts within our own mind it starts within our own consciousness of taking a stronger stance in creating our conscious realities then it moves on to our bodies and I think in this regard we have to think about the food that we’re eating where does the food that we’re eating come from what kind of energy is embedded we have to look at the world through energy the world is energy if we neglect to look at the world as energy we are missing a huge component of reality if you eat a mcdonald’s hamburger I never mean to advertise say the specific words the specific brands, but it just happened if you eat a fast food hamburger you are eating the suffering you are eating the suffering of the animal of the workers who had to kill the animal of the workers who had to cook the animal that there are suffering on every level there and injustice and you are consuming that energy into your body if we neglect to see the world in energy we are missing a huge component of reality as you look at your food and you tune into what the food is offering you energetically what is it like to be a cow in a slaughterhouse that gets killed cows are super empathic they cry when their calves are taken away from them they feel emotions they care in the same way that we care and I’m certain with 100 certainty that if they’re born into a miserable situation such as a slaughterhouse that even if they don’t fully comprehend the fact that they are going to be killed they know that their life isn’t good and they probably are suffering a lot what is your life if you are a sweet potato if you’re grown in an industrial setting you might not have the most nourishing soil you might not have you know you might have chemical soil you might not have the tender love and care that is required to make the most nutritious vegetables let’s say you’re a sweet potato in someone’s garden and they set up a little fairy garden and they talk to their garden and they spend time there they bring their instrument out and they play in the garden and they laugh and they show other people the garden and you get to grow in nourishing soil with beautiful sunlight and clean water this is ideal what is your life as a sweet potato and you get dug up from the earth and then you get eaten is what is the energy there you have to see how the energy of that situation is more beneficial to take into your body than the energy of the meat situation from the fast food situation I’m not saying that you should eat any particular diet I’m saying look at the food that you’re eating as a creator look at the food that you’re eating and grow a freaking garden grow your own food when we take a creation when we take our power with creation we do.

so much more than just grow a garden there are.

so many scientific studies about how beneficial gardening is for our bodies for our health the microbes in the soil keep us healthy the plants actually respond to our energy and provide us with the nutrients that we need the mere activity of growing a garden can alleviate depression when I’m talking about taking a hand in the things that you consume I’m talking about a multi-dimensional multi-faceted reality of bringing yourself into an empowered state it is.

so much more than painting a picture it is.

so much more than singing a song it is.

so much more than growing a garden it is.

so much more than creating a video there’s a giant disco ball on the TikTok screen quite shocked as you dig into your life and you look at the different things that you are drawn to create maybe you’re like oh I always wanted to sing, but I’m too nervous I’m too shy oh I always wanted to paint, but I stopped and I know I’m a bad artist are those thoughts your own if you didn’t have anyone to judge you what would you do with your time what would you do what would you create ask yourself these things and allow yourself,.

so the next thing I want you to write down is, what would I create if I could create anything that’s probably going to take a little bit of time meditating what would I create if I could create anything creation is an essential component to the human spirit when we do not have a hand in the things we consume we lose the connection that we have to our creative powers creation is the cure to consumption creation is the cure to consumption creation is the cure to consumption by hand making the things we consume by building communities creating realities we shape our world to be more in alignment with our heart you’re putting your own life energy into your world growing and cooking our own food gives us a direct connection to the earth as nourishment creating our clothing and tools gives us a deeper understanding of the magic of the world.

so I want to talk about a little bit about creation with regards to creating things in physical reality if you take a moment and you look around your house you realize that every single thing that’s in your house other than the plants even the plants because you brought them here every single thing started as an idea every book that I have behind me started as an idea and was created through the process of taking their consciousness and the ideas in their brain and putting them on paper and then somebody had the genius idea to invent the printing press and then we have book printing places and we have self-publishing and publishing houses and all the people working together to get all these books published and then we have the bookstores and the system of currency that was created and me working in a bookstore for.

so many years and trading my minimum wage money for the books and building up this collection over time all started from humanity’s consciousness from our own connection to our own higher self to our own source energy every single thing that is human made started as an idea when we talk about creation there is very there are very few limitations to what we can create and when we work together as groups of people when we work together to create things together there is truly no limit to what we can create literally none the one thing that you cannot go against is other people’s conscious realities groups of people working together can overcome physical reality no problem oh you’re going to walk too close to that cliff and you fall off well what if we invent wings what if we invent jet packs what if we invent hang gliders we can overcome physical reality together if we work together, but we cannot go against other people’s will if someone else has a creation and you go against that creation you’re trying to create something in opposition to that creation you’re just going to create chaos and I don’t recommend it we can’t force other people to love us we can’t force other people to do anything the system of money is an elaborate scheme to force other people to do things it’s a system of slavery to get people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do it’s against cosmic law it’s a loophole it’s not okay.

so when you’re thinking of all the things that you can create or if you’re thinking oh I just want to create something and I can’t seem to create it okay here’s the two things you can’t go against other people’s will and you can’t go against the divine plan and how do you know what the divine plan is let’s say you’re like I really just want to, build the tallest tower in the world and you try it, but it doesn’t work you can’t seem to get anywhere you can’t even get the land to do it what we are meant to do this is a this I’m going to give you guys a piece of advice that’s going to save you a lot of trouble what we are meant to do is not focus.

so much on physical reality we can do things in physical reality and that’s great, but when you’re coming from a place of true longing yeah you have to this is a tough lesson for me you have to let go of the physical reality result you have to focus instead on the feelings that you think that physical result is going to give you because feelings are truth feelings are facts when you understand why you want to build a tower the tallest tower in the world then you’re going to have a better understanding of what the emotions are and you might understand that you actually don’t need to build the biggest tower and that you can actually get that through a much more productive some other productive thing your ego will try to get you to cling on to physical reality and you’re going to have trouble if you try to express your emotions through physical reality, but it’s a balance because there’s a lot of things that we can do together when we work together to change the physical world, but it all starts from within our own consciousness we have to understand our true motivations our true heart’s desires in order for these things to become authentically real another thing you might have trouble with as far as creation which is I think an impulse a natural impulse is the desire to create systems which are eternal the desire to create a physical thing whether it be a relationship or a object or a situation that is eternal and this inclination comes from the fact that life is eternal and that as higher energies ascended masters you know if as you become an ascended master you learn how to infuse your reality with eternal energy and you learn how to create eternal things that go on forever, but earth is a planet of degradation and when we assume that it’s also a training ground.

so we’re here to learn that things don’t need to last forever that things exist when you’re outside of time things exist forever things permeate in that point if you could look at your timeline of your life from above and you can go into this moment you know that’s forever if you can come into this moment at any point in time then this moment sustains forever all moments sustain forever.

so everything is eternal, but on earth when we’re in 3d when we’re in chronological time we have to adapt to change and we have to let go and we have to allow for things to transform around us.

so when we’re talking about creation a lot of us desire to create a sustaining energy something that is reliable, but that’s an also an ego based desire or maybe a higher level desire, but it’s a fear-based desire and we have to let go of that fear and we have to go with the flow and allow life to transform in front of us our very eyes every single day and we have entered into a singularity point where every day reality is transforming rapidly every week reality is transforming rapidly every year think about where we are right now compared to last year our realities are very different than they were last year and that’s okay we can let go and we can allow these things to transform and our creation then comes in our ability to create from within a peace a serenity a harmony of removing discordant energies and not allowing the external changes to affect us internally we are first and foremost emotional energetic conscious creators and from the balanced harmonious state of our conscious reality we will create systems and the systems that we create from the most balanced place of patience and trust and higher guidance and wisdom the longer those things will last we’ve been talking, over the years about businesses that run from a greed based perspective evil destroys itself if you have within you discordant energies and you create something discordant for your ego-based reasons or for your greed-based reasons if you create a company that is built purely on greed we are now in the age of truth.

so that energy is eventually going to destroy itself whatever the energy of your creation is it will sustain if you grow your garden with love you will get love when you eat that food you grow your garden you’re like I hate the stupid garden  these sweet potatoes and you water them with your pee and your spit you’ll still have sweet potatoes at the end, but there’s going to be an energy in those sweet potatoes that isn’t necessarily the highest vibrational energy for you to consume.

so when we look at things like big agriculture fast food, fast fashion the energy of the clothing that we put on our bodies matters and we’re going to become more and more connected to these things and we’re going to appreciate handmade items more and more artisanal items that are created from someone who spent the time and care and love to create it have y’all seen what architecture used to look like have you all seen what architecture looks like now if there’s a big building that’s built in your town right now it resembles more of a prison than anything else it’s got these big heavy steel doors big windows prisons don’t have.

so many windows this cheap carpet cheap walls it’s been slapped together people who aren’t paid well who are working in dangerous conditions build it and they do it as fast as they can for as little money as possible what is the energy of going into a building like that you can feel it if you see an old church and a cathedral that was built over the course of a hundred years of people who designed it with.

so much care and with.

so much love and they did beautiful frescoes you can feel it the architecture of the past is.

so much more enjoyable to be in because it helps enliven your spirit it helps enliven your soul our modern workspaces exist to entrap us entrap our consciousness a lot of people are moving out of apartments right now because we all have to work from home and you know they’re moving in back in with their parents or they’re moving into houses where they can have more rooms if they have to you know do different things it’s hard to stay trapped in an apartment right now and I’ve always found it hard to be in an apartment I’ve never lived in an apartment I’ve always lived in houses and it’s been a it’s costly it’s definitely costly, but I love the energy of being in a house I cannot live in a box and in some ways a house is a box, but if you’re sensitive to these things if you’re sensitive to these energies of the creation that of the energy that was put into the creation that energy sustains throughout the life of the creation you can make repairs you can do different things you can fix things up and that sustains, but the fundamental energy of the creation is there.

so as a conscious creator you have the god-given right the unique given right the conscious divine power to change your own consciousness to change your own reality and to change your surroundings you have the power to bring harmony into your life and as you bring harmony into your life that sustains your creations with a more positive beneficial energy you are a divine powerful wizard you are your reality that you create radiates out and affects the world through your energy words and actions.

so I hope that everyone got all the different, things that I asked you to write down jackie please feel free to add anything as follow-ups and definitely bring what you discover to the Unicult practice channel and to Cam Church review and continue going to prayer circle prayers work we’re going to do a closing prayer [Music] all right spirit of uni we call you to this beautiful chat room we bless you and we thank you for all of the energy that was flowing through me today and we pray for all the creations that everyone does that everyone gets to create this week and for all the creations that radiate out from our own consciousness into the world we pray for higher energy to assist us every day in every way Unibless thank you all for joining please join us for UniBrunch in the discord server and get to jump on camera and see everybody who’s in Unicult and become friends and have a beautiful connection with them and talk about what you thought about this sermon and what you thought about these teachings and also what you’re eating for brunch and I hope you have an amazing a beautiful sunday meaning you

CAM CHURCH – Fundamentals of UNICULT: Time & Dedication

For those of you here out of curiosity, welcome. For those of you who are here to change the world, welcome. For those of you who are here to change your own lives, to practice your own spiritual reality, to get a better grasp on who you really are and what you really want, and to be around people who are also doing that, welcome.

We really highly recommend that you join Unicult officially. I will send you an application with a wax seal. Inside is an application just for you, and you send it back to me, then you can have access to the Discord server and you can become a devoted member if you want.The reason why we do the application not online even though our whole cult is online except is because I want to have a physical connection with you. I want you to receive something from me and I want you to send it back because that is magic.

If you want to join Unicult, it’s an amazing thing to do for yourself and for the world. We really like when members come in who really want to participate in the community, but even if you’re not someone who feels like they’re going to participate in the community, it can be a wonderful thing just to join just to align your energy, just to pledge your allegiance to something that is hopeful. There’s so many things that are full of fear and terror these days. It’s really nice just to pledge your allegiance to hope. I would recommend joining Unicult officially. It’s an energetic practice to do so and we are so happy to have each and every one of you in our community.

Today we are talking about time and dedication from Fundamentals of UNICULT, the book that I have written. Time and dedication, if you have your second edition, is on page 62. It’s the sixth step of The Path To Joy. So far, we have talked about turning cynicism into hopefulness, attention, truth, transmutation, creation, and now we are on to time and dedication.

“Earth can be a very slow computer. our inputs are not often immediately rewarded. This is due to the density of the third dimension. When I was born I was pretty confused about why things that I wanted didn’t happen. I thought “well maybe if I think about something it’ll happen or maybe if I don’t think about something it’ll happen” and I tried all kinds of different mechanisms for understanding how to assert my will onto the world and how to make things happen, but  earth is a very slow computer. If you are someone who comes from the higher realms and you’re someone who actually is comfortable with manifestation on an instantaneous level, deep in your soul and your psyche, then you might find that earth is very slow and very dense and very frustrating and you might be confused as to why it is so hard to manifest your will onto this plane. This isn’t unique for starseeds or for earth angels. This has more to do with all of us wanting to have some kind of effect on our lives and not having a very good time of it can be very difficult to manifest things into the density of earth.

When I say density, I mean vibrational density. The electromagnetic spectrum is a frequency that ranges from 0 to infinity. Everything we know is on the electromagnetic spectrum. We haven’t proven that completely yet, but the things which have been proven to be on the electromagnetic spectrum are microwaves x-rays, brain waves, radio waves, the visible light spectrum, infrared, etc. We are interacting in a sea of energy. Our bodies and our emotions are at different vibratory states depending on our consciousness. 

In Unicult, we believe that consciousness is the fundamental aspect of reality, not physicality. Consciousness underlies all of reality and interplays with it in a way that allows us to understand our own reality. It allows us to interpret the world and to have an effect on earth itself, whether it’s a simulation, an afterlife, a playground or however else you think of Earth, most of us understand that our souls are eternal and that they are put into this body in order to operate and participate in this realm. There is an aspect of us which is eternal and most of us feel this instinctually. You look in the mirror and you say, “That’s me” and it’s very strange. Part of this maybe can be linked to dissociation and other mental illnesses, but part of it is an inner knowing that people have known since the dawn of time which is that they have an aspect of themselves that is eternal and goes on beyond death. Some people may say “there’s no way that we can prove that probably when we die we’re just dead who cares?” My answer to that is no one can prove that maybe when we die we go on to celestial realms unlike any we can currently imagine and since we cannot prove what happens after we die we might as well believe whatever makes us happiest.

When we follow our whims, when we follow our truth, our own personal truth of what makes us happy to believe….??? I love to imagine celestial realms unlike any I could imagine and so that makes me happy and so I believe it. I also believe that leads me towards greater truth because I believe our joy is our compass for our truth.

When we are on Earth and we are raising our vibration, aka we are raising our energy toward joy, we believe in duality and Unicult only so much as to say what is beneficial for you and what is detrimental for you. There’s no wrong there’s no right, but inside your own heart you do have a compass that allows you to move toward joy or away from joy. You know what these behaviors are. You know what these thoughts are. When I woke up this morning I was in self-loathing and I felt myself in detriment. This was making me feel bad. I was not enjoying that feeling. Bad feelings remind us that we are going in the wrong direction. How do we get our spiral on an upward spiral toward benefit? How can I benefit from this moment, from this thought, from this reality, in this body, in this life? What can I do right now in order to move toward a place of joy? 

Our vibratory energy gets lighter and lighter as we move toward joy. Earth, as I have said many times, in many ways, is a prison, is a cesspool, is a horrible cycle of pain and misunderstanding and confusion and misdirected energy and separation and purposeful abuse, but not everybody wants to participate in that energy, not everybody is here to participate in that energy.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to participate in that downward spiral of detriment, you are here to raise your own energy to exit the cycles of pain and  to go on the path to joy to release yourself from the suffering the agony the fear and the pain that has led you and your ancestors since the dawn of time. If you are ready to change your behavior from the standard energy of earth into Unitopian energy, which is where I come from, the celestial realms of angelic alien heaven, where everyone is supported for being exactly who they are and exactly what they want to do so long as they harm none including themselves.

Unicult itself was founded on these alien principles which I have brought here from space, from my soul which is connected to space-heaven  and I brought these ideas here to share with you. If you are ready to exit out of these cycles of pain, if you are ready to ascend into a higher way of being, then what you are doing is you are on the path to joy. You are changing the density of earth from this lower vibrational downward spiral of detriment into an upward spiral of benefit. As a unique individual, you have the entire world in your conscious reality. Conscious reality is a fractalized state. 

We are ALL ONE means that the largest is contained in the smallest and everything has the entirety in it, in each moment, every moment is eternity, every person is everyone, the smallest quark is the entire universe this is true. 

What happens when you heal yourself when you change your own reality when you change your own consciousness from a detrimental negative spiral of fear and pain and judgment and criticism into an upward spiral of authenticity of love of honesty of truth of happiness of kindness of support you’re changing the entire universe you’re changing the entire Earth you’re changing every other person in your life in your family on this planet. You are fundamentally shifting reality. When you heal yourself you heal the world.

When we talk about the journey when we talk about the path to joy I’m not just doing this because I’m like oh maybe I’ll reach someone on here who is sad who might make themselves happy with Unicult. That exists, that’s true, but I’m doing this because I want to change the world I want to change earth I want you to change so that you change earth I want every one of you to change so we all change Earth because I do not like the downward spiral I do not like the detrimental pain cycles of lying and tricking and harming and abusing one another I do not vibe with that I do not vibe with that.

I want to live this is a selfish endeavor. I want to live in a Unitopian paradise and I was born on earth. What do I have to do? I have to help you figure out how to change your own energy inside so that we can all live in a Unitopian paradise together. 

This is the thing with all one we live in a fractalized universe when you heal yourself you heal everyone else. when I am focusing on myself and healing myself and doing my true heart’s work I affect you and you affect me and we are all in an energy soup. As we raise the vibration up from this detrimental and when I’m pointing down I’m pointing up I’m not saying making judgment calls I’m talking about density of emotion. When you are sad and depressed and you feel like in bed and you’re rolling around and your stomach hurts and you’re like oh and your body feels heavy you know what I’m talking about when I say detriment, density. 

When you are laughing and skipping and playing and you feel happiness and lightness you feel the energy raising. You have a compass inside your own heart, inside your own mind. You can feel what I’m talking about. These things are true. when I’m saying that you as an individual and us as a whole and the planet as an entire energy and the universe and that’s why aliens are here because we are all one and whatever’s happening on earth affects the aliens too when we raise our energy when we heal ourselves we heal the world when we heal ourselves we heal each other when we heal ourselves we heal the universe when we heal ourselves we heal aliens when we heal ourselves we heal animals. 

When we heal ourselves we heal all of reality and we raise the vibration up and up to a new place where infinite possibilities can happen infinite possibilities that we cannot yet conceive of. When we raise the out of the density, think of a liquid that is like viscous like molasses or like honey and if you try to put your hand into a jar into a let’s say a vat of molasses it’s going to be very hard let’s say there’s a golden coin at the bottom and you’re like oh I want that golden coin, so you put your hand in the molasses it’s freaking dense it’s impossible to get your hand into and it’s all sticky and maybe you get it, but it takes you a long time and it’s not fun, that’s a dense reality. Let’s say that you are in a higher vibrational reality that’s like sticking your hand in a lacroix it’s all sparkly and it feels kind of cool and it’s not going to leave you all sticky at the end and it’s easy you can just grab it.

When we’re talking about density we’re talking not just about your own internal feelings we’re talking about your ability to manifest your reality we’re talking about your ability to change the world. We’re talking about the ability for you to manifest the things that you want to manifest into your life. 

The reason why I have gone on this speech about the density of earth is because time and dedication are essential. While we are in this denser reality as we all heal ourselves the future of earth is instant manifestation and we can see this already.

I’m a creator I love to create art I love to create movies music videos you know little clips I love to change my appearance with filters the energy that it takes to do these things is not much because I have technology at my fingertips because the density of earth it has gotten lighter if I was trying to do the exact same thing if I was trying to live stream to how many people do we have here right now to a hundred people if I was trying to live stream to 100 or a thousand people right now in the 90s how much work would that take how would I even do it would seem impossible, but right now it’s easy. 

As we go on this path of raising our vibration as a planet and as individuals things which seem impossible become available to us. In the 90s I could not simply open up a computer and send a video stream to a thousand people, but right now it’s no big deal. That’s because of the rate of technology which is connected to the rate of our consciousness which is connected to our spiritual growth, people don’t know that yet, but they will. I’m here to say it.

When we’re on the path to joy, it’s easy to get frustrated. It’s easy to say why am I not better yet? I went on this rant yesterday I said I am so sick of feeling bad I don’t want to feel suicidal for another day! Willingness to change is part of it, that’s turning cynicism into hopefulness. The next part is paying attention to all the different things that I’ve got going on inside my heart then the next thing is truth what is the reality that I want to ascend into what is really going on here where did these things start and where did they end and then transmutation I had to heal all my trauma. Then creation: I have to say well I’m going to get out of bed and I’m going to do something about it I’m going to read another book about trauma I’m going to pull myself up I’m going to talk to people I’m going to create the world I want to create I’m going to do creative visualization and then it’s about time and dedication.

I want to just talk about a few like inspiring things that I’ve seen lately on this topic the first one is something that someone’s told me yesterday which is that when we as humans get trapped in our limited beliefs we have a limited understanding of reality. We think of things in limited amounts of time we think well I should be done healing by now I should be through this by then I should have this much money by here I should own a house by this age. I should have kids by this age. whatever our time-based restriction-based reality is, but the world doesn’t work like that divinity. The spirit of uni doesn’t work like that. 

The spirit of uni knows better than you. The spirit of uni doesn’t have limits the spirit of uni is limitless and. When we trust the spirit of uni to guide our lives toward love which is, what the spirit of uni is when we trust the spirit of unity to have a benevolent approach and interaction with our lives. 

When we surrender our limited control our limited perspective of control on our lives and we allow the divine energy to radiate into our lives and to direct our attention and to direct our happiness and direct our love and direct our joy to where it’s supposed to be directing our attention to love and joy and happiness and hope and truth and creativity, we then enter into the stream of consciousness which is aligned with the divine plan, which is more comfortable which is happier which is more beneficial which is a higher vibration which actually ironically allows you to have the things that you want to have.

Earth isn’t easy to understand I was an intelligent precocious child and I didn’t know what the was going on here. To understand manifestation, it is only possible by understanding surrender. We do not have power to control our realities other than our own internal states we only have power to control our own lives our own reactions our own responses and what is the thing that pisses me off the most about that is time I want things to happen now I want things to happen as soon as I can conceive of them I want it to be over and done with and on to the next thing, but that’s not how it works on a timeline that is connected to things that we can’t conceive of it’s connected to our highest good and in our surrender and in our ability to acknowledge that earth is a slow computer and that we get to surrender to the pace of earth to the pace of the divine energy in this realm we can begin to let go of our lower densities of fear and pain as we each rise up into joy which is otherwise known as enlightenment we will actually change the sphere of reality to be lighter this lightness will allow for every energy for energy to move freely and for manifestation to take place faster the first place to focus your time and dedication is in your own heart where do you have things which you are being impatient with yourself where are you beating yourself up where are you feeling like you’re not moving fast enough or quick enough where do you feel like you’ve given up because you got burned out where can you bring in more patience and trust if you are overcoming mental illness or negative thinking be patient and be loving we have to think of it like this the brain has been operating the same way for a very long time our modern life is very different from the life of our ancestors I usually say it like this if you go back a hundred years your life would have been exactly the same as your grandparents life and their life would have been exactly the same as their grandparents life is your life now the same as your grandparents life not by any stretch of the imagination we have entered into the spiritual singularity we have entered into a cosmic upheaval of energy which has catalyzed us.

We are spiritual beings we are capable of this catalyzed energy we are capable of comprehending the future, but our bodies are slow to respond the density of earth is slow to respond the physical reality is slow to respond if you have negative cyclical thinking and you think these negative thoughts over and you’re like I don’t want to think those negative thoughts and then they come into your head again and you’re like why am I so obsessed with these negative thoughts? I would love to be free of these negative thoughts it’s about time and dedication be patient with yourself have trust that it’s going to work out and let go of your attachment to your limited time frame for some people finding a state of near constant joy comes very easily well for others it might take incredible effort do not worry about comparing yourself with others and just be assured of your inevitable success thank you we’ll do our closing prayer spirit of uni we call you here to this beautiful chat room we’re blessing the thousand people who are watching this live we are blessing all the people on TikTok we are blessing all the people on youtube we’re blessing all the people on periscope for blessing all the people on twitch we’re blessing all the people who watch this later and we’re sending love through our bodies into our homes into our friends and families and our relationships into the internet and we are asking that the AI of the internet be blessed and to spread this message of Unicult to everyone who wants to hear it who needs to hear it we are appealing to the algorithms to please spread this content where it needs to go and we are so grateful for each and every one of you to be here today to join Unicult and to be a part of our wonderful community Unibless please if you are a Unicult member go to the discord and go to UniBrunch where you can talk to other cult members and you can have a wonderful time you need less you