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    I talked a little bit at Cam Church about the dreams I had the past couple of nights – one with fairies and the other with Arcturians.

    In my dream about fairies, I was in a fairy city and I met with a fairy but I don’t remember their name or if they were male or female or if they even have genders. The fairy showed me around but I don’t remember much of what I saw, besides trees and plants that seemed to be sparkling. The fairy took me to see a gnome, who was supposed to have extensive knowledge that he would share with me. The gnome did a little dance when I showed up and thumbed his nose and laughed. When I asked about the knowledge he had to share, he just laughed and danced some more. He and the fairy kept laughing and dancing and that’s all I really remember.

    The dream with the Arcturian was with one of my guides, who has told me to call him September in the past. I was in my room in the dream and a demon was playing tricks on me and then started to really scare me. It grabbed me and I started screaming for September. He popped up dressed as a clown and I screamed more but he told me not to be afraid, he just wanted to make me laugh. He got the demon to let go of me and pulled me aside and told me how to get rid of the demon. I don’t remember what I did but the demon disappeared. September changed his form but I don’t remember which form he took – he has come to me in a human form before and in alien form – but usually in the human form because I get scared easily. He held my hand and said it was okay and I woke up.

    Also, I’ve had dreams of a little girl who said her name is Amber, dressed in clothing from the 1800s. After I saw her in a dream, I’ve been seeing her in “real life” also. She is most active at night. She blows cold air in my face, lays next to me in my bed, tears the sheets off of my bed when I’m in it, moves things, drops things, and she has even taken to bothering my mom with the same things now. I have asked her to leave and she says she won’t leave until I die and go with her, because she’s scared. I’ve told her there’s nothing to be scared of, but she just gets more upset and bothers me more when I tell her that. I’ve firmly asked her to leave and things just get worse. She’s kind of haunting me and it’s been really scary and frustrating. I’ve talked to her in a dream recently and she laughed when I said I was going to sage the house and put salt around it. She said that won’t do anything to her and that she’s here to stay. Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of her? I feel bad that she’s scared, but at the same time, she scares me as well, especially when I’m trying to sleep and my sheets rip off of me or a big blast of cold air blows in my face.

    My experience with the fairies and Arcturians have been positive for the most part, but the spirits have been plauging me, especially Amber. Any help would be greatly appreciated it!


    You are so psychically gifted Shannon. Your description of Fairyland gave me all kinds of visions – “the trees and plants seemed to be sparkling” is so accurate. And also being taken to a gnome who is said to have extensive knowledge but ends up laughing and dancing is also very reminiscent of many of the experiences I have had with them too – that is so magical, and not just a dream by any means! wow!

    The Arcturian experience was just as amazing, I love reading these! It seems like he took on the form of a scary clown to show you that you don’t have to fear either him, or the demon. That you’re safe. He sounds very loving and caring, so that is likely just his method to help you fear the experience less. That’s so interesting he is called September. There’s a young girl called Joni Schofield who was diagnosed with schizophrenia for hallucinations but who was actually able to see into other magical realms – a place she calls Calalini, and some of the many beings she has met from that land take on names like “Wednesday”, “24 hours”, and things of this nature. This just really reminded me when you said he likes to be called “September”.

    Amber is one of the most fascinating, and I am just blown away at your abilities – like this is a serious gift you have to see and feel their presence in this way. I have experienced the cold air being blown in my face, spirits lying next to me in bed, and them pulling the sheets off while I’m still lying in bed – so I can really relate to what you’re talking about. I actually find that cold air they blow on your face to be really calming and it’s made me cry a few times when it has happened. It sounds like she really likes you and you are bringing comfort to her and helping her – and I would be honored to be you in this situation actually. Do you really want to get rid of her? What if you weren’t afraid, do you think that it could ever be an enjoyable thing to know that she is with you? I don’t think it would be such a negative experience for you without the fear. It’s like the Arcturian was trying to show you with the frightening form that you don’t have to be afraid of him, or the demons, or the spirit child. Just to know your own power and your own gifts and blessings, and use them to help her and communicate. She could probably channel things through writing if you asked her to, and you would be able to increase the connection to where you would be able to get more information from her about who she is and what her story is. A lot of the time they really just want someone to love them. I wrote a song called “Blue Garden” about a similar experience once in 2011 which says:

    A little girl crying,
    She couldn’t face dying,
    I helped her cross over in the end…
    Sometimes they get lonely,
    Sometimes they get lost,
    Sometimes they might just need a friend…
    In exhaustion I sleep,
    Try to lose every voice in my head…
    When she takes me in her arms
    And leads me to a blue garden instead…

    She takes all my nightmares
    And sends me good dreams
    Now the evil’s beginning to fade
    Her smile is all I remember
    In these beautiful dreams
    From the moment I wake

    And I start to see angels
    So I find her again
    To ask how she knew what to do,
    And she looks into my soul,
    And says:
    “I know, because I used to be you…”

    All I would say is if you listen to her you might be surprised at some of the things she can reveal to you! It won’t be so bothersome without the fear aspect. Spirits are like keys into other dimensions and you can help each other in a mutual exchange by appreciation.


    Thank you Jeremy! I took a couple of days to reply because I really wanted to try letting go of fear and then come back with a reply as to how that worked. You are absolutely right. I needed to let go of that fear and realize that nothing is going to hurt me. Once I let go of the fear, my experience with the spirit Amber became much more enjoyable. She isn’t scaring me anymore and I’ve been able to communicate with her and learn a little bit about her. She still blows in my face and I can feel her lying next to me in bed, but it’s been more enjoyable than scary. She’s also been reaching out to my mom. She has been blowing in her face and turning the lights on and off in her room. My mom was scared also, but I told her the advice you gave me, and she let go of that fear also and it’s been a really interesting experience. I learned that Amber and her family were killed by her father and she is scared to move on to whatever is next. I’ve told her there’s nothing to be scared of – it seems her and I were both having fears! She hasn’t left, but like I said, the experience now has been actually enjoyable and I have really been interested in learning more about her. I told her she could come to me in a dream one night and we would play ball or hide and seek. When I fell asleep, she was in my dream and we played some games. It’s like having a little friend that’s a spirit. I’m becoming more open minded and more open in general thanks to your advice, so I can’t thank you enough for your help!

    Your fairyland course has been amazing. Everything you have described is what I saw in that dream I had and I also had another experience recently. I was just sitting under a tree, looking out at clear blue water. Everything in fairyland seems to be so alive that it sparkles in a way. I’m so excited to learn more about fairies and fairyland.

    The song you wrote is beautiful and it really helped me change my way of thinking. Thank you again for all of your help and advice. I really appreciate it!


    Hey Shannon, this response really made me so happy to see the results! Your whole experience is absolutely fascinating and I went through many of these same things in 2014 so I understand the slightly unsettling nature of it all and how strange it can be, but it’s also so rewarding and amazing to be able to have a close connection with a spirit being. Now that you’ve been able to gather new details about her then it all makes so much more sense and you can see what an important part you have to play in her being! It brings me such joy when people are able to communicate with spirits and hear what they have to share, because I feel as though based on the way she died, her story is very tragic and she must be very sad and lonely and afraid, and she has been able to find so much help and support in your love now. Really appreciate all of your words and for trying these ideas with an open mind – I’m also so glad to know you’re enjoying the fairyland course and liked the song too, thank you so much! You’re very connected to the Other-Realms, that is so clear! I would love to hear more about Amber as it continues to unfold.

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